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Power shot vs tracer missles, lowbie BH issue

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Power shot vs tracer missles, lowbie BH issue

Washizuka's Avatar

04.29.2012 , 05:55 AM | #1
I've searched the forums a bit, but most of the issues ive seen ran across been about heatseeker missles. Something i dont have access to yet(24 merc BH). But there is alot of things concerning lower overall damage and what not. Now down to my problem ive been running into during pvp concerning damage numbers between skills as the title indicates. Which may give a clue to why geared level 50s are noticing damage drops. As our main move is just not working as it should damage and mechanic wise.

-Tracer missles with 5x armor debuff with HVG on:
*Hits for about 1000-1200~ against medium armor(operative healer no defensive buffs on)
*tooltip shows a 1574-1714 damage range(using no stims or anything)
*assuming i understand mechanics right thats a 55% armor ignore against a target with about 25-30% default dmg reduction, which would make it about 13-15% with all the armor debuffs in account. In which just using the very low end of the tooltip it should be hitting for about 1304~ at the least using the highest armor amount and the lowest damage from the tooltip. Yet still down and out by atleast 100-200 damage using the harshest variables instead of using the top end to inflate damage numbers.

-Power shot with no debuffs on target(same operative healer) HVG still on though.
*Hits for about 1150-1200~(HOW i do not know, does power shot secretly almost ignore armor alot by default?)
*tooltip shows a 1208-1341 damage range(last i checked weapon damage and kinetic are calculated the same in terms of armor types)

There is something terribly wrong with this picture, i have taken screenshots mid combat to try and show the damage situations best i could. And is willing to upload them if i had a good way to do so in case people need proof.(image hoster suggestion)
So far this is very underwhelming to be dealing with, especially seeing how the talent trees are set up. Ill have to keep using tracer missles to get anything else going which makes me question if i wanna keep leveling up this character. Seeing how the skill i had before(powershot) hits harder on average and on crits(especially with that red buff in the warzone where power shot can crit upto 2700 with no armor debuffs on target where as tracer missles rarely go over 2200 with debuffs UP)

So are the tooltips lying to me or what. I really hope not, its bad enough i had power shot before tracer missles(iconic talent point). It hits targets faster in pvp due to quick travel time compare to missles, MUCH less obvious im gunning someone down due to no red laser and explosion after. Almost no incentive to being arsenal if i cant take advantage of the spec....

Only reason why im still using tracer missles now is for my sniper friend(level 21) which i usually queue up with for pvp, cause for some reason now hes able to crit for 4k with ambush? or something due to my armor debuffs which i dont even seem to get the benefit from.

Once again i do have screenshots ready for uploading if i had a way to do so.

mamosh's Avatar

04.29.2012 , 06:14 AM | #2
i guess it has to do with the recent nerfs to tracer why many merchs also switched to pyro or healing but like you said using tracer as a debuffer for your friend sniper and focus firing thats really awesome i myself as pt love hitting traced down targets

stick with merch if you enjoy the class if not reroll i must say i still enjoy my merch but shelfed her a long time ago in pvp for my pt

Washizuka's Avatar

04.29.2012 , 07:23 AM | #3
yeah i understand that they nerfed it, but thats one drastic nerf if they did intend to tone down the damage that much from what could be the original tooltip. While i am trying to enjoy it, my damage seems to be suffering alot as of late while leveling and pvp'n. Doesnt help that i dont have an interrupt for the more dangerous enemies while trying to solo heroic 2+ quests with my companion or have a 'oh crap' i messed up button when things get a bit hairy.

So far outta the classes i tried(21 veng guardian, 24 madness sorc, 43 op healer, 24 arsenal merc) the merc seems to be the worst of the bunch by a long shot. Only thing good so far is being able to aoe down a group of weaker mobs than the rest of my current characters. But i find that my lack of utility, control, damage in many situations stressful compared to my other guys.
-When my sorc run into trouble i got my bubble, sprint, los spam quickheal while my dots do a bit. Interrupt when i need it for the ranged stronger mobs. range slow bubble heal on against strong melee mobs
-when my op healer ran into trouble, i could always cloaking screen, flash grenade> heal, also a interrupt when doing heroic quests, evasion> heal, sever tendon run heal or kite strong melee mob.
-And then my guardian, i had saberward.. interrupts, defensive form, the aoe slow, using los for the strong cd attacks.
-Now my merc.. trying to los and heal like my sorc doesnt work, as the quick heal has a cd and no bubble to buffer time to get off a big heal. Using los to stop range mobs strong moves hurt me as much as them as most of my stuff require casting so they just run around the corner and start casting again >_<. And with no interrupt cant us los as a buffer for the cd as on the other classes interrupts. That stupid power shield has a longer cd than the other classes so far and all it does is lower damage, doesnt give a chance for the move to completely miss which after playing around with alot of other classes i see how helpful their stuff is.
***Using the rocket punch knockback doesnt seem to do much against mobs as they are back in my face before my GCD finishes..... like what good is it if i cant use that small window to get a cast off. Only thing decent is the aoe knockback with the slow.. but if i use it while trying to kite and run, IT MISSES the target alot. SO i gotta stay still and use then run which is wasted time as my potent stuff is casted outside railshot which has a long cd.
*in the end feels like the merc is now lacking in all departments, how can a class have low damage, poor mobility, poor situation control, and weak defenses. Figure they would be glass cannons or something like in other mmos, but after them changes they are lacking the cannon part. While i can still put in work, the class is lacking a "flow" sorta like my op healer combat options(but ill leave that for another post)

So yeah i can reroll to make life simpler, but so far seems the only class meant to be like a nuking class.. as i already have my tank/healer/dotter. Dont wanna make a sniper yet(due to having a operative already dont wanna repeat story lines just yet) And republic side mirror uses dual pistols and the merc has that and doesnt have the appeal of a sniper rifle(aesthetics i know but in a game like this it counts)

Holinyx's Avatar

04.29.2012 , 12:41 PM | #4
i haven't used Power Shot in like 30 levels, and i don't miss it.
Not all Bounty Hunters die screaming like a 4 yr old girl.

mamosh's Avatar

04.29.2012 , 01:14 PM | #5
yeah i actualy played my merch yesterday in solo pve to see the changes and i died so much or struggled really must say powertech is the better choise out of the hunter story other then that if you want a range nuker no choise but to make a sniper