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UI Feature Feedback Request

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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05.02.2012 , 07:54 PM | #101
I'd like to be able to permanently move the PvP warzone entry timer. That way I could move it to the side of my screen so I could see it around other windows when I'm alt-tabbed out waiting for a queue to pop.

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05.02.2012 , 08:03 PM | #102
Customizable buff/debuffs sizes on the player/target windows... or even the ability to separate buffs/debuffs from the player/target bars.

I need to monitor buff/debuff durations for my class... and anything to make them more visible and easier to manage would be really helpful for me.
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05.02.2012 , 08:06 PM | #103
As mentioned by others, snap-to for windows as well as X/Y coordinates. It's painful getting everything aligned.

Also I seem to have an issue with ordering of windows. I like to have my window and target window obscured slightly by the hotkeys, but sometimes it decides it wants to come to the front, some days it is happy at the back,

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05.02.2012 , 08:18 PM | #104
Thank you for asking for more feedback on this subject. Here are my thoughts on useful additions to the current UI customizability, more or less in order (for my playstyle at any rate):

1) Display accurate keybind text on quick bar slots. Currently [alt+1] and [alt+numpad 1] both display as " a+1 ". I would much rather see the [alt+numpad 1] display as " a+Num1 " or " a+N1 ".
2) More quickbars (already in the works it seems...THANK YOU). Adding a few more would be fantastic.
3) Ability to move/scale buffs and debuffs separately.
4) The ability to display quickbars with more than 12 slots. Reducing slots on one bar to add the 'extra' ones to another would be acceptable, i.e. 5 bars laid out in a 6x2/14x1/14x1/1x10/1x10 configuration.
5) The ability to move/scale/turn off the portraits and/or disconnect them from the health bars, etc.
6) Allow the scaling/moving of other UI elements such as chat window(s), map, etc.
7) Allow multiple selections to be moved in the UI editor at the same time ala holding down shift/ctrl or dragging a selection area with the mouse.
8) Provide some form of snap-to or grid alignment mechanism for UI element placement. Being able to adjust elements with arrow keys 1px at a time would be great too.
9) Allow for scaling amounts greater than 1.25 in the UI editor. These values can be currently set larger via editing the xml files, but it would be useful to make these adjustments in game.
10) Make the Cover bar its own UI element / keybindings.
11) Ability to change the skill slot assignment/keybinding for both the companion bar and for the space mission bar.
12) Please, Please, please provide some way to associate keybind profiles with UI layouts and/or provide a way to save/import them from one layout/character to another.
13) Allow the UI elements to be skinned with custom gfx/fonts via xml or some other way.

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05.02.2012 , 08:20 PM | #105
I provided some feedback on this under a separate post:

My thoughts .... with a few updates....

1- I cannot seem to independantly customise the scale of the full map window.

I can adjust it via the overall scale slider but to get to a smaller window as I want it makes the text and other elements too small. Also you can set the side parts of the map to go invisible yet the size of the window remains so I cannot push this further to the side of the screen.

2- No hide options for the lock button or the minimise to one quickslot button.

I dont use hotkeys for my spells and find sometimes in heat of battle I click these buttons by accident as they are very close to the quickslot buttons themselves.

3- More quickslots bars, more buttons..

I am sure this has been requested before. I am simply out of buttons. Even where I am full but have most things in slots, I am limited to the combinations I can put these in as I have only 2 rows close. UI allows me to move the side bars closer which is really good though but 2-4 extra bars would be ideal. Give us mouse clicker types some flexibility.

4- Make empty slots transparent.

An option to hide the empty slots from the UI rather than showing the empty space.

5- More adaptability for UI elements, more options to customise..

By this I mean some items are designed at the moemnt to be the top or side or bottom elements. If I move these sometimes they appear out of place as they are visually designed to be in a certain spot. I see there are a few items like the minimap that can be changed but it would be great to have more options available to change how/where pop outs happen or how the element is displayed. Again to give some great flexibility.

6- Colour selections

Not a necessary change but would be nice to choose from a series of colours for 'background'. Personally I would love a black one but would be nice for my other characters to be ablet to change. May I would want a red for my Sith pureblood, or green for my Twi'lek etc.

