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Advanced Recon Commandos vs Havoc Squad

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Advanced Recon Commandos vs Havoc Squad

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06.07.2012 , 04:53 AM | #31
ARCs were supposed to be better than any clone trooper (including delta), and havoc were only a hardened squad. they weren't unbreakable (as any trooper player would know because of traitors) there were no ARC traitors, They caused the droid army many losses (Fordo's squad not Commander Colt's)

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01.17.2017 , 01:39 PM | #32
There already is an ARC Troopers guild on the Ebon Hawk Server. I'd say go for Havoc Squad!

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01.17.2017 , 01:46 PM | #33
We were an active, but most of our officers in our guild have become inactive. The ARC Troopers have a FB Page, website and Instagram down below. Find info on Website!

FB Page: ARC Troopers Online
Instagram: Swtor_arctroopers

If your a trooper/smuggler on Ord Mantell, Look for Kaon SilentStorm!

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01.31.2017 , 05:19 AM | #34
Quote: Originally Posted by CassusVerda View Post
Yes there is more than one Spec Forces Squad, You run into a few during the Bounty Hunter's Story line on Balmorra.

That said I'm going to go ARC Troopers. Your a bit wrong on them receiving additional training, unless your talking about the the ARC Troopers who were originally Clonetroopers who got promoted to the position like Echo and Fives. I'm sure the ARC Troopers the OP is talking about are the genetically bred variety.

ARC Troopers are genetically altered to be basically "Raw Jango" They can be independant and can work as a team if need be. And they can question or bend orders if they see a flaw. Essentially they are Jango Fett except they are loyal to the Republic. Even willing to sacrifice other clone embryos during the Battle of Kamino if they were in danger of falling into the wrong hands. Comparing them to a regular Clonetrooper is sort of an insult.

Lets use Fordo's Rescue Force as an example.

This squad has Two Heavy Gunners. a Rotary Cannon and Quad Laser which technically brings the fire power to 5x that of Jorgan and the Commander rolling Commando combined. They also have maybe 6-4 Lieutenants packing Westar Assault Rifles equiped with Grenade Launchers. Fordo is packing Dual Pistols with an electroshock cord I figure they could handle Jorgan and the Commander pretty well.

For 4X they'd simply unload all their weapons into him, Grenade Launchers and all like they did Grievous, and 4X isn't as Fast or Agile as Grievous meaning he would get caught in the blast. And if that didn't do it they'd call the Gunship in which would blow it's way in and Vaporize 4X. and really any member of Havoc Squad in sight.

That...and the ancient tactics that Havoc Squad used were most likely flash trained into the the ARC Troopers during their gestation period. Giving them a tactical advantage.
Not to mention all clones have been trained since birth to be soldiers. Their entire lives dedicated to war. IMO, that extra few years of training and ideology gives them the edge over Havoc.
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