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How would your characters act if they were companions ((rp poll))

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How would your characters act if they were companions ((rp poll))

AhsokaTanorules's Avatar

05.02.2012 , 11:34 AM | #1
How would they react to conversation choices done by players and which gifts do they respond best to. Imagine how you rp them.

Jedi Knight: Female Human
Like: Self-sacrifice, defending those in need, Compassion, Mercy
Dislike: Cruelty, Greed, selfishness, Disrespect
Gifts: Culture, Republic, Military, Weapon

Jedi Consular: Male Human
Like: Compassion, pursuit of knowledge, smart choices
Dislike: Contempt of knowledge, Cruelty, intolerance, thugs
Gifts: Luxury, Culture, Courting, Republic, Imperial, Trophy, Technology

Smuggler: Female Human
Like: Greed, Profiteering, Dissing Authority, Flaunting law, Bad Boys
Dislike: Unprofitable selflessness, Rules, Risking life for nothing
Gifts: Courting, Luxury, Underworld

Trooper: Female Human
Like: Ruthless but efficient choices, Confrontaton, Ends justifies the means
Dislike: Needless compassion or mercy, Sympathy to enemy
Gifts: Weapon, Trophy, Military, Underworld

Sith Warrior: Male Zabrak
Like: Violence, Immediate aggressive action, Brutality
Dislike: Compassion, mercy, charity, Jedi
Gifts: Trophy, Weapon, Imperial

Sith Inquisitor: Female Human
Like: Women of power, Indulgence, Gaining power, Gaining prestige and authority
Dislike: Submission to males, Charity, Ugly things, Extra work
Gifts: Luxury, Courting, Culture, Imperial

Bounty Hunter: Male Human
Like: Indulgence, Violence, Disrespect, Making fun of authority, Good fight
Dislike: Avoiding fights, Mercy, Charity, Humility
Gifts: Trophy, Weapon, Underworld, Technology

Imperial Agent: Female Human
Like: Honorable choices, Efficiency, Confidence
Dislike: Cruelty, Controlling others, Dishonorable choices
Gifts: Weapon, Trophy, Imperial, Technology, Culture

Sotof's Avatar

05.03.2012 , 02:18 AM | #2
Fun idea. Here's my main:

Name: Jhared Caeyrn
Trooper: Male Human
Like: Logical choices, putting the Republic first, self-sacrifice, following orders.
Dislike: Mercy, disobeying authority, greed, profiteering, cowardice, betraying the Republic.
Gifts: Weapon, Military, Republic Memorabilia.

Acherom's Avatar

05.03.2012 , 09:32 AM | #3
((Format taken from codex style used on Torhead.))

Name: Koldorn De'Lancre
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 29
Likes: Loyalty, Efficiency, keeping promises, Vigilante justice
Dislikes: Unnecessary cruelty, Force Users, Incompetence

Primary Stat: Cunning
Secondary Stat: Endurance

Primary Weapon: Blaster Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Vibro Knife



"These people have lost a homeworld through no fault of their own. Offering them a new homeworld is the least I can do to compensate them for their loss." - Darth Sidious

Guildrum's Avatar

05.03.2012 , 01:41 PM | #4
Name: William Shaffer
Gender: Male
Species: Human, (Cybernetic eyes)
Age: 24
Likes: Honesty, bluntness, sarcasm, open-mindedness, pragmatism
Dislikes: Lying, stealing, cheating, being cruel for no reason, sugarcoating, stupidity
Gifts- Loves- Republic Memorabilia, Cultural Artifacts. Likes- Technology, Imperial Memorabilia, Military Gear. Sort-of-likes- Courting (From females), Neutral- Trophies, Underworld Goods, Weapons

Primary Stat: Cunning
Secondary Stat: Endurance

Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol
Secondary Weapon: Blaster Pistol

Born on Ord Mantell, William moved off of Ord Mantell when the Separatist Movement struck the spaceports, and he was moved to Coruscant at age 8. Since then, William has had tried stints as almost everything, mercenary soldier, goods smuggler, accountant and so on. He is well travelled, having been to every inhabitable planet in the Coreward Worlds and most of Hutt Space. Since age 19, he's found his calling working as a journalist for the Galactic Chronicle, a galaxy-wide neutral holonews. As of now, he's a recently promoted Assistant Editor for the Chronicle, and is known for his seeming lack of biases and his bluntness when it comes to touchy issues, an obvious remnant of his Mantellian heritage.

William might come off as a jerk to some of the more sensitive, but he really is caring and is just plain blunt. His sarcasm and unwillingness to tolerate stupidity among his employees has earned him something of a reputation as of late. But honestly, William is a caring person and is very sympathetic to people he knows well, and he does his best to be open-minded, as seen by some of his friends among both the Sith and the Jedi.

Assistant Editor for the Galactic Chronicle, Residences: Nar Shadaa, Coruscant, Carrick Station

(If I could choose, I think I'd be a Consular or Knight's companion. William has friends in the Sith, but he wouldn't stay on any of their ships...)

Garrem's Avatar

05.04.2012 , 01:53 AM | #5
This sounds like fun!

Imperial Agent: Chiss male
Name: Traec'alaro'nider
Age: 38
Likes: Loyalty to yourself, logic, being respectful to the Sith
Dislikes: Fighting for glory/honor, incompetence, self-sacrifice

Primary stat: Cunning
Weapon: Blaster pistol and vibroknife

Gifts: Luxury, culture, Imperial memorabilia and technology

Smuggler: Human male
Name: Jarrel
Likes: Gaining credits, helping women, loyalty to those who help
Dislikes: Unnecessary cruelty, the Empire, being loyal to the Republic

Primary stat: Cunning
Weapon: Two blaster pistols

Gifts: Underworld goods, trophies and luxury

Sith Inquisitor: Human male
Name: Melchin
Likes: Being selfish, violence, cruelty to the Republic
Dislikes: Thinking of the greater good, flirting, helping without gaining for yourself.

