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UI Feature Feedback Request

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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05.02.2012 , 03:57 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Darkwave View Post
For me it has to be some kind of snap to grid. Makes my fake-OCD go crazy when everything doesn't line up perfectly. Other than that great work! Keep it up
Ditto, snap to grid option and grouping of Ui components so the can be moved and scaled together. Also can we change the cut scene subtitles font, size and colour yet because if we can I can't see the option!?

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05.02.2012 , 04:01 PM | #22
This is everything I could think of atm. I'm not in the game so this is probably like 10% of what I would like to see changed. I would reccomend that you guys atleast announce that you are working at or will be in the near future to outsource the UI to addons so that people can choose the layout, colors, target frames and all of the things that will never be implemented using your current system of doing this all yourselfs. Just letting us know that you will do it or are working on it will go along way. Anyways here's the list.

Most of the things here I would prefer that you'd be able to toogle on or off. Since as you know by now everyone has different opinions on how the UI should look.

Target frames : Shorter and thicker target frames. So that the health and energy/heat/rage value are shorter but thicker Clearer Health Value text, Being able to choose wether you want to see only percentages or only raw numbers or both. The ability to take out the character picture of your targets and display a picture of what advanced class the target is. Add information text to the Focus Target frame.

Targeting: Acquire Focus Targets Target. You can do this in two ways either enable the focus target modifier + acquire targets target or to make it one single command. I would prefer the second option. Make the animation on your target more like the current focus target system. So that you can more easily see who your target is when alot of people are at a small location. Again this could be a option to toogle on or off. Add another Target Center Screen command but make it only apply to enemy targets.

UI Feedback : The ability to enable a text that lets you know when you are in and out of combat. What "proc" you just got, when an ability has finnished it's cooldown, what you were hit with and what debuff you have. Information about stun duration both on you and your target.

UI Cust: An aligment feature. A tool that makes it easy to align target frames and other user interface elemnents together. So they form a straight line are in the same distance from the edge/center/top/bottom etc.

Operation frames : The ability to see your groups debuffs more clearly.

UI secondary windows : Add the ability to be able to resize each individual one of these. For example. I may like to have have a small global scale but want a larger Inventory window and Map. More custimization torwards those elements would be nice.

Chat window : The ability to toogle on notifications on your tabs. Example. I may have whispers only tab on and someone talks in guild. My General tab would then light up and light down so that I could see that some activity is going on in the other tabs.

Excuse the grammar/spelling errors. English is my second language.

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05.02.2012 , 04:01 PM | #23
1) strip the *****. I don't need all the frilly borders and such. i just need to see my buttons. the target windows are excellent example. I personally HATE portrait blobs they are just wasting screen space. the entire target windows are just way to wasted space. all i need to see in that information is hp/force/buff/debuff.. why the blue graphic designs?

Another example is the cast bar. Why do i need this giant blue box with a little bar inside of it? why not just a cast bar with simple text above the center of the cast bar?

Another example the quest tracker Shrink/grow button? why not just the blue around with a box around it. no need for the filly background that juts out into my screen.

In the words of the brilliant Horatio Greenough, "Form follows function".

2) Scaling debuff/buff sizes. This is a two part request. First let us choose how big we want our debuffs and buffs to appear on every single frame not just he main target frame. Second let us scale self debuffs vs others debuff's respectively. As a Sage DPS if i am in a raid with a sage healers and 1-2 other sage dps then i am clipping my dots ALL the time, and losing huge dps, because there is no way to tell which of the 4 dot's showing is mine.

3) Just give us a total combat log already. people have already designed work around for your system.

4) open source. Why not? generally speaking player created UI's have been better in EVERY mmo i have ever played. no offense but the brainpower of 100k+ of us that communicate with each other more than once every 5k forum posts generally are able to make upgrads faster and better.