7- Show full party/ops group and mock UI to help customise accurately.

Its hard to determine currently without being in a full group where all the items may appear. With some UI tools in other games, you could click an option to see a mockup of the elements as the would appear, show cooldown timers in action or other in action components. This would be very helpful to cut down customisation times. A picture says a 1000 words as they say...

8- Change fonts

A few selections that may suit those who want really small size fonts, or to minimise the text on screen. Different styles from functional to more designer fonts .. maybe a selection of 10 or so would be great to polish of the UI customisation.

9- Grouping function to move/resize simular elements together.

The party members for example, or the target mob and bars come to mind. You can resize and move individually but would be handy if you could group them and resize/move together (then can refine individually as needed). Again I see this as a timesaver, but would also allow quicker changes on the fly if needed.

10- Resize buffs/debuffs

I find these really hard to notice at the best of times and would love to make these much bigger on my UI. Better notifications would be handy on screen too.

11- Reshape info windows.

For example, being able to make the Friends/Guild window longer to go from top to bottom of screen (so you can see more players without scrolling), or reshape/resize inventory bags to be 2 or 3 rows high but much wider across the screen. With us being able to reduce the size of these windows it gives us much more screen space to go smaller in scale but add more area to the screen. We should be able to take advantage of this ..

12- Fix the Novare Coast UI element to retain position.

This one is getting really frustrating for me .. but is a known issue.

13- Chat Window enhancements

These need to be added under the UI customisation and not be separate. Need to be able to lock chat windows and for those like me that use two chat windows, we need an option to remove the 'chat' box when we press enter. Ie we only need to have an entry field for the first screen, likewise for the other elements. Second chat box I only use for system messages and should be able to cut it down so it functions as such.

... No, I'm not the droid your looking for!

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05.02.2012 , 08:34 PM | #106
Some of these are far more realistic and easier to achieve than others, I tried to think of things that were mostly reasonable to ask for (except maybe the misc stuff at the bottom). I tried to think of options that would allow as much customisation as possible to satisfy as many people as possible, so not all of these are things I personally would use or am all that bothered about, although a lot of them I would really like, particularly the meticulous things - I'm a little OCD, and I really like to have my UI a certain way, it kills me that I still can't :P

I tried to be as clear and concise as possible as there are a lot of things here, but some of them did require some explanation for clarification.

So, here we go.

Starting with the Unit Frames:
  • A sub option in the interface would be nice called a Unit Frame editor, it would hide everything except the selected Unit Frame and allow individual customisation of it's sub elements, within the main interface editor, the Unit Frame would move as a whole still.
  • Customisable Sub-Elements:
    • Everything following this should be able to be placed relative to another element, or freely within a unit frame "box", the size of which would be determined by the user. Each element should also have a Z axis option, or layer option, to allow things like text to be displayed over portaits.
    • Health and Energy bars individually customisable colours and size (both individually width and height), additionally, allow custom bar textures to be used, similarly to how you currently load the XML files, but with an image that conforms to whatever technial limits there are.
    • Customisable Resolve Bar - either as a straight bar that would have the same options as Health and Energy (with appropriate optional, customisable, text), or as the current curved around the portrait.
    • Customisable placement within or around the element information text. Preferably anchor points like the whole UI window anchor points, corners, middle etc. Customisable colour and size of the text, and also how that information is displayed:
      • Current HP / Max HP, Current HP, HP%, Current HP% / Max HP% etc.
    • Bar Growth, fill or Empty bars as you gain life, and also vertically or horizontally.
    • Customisable, movable Name, Class, and Level Text. Separate Range Text, and allow individual placement of said elements around the Unit Frame, either freely or by anchoring to other elements and offsetting their placement.
    • Allow movement of the PvP Active Icon, and also preferably the colour of the circle around it, or even both parts of the element, the icon, and the circle. (The Red clashes a lot, and it is annoying to always be there on PvP servers)
    • Allow movement of the "Leader" Icon.
    • Allow Customisation of the Portrait, allow movement, and optionally disabling the potraits. Also, having animated portraits would be cool. If you flip the Unit Frame, the character in the portrait should change facing too.
    • Allow anything that can change colour such as text or health bars to be able to change colour based on the class of the unit selected for that frame. (Class Colours either customisable, or defined by you).
    • Allow the Companion Unit Frame to disappear without a companion (It slides off to the side when it's unusable, but it's not really great). Just an option like the target frame's "Display with No Target" option.