Primary stat: Cunning / Endurance
Primary weapon: Double bladed lightsaber

Gifts: Luxury, technology, trophies, Imperial memorabilia
Sith happens.

kirorx's Avatar

05.04.2012 , 08:27 PM | #6
Sith Inquisitor: Male Twilek
Like: Honor, Greed, Gaining power, Credits, Gaining further insight in conversations, history
Dislike: Killing innocents, disrespectful, mercy, rudeness.
Gifts: Luxury, Courting, Artifacts, Imperial memorablia, Republic memorabilia.

Thebazilly's Avatar

05.04.2012 , 09:59 PM | #7
Ha, this is interesting. I'll put in my main.

Name: Dianatra
Gender: Female
Species: Twi'lek
Age: 22
Likes: Power, independence, flippancy, following the Sith Code
Dislikes: Kissing up, weakness, mercy

Primary Stat: Endurance
Secondary Stat: Willpower

Main Weapon: Double-bladed saber
Secondary Weapon: Shield generator

Sold into slavery with along with her sister at a young age, Dianatra seemed slated for an unfortunate life of being a dancer on Nar Shaddaa for the rest of her days. At least until she was sold to an Imperial officer on Korriban and discovered to be Force-sensitive. She was quickly shuffled into Sith training, where cruelty and racism filled her with boiling hatred. Finding immense inspiration in the Sith Code, Dianatra channeled this hatred into becoming the most powerful Sith she could, and still believes to this day that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. With the newfound freedom and renown Sithdom gives her, Dianatra quests to become the most powerful person of her time.

Gifts: Luxury, weapon, cultural artifact, underworld good

EDIT: Okay, so I couldn't resist adding in my Bounty Hunter

Name: Jurian
Gender: Male
Species: Zabrak
Age: 31
Likes: Credits, booze, women, credits, fighting, disrespecting authority, credits
Dislikes: Killing for no gain, giving in to the Sith

Primary Stat: Endurance
Secondary Stat: Aim

Main Weapon: Blaster pistol
Secondary Weapon: Shield generator

After his very Imperial-loyal mother was killed by a Sith, Jurian had a tough life as an orphan on Dromund Kaas. He learned that credits make the galaxy go 'round, and having a conscience or manners can only weigh you down. He honed his blaster skills and turned to the only way a non-human with no family could make enough credits to get off-world-- feeding off Imperials' never-ending lust for murdering each other. He spent a few years traveling around the galaxy and taking more bounties until becoming an entrant in the Great Hunt, where he hopes to win enough money and glory to live the rest of his life without having to deal with the Empire or Republic.

Gifts: Weapon, military gear, underworld good, technology

greyjedibp's Avatar

05.05.2012 , 01:31 AM | #8
Name: Bhughes
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 26
Likes: Helping other in need, Being Funny, making jedi look stupid,follow a grey path
Dislikes: jedi code, Killing people, kissing up, Dark jedi

Primary Stat:Strength
Secondary Stat:Endurance

Main Weapon: Lightsaber
Secondary Weapon: Lightsaber

Personality:Bhughes is very funny and alway making fun of the jedi but he is a vey caring person and proctet those around him. He belive in the jedi code is wrong and follow grey path. He is does not like the jedi's telling what to do with his life. He aslo care for other in need and would help them.

epicfear's Avatar

05.05.2012 , 03:43 PM | #9
Name: Teravor
Gender: Male
Species: Sith pureblood
Likes: Honorable actions, holding to ideals, fair fights
Dislikes: Pragmaticism, hypocrisy, Exploiting weakness
Gifts: Trophies, Weapons, Imperial memorabilia.

Primary Stat: Endurance
Secondary Stat: Strength

Main Weapon: Lightsaber
Secondary Weapon: Focus

Personality: An oddity amongst the sith who know him, Teravor very much prefers honor before reason, and lacks the horrific pragmatacism most sith believe they require to excell. Quite stong both physically and in the force, he is well known as quite the powerhouse. His often incomprehensible honor code can confuse most people, but he is quite accepting of others, except those he views as hypocrites, including the entirety of the jedi order.

elliotcat's Avatar

05.06.2012 , 12:18 AM | #10
Very cool idea!

Name: Ayang Cardani
Gender: Female
Species: Mirialan
Age: 22
Likes: Showing intelligence, non-Force users, the Republic, being nice to kids
Dislikes: Her mother, her sister, questionable parenting, the Empire, stupidity in general

Primary Stat: Cunning
Secondary Stat: Endurance

Main Weapon: Blaster pistol
Secondary Weapon: Scattergun

It's hard to believe that someone as optimistic as Ayang has been through so much hardship, but the young smuggler hasn't had an easy life. Born to a Jedi who was disappointed in her lack of Force sensitivity, and thus had little to do with her, she grew up in a boarding school. Originally trained as a nurse, Ayang was kidnapped as a young adult and forced to work as a dancer on Nar Shaddaa. Luckily, she was able to escape and joined a smuggler's crew as a medic. Though she can be bitingly sarcastic and come across as a little wild, it's a front - behind all that, she's an open-hearted, loyal, and cheerful individual. A very capable medic and a quick thinker, Ayang is really fighting for the one thing she will never have - her mother's approval.

Gifts: Weapon, cultural artifact

She would have a companion quest where you have to meet her mom, and then afterward you can say "Wow your mom really sucks!" (+100 affection) or "Your mom is so awesome!" (-like 500 affection).

"We will snatch purpose from the jaws of futility...are you ready to wreak some havoc?"[/SIZE]