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[BUG] Unable to zone in to Explosive Conflict NM, sent to SM instead

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[BUG] Unable to zone in to Explosive Conflict NM, sent to SM instead

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04.27.2012 , 10:31 AM | #1
I am going to relate all my guild's experience this week in bugs, because it's possible the bugs may be related. Hopefully others have experienced this matter and can provide workarounds or explanations. A summary of the bugs is at the end if you wan to skip the details. The bug listed in the title occurred on Thursday.


We find one of our normal DPSers is not around. We'll call him Moe. Instead we get another DPS, Larry to join us.

We go into Karagga's Palace Nightmare Mode and things are fine and dandy until we wipe on the Foreman. When we all return we find that the Foreman has despawned and we were unable to progress. The previous week we had cleared KP Nightmare in under 90 minutes yet did not receive our title*. Reluctantly we reset the instance, knowing that there would now be no way to get our title. When we see the amount of trash that we have to re-clear before getting back to Foreman, our guild opts to go to Explosive Conflict Story Mode.

We down Toth and Zorn, grab the chest in the wilderness and then down Firebrand and Stormcaller. We call it a night.


Moe is available to DPS today, but only for a little while. We clear up to the next chest only to find that it is unavailable to us.** We fight up to Vorgath and down him. No problems looting him there, fortunately. Now Moe needs to go, so we grab another DPS, Curly. We clear up to the next chest, and again it is unavailable to us.** These chests just have red Xs on them despite our clearing of the mobs around them.

We one-pull the final boss, a surprise to all of us considering Curly has never been in this zone before, let alone bore witness to the awesome set of mechanics that Kephess has. However we were unable to loot the boss's corpse!*** Fortunately, our Op leader relogged and discovered his body was actually a good 30m or so away from where everyone else thought it was. Everyone else relogged so they could get the comms off his body. Our MT finally got his mainhand weapon. Hooray!

In case it's relevant, here is our parties makeup at each point in the operation progression.
We go back to Karagga's and clear up to the Foreman again. Once again, we wipe. No one leaves the zone and we all watch as the Foreman despawns, leaving just his handlers standing around. We go back and kill the handlers but he never shows up. We'd have to reset the zone again in order to get him to respawn and to progress.**** We're done for the week in that place.

We zone into Hard Mode and get a few pulls on Toth and Zorn before we call it a night.


One of our healers, we'll call him Fanty, is unavailable. Instead we take Mingo. Moe, Larry and Curly are all unavailable for DPS, so we grab Shemp instead. In fact, we find out later that Curly's transfer to the APAC servers went through. This might be an important part of what is about to unfold.

A few people zone into the Story Mode to check if our chests were open without Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp, Fanty or Mingo in the operation. To leave out all the variables. Unfortunately, they are all gone. They zone out.

The Op leader sets the zone to Hard Mode and we all zone in. Some of us find that we zoned into the Normal Mode version of the phase, complete with speeder and dead bosses.***** We zone in and out and try again. Op leader resets the phase. Op leader switches from normal back to hard. We disband and reform the operation. We all disband and try a new Op leader. We all logged out for five minutes at the same time. We disband and form a two man operation, and we get into Hard Mode. We invite people, some get in, some do not. Furthermore, if anyone zoned out of the Hard Mode, when they came back they would always be in the Normal Mode. It just wasn't happening.

We tried for an hour and gave up. So an early week of raiding for us!

Names of all Operation members at each point in time available upon request.

* No title for beating NM KP in under 2 hours. Filed a ticket, got a response. Seems like this is a known issue and will get fixed eventually.
** Wilderness chest locked to operation party. Filed a ticket, got a response. From what I've read on the forums (and from the CSR's response) you have one hour to open this chest after beating the previous boss? So that would make sense for Chest #2, since we waited overnight until we cleared to it. But it took us far less than an hour to go from Vorgath to Chest #3. So there was another reason why Chest #3 was locked to us.
*** "Too far away" from Boss corpse to loot. This one there was a simple workaround to, which is to keep one person in the zone while everyone relogs and is able to see where the corpse really is.
**** Foreman Crusher in Nightmare Mode despawns on party wipe. Filed a ticket for this. Ticket was deleted (not closed) with no response. When this happens, wipes mean 30 minutes of trash clearing before making another attempt. Has anyone else experienced this? UPDATE: Ticket was escalated and I was contacted via email regarding this.
***** Zoning in to Hard Mode EC takes you to Story Mode EC instead. Filed a ticket for this. Ticket was deleted (not closed) with no response. This one is just a puzzler. For all I can tell, our Hard Mode phase was tainted somehow by having someone locked to it get transferred off the server. UPDATE: Ticket was escalated and I was contacted via email regarding this.
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04.27.2012 , 12:58 PM | #2
I 2nd this bug report.

What a pain to go through this!

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04.27.2012 , 02:38 PM | #3
Just to update, I received two emails saying these tickets were escalated to be checked further. So it seems to me it actually is a good thing if your tickets get deleted instead of closed.

I don't expect a personal response, I just hope all of this gets forwarded to the developers so this kind of thing doesn't happen to others.
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04.27.2012 , 04:56 PM | #4
If you don't get the chest after you kill the boss you won't get the comms. If you switch people out before you get the chest you won't get the comms. Found out the hard way.

Work around Kill boss, go gest chest, then log if we're not doing more.

Never seen that KP bug or Kephis loot bug tho.

Maybe somebody in your group had a lock on HM possibly and couldn't zone in? Only thing I can think of.

Anyways GL w/ CS ticket, I don't find them to be very helpful at all. We had an entire raid pop the 30 daily comm transmitor for the world boss. Whiped then he wouldnt pop again... waste of 30 daily comms. Waste of 30 minutes.

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04.27.2012 , 05:11 PM | #5
I'd say it's pretty impressive that you were trying to do explosive conflict and you ended up in Scarlet Monastery.
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