Buffs & Debuffs:
  • Separate out the Buffs and Debuffs from the Unit Frames and give them their own frames within the interface editor. Similarly to the Unit Frames, add a sub-editor for Buffs alone that would allow the following:
  • Layout options - by how many Icons per Row or Coloumn and which way they grow (left/right/up/down)
  • Anchoring relative to one another, allow debuffs to flow directly after buffs or ancor them above, below etc. the buffs.
  • Filtering - allow filtering of your own buffs and debuffs, and choose how they look different (such as a glowing border, by making the others desaturated, or scaling your (de)buffs up in size)
  • Add options similar to the cooldown display options to allow you to customise the look of the time remaining overlay and overlay how much time is actually left on the (de)buffs.

Action Bars:
  • Allow Binds to work on buttons that are disabled - note the difference, action bars which are disabled, binds work, but if you have a bar with only 6 visible buttons, the binds on the other 6 won't work.
  • Allow more action bars, or if there is a limit of available action button slots, allow separation and creation of other action bars using "spare" buttons to allow truly free form placement.
    • I imagine, at least in an output to XML way, the best way to do this would be to have all of the current 48 action buttons be assigned a number, and then when any new action bar is created, it is created and an attribute is set in that action bar for each button that exists in that bar, so you might have action bar 1 with buttons 1-12, action bar 2 with 13-18, action bar 3 with 19-31 etc.
  • Allow Bars to display only on hover, preferably 2 sliders, Alpha, and Alpha with mouse over (A time delay option fow how long until they fade out again too)
  • Allow the hiding of Key Bind text
  • Allow the hiding of Empty Button backgrounds (not the overall bar background, but the individual background on a button with no ability on it), or allow transparency options for it.
  • Allow more customisation of Cooldown Text.
    • Allow Minutes&Seconds option for cooldowns over 1 minute.
    • Allow customisation of the cooldown text Font, and colour at various stages of cooldown, i.e Short is Red, Medium is Yellow, and anything over 5 Minutes is considered Long and would be White (by default, but each should be customisable).
  • Add a Mouse-Over option for casting abilities. I was going to suggest adding a Mouse-Over modifier like the existing Self and Focus ones, but in reality, it would be far better if you could simply select an entire action bar and set that all buttons on that particular action bar were for mouse over use. I think this is the best option, at least until we have some form of macros.

Key Binds:
  • Allow key binding directly to spells, preferably by simply adding in the key bind section a new option on the left saying spells, which would open up the spell "book" and allow you to bind directly. There isn't enough action bar slots for everything, and many people simply don't want various actions disaplying on screen. Direct Spell Binding is a nice convenience.
  • Add a key bind option for summoning and dismissing your Companion. (One Action, pressed without a companion will summon, pressed with one will dismiss).

Interface Editor:
  • Add "Nudge" options to allow you to move elements 1 pixel at a time.
  • Add a "Sticky Frame" option to allow you to anchor frames onto other frames.
  • Allow on each individual element to override screen locking, allowing you to perfectly place elements at the edge of the screen.
  • Add a seperate option to Enable Movable Secondary Window, to allow them to be moved, and then locked in those positions, rather than either being Movable or locked in the positions set by the game.
  • Add a Preview option which would, while checked, show all elements selected in the drop down list (All, Main Hud etc.), and would hide the green/red/blue placement borders.
  • While Enable Movable Secondary Window is selected, optionally allow Secondary Windows to be scaled individually by dragging on their bottom right corner.