5) if your not going to let us have open source PLEASE let us change the color. not everyone likes blue for god sake.
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05.02.2012 , 04:02 PM | #24
  1. Let me flip the text on the mission tracker horizontally as well as vertically (as it is now). I wish to have it on the left side of my screen.
  2. Let me toggle portraits on or off as I wish. This includes the main portraits and the group portraits.
  3. Let me see companions on the operations group setup too if I wish.
  4. Find a way to save friends lists in the same way you can save UI loadouts now.

If you did these things, the UI would be perfect for me. Thank you.
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05.02.2012 , 04:03 PM | #25
I personally am super happy with it. Reading the other posts so far I only found two things to second. Otherwise I am content with it. Those things are some sort of grid option or method for x,y alignment, and being able to change the color scheme sounds like a fun idea. I am however, happy with the current color scheme as well.

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05.02.2012 , 04:04 PM | #26
We need some type of customizable visual indicator of our short duration proc buffs

the power auras addon in wow is a good example of what i am asking for.

Also a real time in game personal combat meter.

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05.02.2012 , 04:06 PM | #27
Besides opening up the UI to the modding community.... my requests are as follows (not in any order of importance):

* Allowing you to see x,y coords to facilitate perfect UI placement; as well as "snapping" to help line up action bars.

* More options on the player, target, target of target and focus frames allowing adjustable bar width and height. Allowing us to select exactly which elements to display and where (level, name, %, hp remaining/total hp, how many party/raid members are targeting, etc. (essentially look at Shadowed Unit Frames options and go from there)

* Buff/Debuff bars separated from the frames and A LOT more options. I'd like the ability to create my own buff bar in middle of my screen that shows when i receive a certain buffs/procs

* The ability to change the font of any text

* Tooltip fade timer!!

* Ability to change the color of the background on the action bars, tooltip, minimap, quest log, etc. Blue gets boring.

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05.02.2012 , 04:08 PM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by Owsley View Post
Please let us save our keybinds to a local file. It is a major pain to recreate them everytime we create a new character.
This ^
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05.02.2012 , 04:13 PM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by Bigshoez View Post
* Buff/Debuff bars separated from the frames and A LOT more options. I'd like the ability to create my own buff bar in middle of my screen that shows when i receive a certain buffs/procs

My favorite UI of all time allowed me to seperate target effects into: debuffs cast by me, Debuffs total, buffs cast by me, buffs cast by others. before you say spiting Buffs is silly.. your probably not a healer looking at a tanks buffs/debuffs .

If you wont let us unlock these from the target windows and such. at least let us scale personal buff debuffs on target to be lager than the others. 4 sorcs in an ops groups makes for lots of dot clipping.
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05.02.2012 , 04:14 PM | #30
The new UI is very good so far but please add

1) Skins (as PNG files) - Will also take care of Color Scheme Request
2) Programmable Macros
3) detached portraits from health bars
4) Font Changes
5) Detached War-zone and Map Buttons(or move them to the window bar at top of screen where they belong)
6) Let me change the location, color, and size for in battle pop up alerts(PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ADD THIS FOR OPS!)
7) Ready Check (Wheres that ready check promised from the convention?)
8) LET ME SCALE MY BUFFS!!!(especially on raid frame, i can't see them)
9) Companion health bars on raid frame(if less than 4 people in raid for those who use raid frame as group window)
10) I want to be able to flip my focus target picture and health bar(only one that can't flip)
11) Mouse over heals
12) The GTN sucks still, need to be able to list items for a longer period, 5 days or 7 days - also, no reason to use pub gtn anymore since i can mail stuff to sith side. Make all gtn's neutral to help your economy.
13) For PVP, Add Popups Like the PVE Alerts when a boss enrages, but have pop up's call for help at the base the person is closest to(and please god don't put grass and snow, use the direction of the base on the map) So for example, "PlayersName calls for help at west base" could pop up on the entire op's group window so people go to that base to help them.
14) Show Health Percentage for Focus Target
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