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Marauder/Sentinel + Gunslinger/Sniper best sustained DPS right now - DPSMeter

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Marauder/Sentinel + Gunslinger/Sniper best sustained DPS right now - DPSMeter

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05.01.2012 , 03:40 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Ratajack View Post
And so the "you must be x class, in y gear or you don't get to go" attitudes begin.
No...We bring in whoever has the most damage. At the moment, it is Sentinels. In the hands of an average player, Sentinels do great DPS. In the hands of a seasoned player, it is downright awesome. No other class even compares at the moment.

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05.01.2012 , 04:24 PM | #12
Here are two example bosses. They're just samples (using them because they had the most data.) -- Marauder | Sentinel is #1 most fights.

Zorn & Toth
  • Juggernaut | Guardian 0% 1,139.50 134.49
  • Operative | Scoundrel -6% 1,065.56 125.99
  • Marauder | Sentinel -8% 1,049.71 170.97
  • Sniper | Gunslinger -9% 1,039.56 148.51
  • Sorcerer | Sage -10% 1,022.03 201.14
  • Assassin | Shadow -12% 1,006.94 162.35
  • Mercenary | Commando -19% 924.70 147.58
  • Powertech | Vanguard -21% 901.33 141.94

Stormcaller & Firebrand
  • Marauder | Sentinel 0% 1,172.14 176.62
  • Juggernaut | Guardian -5% 1,115.50 123.87
  • Assassin | Shadow -8% 1,083.67 167.46
  • Sorcerer | Sage -8% 1,076.00 191.25
  • Powertech | Vanguard -10% 1,058.00 145.43
  • Sniper | Gunslinger -13% 1,015.00 187.32
  • Mercenary | Commando -15% 993.15 167.00
  • Operative | Scoundrel -18% 962.25 162.37
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05.01.2012 , 06:00 PM | #13
I don't think you are going to see any Merc/Commando buffs. Your data conforms with most players' personal experience. But BW's data looks at things differently. Their data is going to continue to show Merc/Commando as overpowered and they will continue to nerf them. Correspondingly Mara/Sent will continue to be buffed. We are probably only about halfway through the melee buffing process.

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05.01.2012 , 06:38 PM | #14
Very interesting data. It does confirm what people already believe from play.

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05.01.2012 , 08:12 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by SajmanPeetee View Post
Marauder/Sentinel and Gunslinger/Sniper should be the kings of single target DPS. Both mirrors are far more immobile than their other DPS counterparts.

I agree that Mercs do need a buff, but it should not be up to level of Sniper or Marauder.
Marauders and Sentinels are immobile? Lol. And Sniper/Gunslinger have perks while they're immobile that offset the disadvantages while also having longer range. The dps potential should be even across the board, with skill determining who does top dps.

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05.01.2012 , 11:07 PM | #16
well theres no way to measure skill with parsers. I mean you can get a rough idea but theres many random events that cause random factors into the fights.

At the end of the day theres always going to be one class on the bottom. In this case Merc/commando is not at the bottom its 2nd last. Its numbers arent that far off. Theres no gear listed/specified which also needs to be factored in. I don't believe that this small amount of data is justification for a buff.

I mean when I look at this data supplied in the OP i think operative/scoundrel needs a buff because they actually finish last on the 2nd fight and have no survivability.
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05.02.2012 , 01:45 AM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by Niil View Post
Marauders and Sentinels are immobile? Lol. And Sniper/Gunslinger have perks while they're immobile that offset the disadvantages while also having longer range. The dps potential should be even across the board, with skill determining who does top dps.
Frankly, that's impossible for a mmo unless you only want one class. Since mara/snipers give up heal/tank perks, they are compensated with damage.

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05.02.2012 , 02:27 AM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by ShiningKnights View Post
We finished 8 man HM EC and have it on farm. At this point, we don't allow anyone but Jedi Sentinels for DPS. Their DPS is too good. Even in the hands of an amateur player in half Rakata, Sentinel DPS is way too good (4 inspirations LOL), and with the class buffs, we don't have to worry about mixing and matching classes. Our makeup:

2x Jedi Shadow (tank)
2x Jedi Sage (heals)
4x Jedi Sentinels DPS

Zorn and Toth were a little tricky, but if you're careful, you can prevent a lot of damage.
I just have a quick question and I'm not trying to be condescending or rude.

When you gear up only your sentinels for DPS. what happens when their damage gets adjusted and someone else takes the 'top' spot? you just geared up one class that may/or may not get a hefty nerf. it seems like it's a good short term plan, but a terrible long term plan for your guild.

Also, you said you just finished HM EC, and now you have it on just finished it. how could it be on 'farm' now. It may be easier, but to my understanding, farm status is more or less you can bring in someone's alt and still be fine and you've completely out grown the content. If it's on 'farm status,' wouldn't you move onto Nightmare.

I've only completed it on story mode (not enough tanks for group two to do it on HM), so I'm not hugely experienced. it's just from what i've gathered.

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05.02.2012 , 03:49 AM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by beardchef View Post
Marauder/Sentinel is the PvE DPS champ right now. Put 4 in a group, and get ready for Bloodthirst/Inspiration to hit a home run (when a guild does this, we'll see the first 2k DPS being surpassed on non-Heavy Fabricator fights).

Gunslinger/Sniper are very competitive post-buff.

Sorcs/Sage rule in fights with a lot of target switching, pausing, and movement like Colonel Vog and Jarg + Sorno

Mercs/Commandos are a distant last. 15-20% worse (on average). Their DPS histogram curve follows the other classes hard, and most likely need a buff.

Other classes have less data so the results are less accurate, but you can see the spoiler for two example bosses raw summary. These are summary statistics and don't describe the whole story.



This is based on 1500+ logs that have been uploaded since was launched 6 days ago and on our rankings data.

We are working on a blog to present visualizations of the summary data, but it might take some time to get up because we're prioritizing log parsing features.

Bioware, any plans for Merc/Commando tweaking?
so the classes built around doing ONLY DPS are the best at doing DPS... seeing how the lead COMBAT dev said they should be slightly higher then the other classes, it seems that they did things right.

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05.02.2012 , 04:14 AM | #20
No offense but nobody uses at all right now. The logs that do get uploaded are likely just random test logs like the one I uploaded the other day to see what kind of output you guys have. Your site has a lot of potential but the mass majority of top guilds have never heard of it yet. Merc DPS is heavily dependent on Crit and since the mass majority of players don't remod gear to min/max your results will be skewed. Annihilation Maras, Sniper, and Sorcs don't have an extreme reliance on one specific stat so they will parse much higher with default modded gear. Merc heat management is tied entirely to crit and they scale extremely well with the stat and extremely poorly without it. Our top Merc is lightyears ahead of most mercs on our server and even most mercs in other top guilds because he min/maxes his gear perfectly. It's night and day between a merc that gears correctly and one that doesn't.
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