Chat Window:
  • Allow locking of the window to prevent dragging, so that you can only drag it when you actually want to.
  • Allow a Font Choice either from fonts installed on the computer, or from a directory somewhere that people can add fonts into. (This would be nice for all text elements)
  • Allow customisation of the colour of the background, and both the normal alpha, and the alpha when the mouse is hovering over.
  • Allow the hiding of the scroll & Emote buttons.
  • Allow tabs to optionally pulse with a highlight when there is new text in that chat window.
  • Separate out the System Feedback channel a bit - loot and money drops might be nice having their own channel.
  • Allow free placement of the "edit box", at the least allow it to be anchored to the top of the chat box.
  • Allow customisation of channel prefixes and breakers (That is things like [Guild], and the brackets around the Chat Stamp and player names) - allow them to be disabled, and allow channel prefixes to also be abbreviated. So you could have: [2:33:32 AM] [Guild] [Rae]: Test or 2:33:32 AM [G] Rae: Test or any combination of that.

Operations Frames:
  • Allow Hiding of the Unlock Button - now that we can edit it in the Interface Editor, it's really not necessary for this to always be showing.
  • Allow Buff/Debuff filtering to show only buffs you cast or only debuffs you can dispell.
  • Allow buff/debuff scaling.
  • Allow customisation of health text and name text similar to that of the Unit Frame suggestions listed above.
  • Allow the Frames to grow horizontally instead of vertically, so group 1 would be 4 frames in a row, and group 2 would be 4 frames above or below that.
  • Also allow the frames to grow in the opposite direction, not just to the right.

"Large Tooltip":
  • Allow Customisation of Elements by importance, by which I mean, you have some big text, then some smaller text, allow size customisation of each, font and colour. (The options here would carry over to other tooltips, such as the tooltips for items in your bags)
  • Allow customisation of frame internal padding around the text, as well as the colour of the background and border.
  • Allow anchoring to the mouse, and allow it to grow up or down to the left or right of the cursor, as well as customising how far off-set it is.
  • When you hover over the health bars, it usually says <UNIT>'s Health, however if the unit is the player, it says "Health of a Rae" or whatever the name of the player is. It does this both on the player frame, and on the target frame if you are targetting yourself.

Comparative Toolips:
  • Allow the comparison between items to optionally show the percentage increase of things such as Crit you will gain, and optionally allow things such as Bonus Melee Damage or Bonus Force Damage to be shown in Comparative Tooltips.
  • Optionally Show item level on all items.

Civil War Scorecard:
  • Add a timer display for the start of the Warzone.
  • Colour the turrets by the colour of the lasers they fire - A lot of people do not understand East / West or Left / Right. Blue, Green, Red are much easier to distinguish and co-ordinate with in a PuG. Not necessarily this, but do something to help this.

Red Error Text Frame:
  • Allow full filtering of what actually shows up here, allow, optionally for it to be displayed in the Chat window instead (and add an appropriate option in the Chat Window Chat Settings for Error Text).
  • Allow movement and scaling of the frame, as well as customisation of the font and colour.

  • Add an option to allow clicking on Nameplate text/bar area to select the target.
  • Allow customisation of the size of the text (scaling by range is one thing, but I want one consistent size, and the current size without scaling is huge).
  • Allow customisation of the health and resolve bars, how wide and tall they are.
  • As with other text elements, allow customisation of the font, outline and colours for the different types of targets (Maybe I don't want NPCs to have green text)

Cast Bars:
  • Allow customisation of bar direction - when you flip Unit Frames, the bars already grow in the opposite direction, but the cast bars don't. Lack of consistency ftl.
  • As with other bar and text elements, allow customisation of the size and colour of the bar (and texture), allow customisation of the spell text and cast time.
  • Allow placement of the icon in other areas, or allow it to be hidden.
  • Allow the artwork to be hidden.

Fly Text:
  • Allow it to optionally be rendered relative to the screen, rather than in the game world, meaning you can more easily see damage on large enemies.
  • Allow customisation of the colours of each type of effect (Normal Damage is White, Specials are Yellow etc. allow that to be customised)
  • Allow the font to be customised.
  • Allow the animation and directions to be customised. (The Current one is very cool and I love it, but rendered on people's screens, it may not be as cool)
  • With on screen rendering, allow grouping and placement of certain fly texts into certain areas of the screen.
  • Between all the above options, you should be able to do something like have all healing going up on the left of your screen, and all damage going down on the right of your screen, as an example.

