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Proof that Tracer Missile and Heat Seekers are broken

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Proof that Tracer Missile and Heat Seekers are broken
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05.11.2012 , 12:00 PM | #131
There was a significant nerf, in order to keep my previous dps, I had to swap various pieces of gear/mods. If you keep your rakata as is, your dps will be horrible. There was a stealth nerf but you can adjust to make up for it. Basically stack power, lots and lots of power.

Am I happy with the current dps? No, but we are still competitive if and only if you adjust your gear.

All I know is prior to 1.2c, my dps againt the boss dummy was a lot higher. This is not just my experience, posts from also show a significant drop.

Eventually they will fix it, WoW all over again.

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05.15.2012 , 03:23 PM | #132
Quote: Originally Posted by Schriztopher View Post
The only thing I have really seen that has changed is our HSM. I was getting crits for 10.5k almost every other one. Now it is hitting a consistent 5.5k each time. Yeah we can't mess with marauders, but you say you can't fight a jugg because of their survivability? I've dueled with juggs and other classes several times and we end up about 50-50.
So you are telling me, a Jugg, a class that has 5 interrupts (force charge, force choke, force push, disruption, intimidating roar) who can also spec to get the 6th interrupt (backhand) have 50-50 chance to win a fight vs mercenary (from what I understand your post specced into arsenal)?

I call BS on you.

You know, even if you were not specced into arsenal, I don't believe the jugg would have any trouble.

So I still call BS on you.

And could you show me a video of HSM doing 5.5 k "repeatedly"? Because that should only happen "IF" it crits, and it could also crit for far less than that (like around below 4kish too).

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05.16.2012 , 03:37 PM | #133
Quote: Originally Posted by Noviru View Post
Hello everyone,

This is a heads up that we recently had to remove several posts from this thread. A reminder that regardless of the topic, it is part of our Rules of Conduct that:
  • Never insult another member of the community.
  • Respect other community members, whether you agree with them or not.
  • Make constructive, on-topic posts that add to the discussion.
Thank you for understanding.
Hey how about you post some info about what your going to do about this?
Oh you removed some posts! Thats helpfull info. not
How about a post "were going to fix it but we dont know how"
your all fools bioware

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05.31.2012 , 04:58 AM | #134
I have an arsenal Merc. Almost full War Hero gear. I have a PVP dummy on my ship. NO matter how hard I try I have NEVER gotten a 5k crit. Before you call me a Noob, I did use stims, I even tried WZ Stims ( which give a 15% dmg bonus ). If I did EVER recieve the medal for 5k crit in WZ since 1.2 hit I did not notice the medal. Meaning, even if I mng to pull over 300k dmg in a wz I never get the 5k crit medal. So, even though my dmg is in the top three on my team every match, my medal count is normally very low. The only way I have found to raise my medal count is to stand on the nodes when I fight.. The only problem with this is I am RANGE spec and get crunched like a glass turret if I am in the middle of the action. For survivability and in order to help my team I find myself picking people apart from the outside, and of course spamming AOE and popping relics in order to do any real dmg.
Check this out.. I lvled a Sniper just for fun and found with a similiar playstyle to my merc I do MUCH more dmg and will normally get more medals on avg per game. Both Sniper and Merc are ranged dps, but I now wish I had geared my sniper up instead of the merc. At least Sniper has a boss interupt.
Call me a little jadded, I will still play for awhile yet I am sure. How I wish they would at least fix my jet pack, so that it is usefull for travel, at least. As it is I have not real sprint abilities. I can not even jump high, I am the slowest runner in most raids. Oh I love watching all you folks use the " FORCE" to jump all over the map while I tote this heavy jet pack around that only gives me one ( nerfed ) ability. Let me go ahead and mention that IF I decide to death from above a crowd and burn all that heat, it is super easy to knock me to the ground after I make a huge target of myself while I fly straight up about 15 meters and always land in the spot I took off from. What a crock. They could make me happy if they would just adress the jet pack issue come to think of it. Maybe I am just a noob at heart. : ) I think they should charge the merc for a speeder that is nothing more then a jet pack. Then at least there would be a point to carrying it in ALL of our armor. Giving us those Hidious Jets in the back of our PVE sets just to vent appearently. So go ahead and tell me to buy the jet boots.. I did, but 2 million just to speed me up in raids for a few seconds at a time. PLUS its a bugged effect that has me just running really fast half the time. No way I would spend the 2.5 million credits to fully upgrade it. So I can still have a freakin 30 second cool down. SO not only are jet boots the most exensive form of travel, but also the only form of travel with a cool down after only a very short flight time to begin with.
Okay so fine I got a little off subject. I will close with this. there are very few dps mercs around on my server's anymore. When I look around I dont see many BH's holding two guns anymore. Not unless they are tryng to heal, ( dont get me started on Body guard build). I think that really speaks alot about the Class. When SO many people agree.. Why not fix it? Its clear to most the gamers I know that 1.2 literaly ran subscribers off. They had a pretty good system with a few complainers and alot of subscribers to work with. Now there seem to just be a whole lot of complainers and not enough subscribers. Just saying...Oh yea, if you REALLY do know how I can start getting those 5k crit medals with my arsenal build Please let me know.

RubberTree's Avatar

05.31.2012 , 01:24 PM | #135
I started the game with a bh merc and loved it. Reached level 45 then started PVPing. Loved it of corse the game equalizes a little better with multi levels. Reached level 50 got all battlemaster gear and now there is no dammage delt at all I switch to my LVL 50 Sniper with crap gear and i can take some one out in 3-4 shots. PLEASE FIX MY MERC ASASP! ! ! ! !

MrSIlverSurfing's Avatar

05.31.2012 , 02:37 PM | #136
The problem is you are too late. If you haven't noticed the Merc forums are dead. They already quit or changed to sniper a month or so back. You are basically only talking to the 5 other mercs that still play one. This went from being one of the most heavily classes played (Bubba Fett Coolness) to extinct. I'm curious what 1.3 will bring for the mercs, but waiting this long is not fun. I went biochem and it has helped some.

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05.31.2012 , 02:38 PM | #137
Quote: Originally Posted by RubberTree View Post
I started the game with a bh merc and loved it. Reached level 45 then started PVPing. Loved it of corse the game equalizes a little better with multi levels. Reached level 50 got all battlemaster gear and now there is no dammage delt at all I switch to my LVL 50 Sniper with crap gear and i can take some one out in 3-4 shots. PLEASE FIX MY MERC ASASP! ! ! ! !
I hear where you are coming from. The damage doesn't scale in the 50s bracket. I have a ton of war hero and the class is stomachable dps (AOEs), but horrendous in pvp. Don't even consider 1v1 unless its against a fresh 50 in pvp gear.

Gray_Stalker's Avatar

07.08.2012 , 02:01 PM | #138
Okay.. After many weeks of experiments. After millions of credits spent I finally got my merc to crit for over 6200 in wz's!!! It was awsome, for about two weeks, until they changed burst dmg in 1.3. Now every once and awhile I will get a crit for 5500. Yes I have screen shots as proff. BTW, my merc still sucks in PVP. I do not recommend ANY of you try what I have done, way to expensive, they will just screw it all up for you in a few weeks anyway. Jaded.