Character Pane:
These first two are more like bug fixes.
  • Make it so that when you inspect someone, you actually see their Light or Dark points.
  • Make it so that when you inspect someone and hover over one of their stats, it tells you the information about the gains they get from their stats, instead of showing values for the amount you have of that stat.
  • On the Ship tab, the title is always "Ship of"
  • Add a Biography Tab. I'm not a Role Player in any way, but I'm surprised it's not there. When you inspect someone, you should be able to read it.

Guild Window:
  • When Sorting by Guild Rank, add a sort option to sort by the way they are listed in the Ranks tab, so that you can view people in order of rank, rather than by the Alphabetical order of the ranks.
  • Allow hiding and showing of each data set by right clicking and selecting which tabs to show. Allow expanding and contracting of the tabs to a size of your preference.

Who Window:
  • You can already search by Species, but ther is no Tab showing species, please add one.

  • Allow the hiding of individual currencies, and remember their display state, as well as remembering the display state of the current three filters indefinitely, rather just than until a UI reset or game restart occurs.

Experience Bars:
  • Separate Legacy Experience from Character Experience into two seperate elements. Allow customisation of width independantly to height.
  • Allow text to be shown on the bar to display current progress as a static value, percent, or both.

Conversation Subtitles:
  • These seem to be linked to the settings of the Response Wheel, give them their own element and scaling options.

Warzone Queue Window:
  • Separate the Warzone Information into clickable tabs that expand, rather than some crazy huge scrollable list, and also expand the width of it a little bit so that it's a little easier to read.

Focus' Target:
That is Your Focus Target's Target.
  • Add a Frame for this unit.

  • Allow to switch to a Square style minimap.
  • Allow custom placement of Map, PvP, Zoom, Clock, Latency and other elements around the minimap, and individually optionally hide said elements.
  • Allow the optional removal of the artwork and add a simple border border instead.
  • Add XYZ Location information to the tooltips of objects that you hover over on the minimap. When you hover over the minimap generally it shows your current location - if I hover over a mail box or resource node, I want it's location in XYZ on the tooltip.

  • Move Keybinds to an XML type file in a similar way you have the layout setup. Optionally, of course - you should still be able to have it on the server. At the very least, there are people that play on multiple hardware where certain keybinds are not as accessable (Desktop Keyboard vs smaller, cramped Laptop Keyboard), and it would allow copying between characters easier.
  • Allow an overall UI Tint, which would adjust all of the Blues based upon the colour you select, which, optionally could also desaturate the UI - IMO just making everything shades of grey would improve all that unnecessary art work a whole load. But Preference is king, and we should have options!
  • Add a Full Screen World Map option, so that the World Map is always scaled up to the size of the screen, regardless of global UI scale.
  • Clarify the Anti Aliasing and Anistropy Options to display the actual values used, and expand some of the graphical options so that there is more choice.
  • Possibly change the Unify Colours button to open up a colour wheel to select an overall colour set for the chest, and then when clicking match colours, the other pieces try to match to that? That'd be awesome, although this is probably way out of the realm of just UI stuff, but it still doesn't hurt to ask!
  • Not really a UI Request so much, but add an option to define how strongly Lightsabers and Blaster Fire glows, I want my WHOLE character to be glowing blue when I'm in the dark, and the surrounding area! Obviously such an option wouldn't make it like that for everyone, but just a graphical display option for yourself.

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05.02.2012 , 08:35 PM | #107
Quote: Originally Posted by carbonace View Post
I'd like to see the x, y option so that I can perfectly position my UI. Takes me hrs right now to line the darn pixels up.
Quote and I add I'd like to use arrow keys to move pixel by pixel the section selected so it will be easier align items and move them only a little bit.

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05.02.2012 , 08:43 PM | #108
All I really want is target forwarding. As in, if an ability cannot apply to my target, try their target as well. Makes all sorts of things so much easier.

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05.02.2012 , 08:44 PM | #109
More action bars!

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05.02.2012 , 08:45 PM | #110
Quote: Originally Posted by Ocili View Post
  • Ability to scale and filter buffs/debuffs.
  • Buffs/debuffs need a countdown timer function you can turn on/off
  • Ability to turn off Portraits
  • Ability to "lock" certain buffs so they can't be clicked on to remove
  • Better buff/debuff seperation
^ this and scale-able frames for Inventory, Crew Skills, also GTN.