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The Rainican Crystal Mystery [Rainbow Colour Crystal]

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The Rainican Crystal Mystery [Rainbow Colour Crystal]

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04.26.2012 , 12:35 PM | #1
I was out on a mission given to me by Jedi Master Kaan'Dii. He had sent to the planet of Voss to obtain the leaves of the Swi'it Tree. The Swi'it Tree only grew deep inside the Mystical Forests on Voss. I didn't knew why Master Kaan'Dii needed those leaves neither did I know what they were used for, but I felt something in the force that made me go on with the mission. I was about to enter my Corellian Defender when Master Kaan'Dii suddenly showed up, he told me to not say anything to the Council about this mission. I was confused about this statement, but I nodded and went on.

I met up with my companion and good friend Tharan Cedrax who had stayed on the ship since the previous mission we were on. I opened up my galaxy map, read the coordinates and prepared to jump to hyperspace. During the travel I had told Tharan about the mission, he thought it were dangerous but he still said he would aid me.
We landed on Voss and met up with one of Master Kaan'Dii's former padawans, Jedi Knight Lative-Krea. Lative knew alot about the Voss and their culture, he had been stationed there ever since they fould out about Voss.
He told us about the leaves and the Mystical Forsets that it were dangerous and only the Voss knew how to navigate in there. But I was aided by Tharan, so I felt safe and secure. So we packed up and went into the wild, with only a map and some proviants to keep us alive for that period. The travling part was tough, we faced many dangers but survived.
But suddenly Tharan shouted my name and said: Look, look up there! And there it was, up on a hill, the Swi'it Tree. We were happy to finally find it and that we had survived, so we ran up there, picked a few of the leaves and runned down again. The leaves were in our possesions and we were happy that we could get back cause the Mystical Forests wasn't so cozy.

But on the road back I spotted something glowing in the dark, it was an unusual sight which I've never seen before. I went over to check what it was, but suddenly! I was cought in something I didn't knew what it was, I was stuck! I panicked and shouted for Tharan, but it was to late. I was dragged into this portal of some sort and ended up on a different planet. I was lost and I was afraid, though I calmed my self down after a few minutes. I searched for any type of intelligent life form. I traveled by foot for almost 3 hours til I finally found something. It was a village. I said to myself that it most be anything down there that could help me. So I started to walk down to the village when someone suddenly popped up in front of me, it was a Twi'lek and he was very kind, I was a bit supprised. I asked him where I was, cause I've never read about a planet like this back at the Training Facility on Coruscant. He said that the planet was called Candinulo and was located somewhere in the Unknown Regions. I asked him how he got there, and he replied to me: I was once a Jedi Padawan sent out on a mission to obtain the leaves of the Swi'it Tree, and that he was dragged into some kind of portal and ended up here on the planet of Candinulo, he also said there's more back at the village. So he helped my with my backpack and we went into the village, I was greated with a meal from the others, that unknown to me also were Padawans sent on a mission by Kaan'Dii. We sat down and one by one they told me about their mission, that exatly matched with the one I was out on. I was in shock, and I didn't knew what to do. They had told me that there's no ship or anything that could get them away from this planet and neither could they contact anyone.

So I was stuck on a planet which nobody knew about except us. We all went a sleep and the morning after that the community told me about the mysterious Rainbow Colour Crystal and how to obtain it. The Padawan who had been on Candinulo for the longest told me about the mountain he found, that it had the legend of the Rainbow Colour Crystal carved into it, but even though they've searched a big part of the planet they had never found any Colour Crystal. So I went out in the forests of Candinulo which was tropical to the climate but the surface was made out of sand and ice, and the trees where tall, so I fould the mountain and studied the legend. It said that the Crystal, which was called Rainical Crystal, was the strongest Colour Crystal ever known to anyone.
So I focused and I remebered. I was eight years old and studied the ways of the force by Master Sendai Nonze, when Master Kaan'Dii came in and told us about the Rainical Crystal, that it was the most powerful of them all, but that we had to remain silent about it.
So then I knew why Kaan'Dii sent me of to Voss and why I was dragged into this portal like many of the other Padawans.

And then it began, my new mission, to find the Rainical Crystal. I felt that something guided me, but I was unsure. It felt really dark and not the side of the force I knew about, but it was telling me to get deeper into the forest, and so I did. I went on for hours until I finally found what I was looking for, I had found the Rainical Crystal, but infront of it stood a man, a man with a dark robe and hood that covered his face. He told me to step forward. He took of his hood and I saw the hatered in his eyes. He told me his name, Darth Gnusma. He was a Sith, my feared enemy, but it was useless to fight, we were here for the same reason, to obtain the Crystal. And neither of us knew how to obtain it, he told me, with a dark voice that he had been here for over 10 years and that he has gone mad. He couldn't figure out how to get the Crystal, he said it was impossible to curve out the Crystal, hes lightsaber bounced back as fast as he touched the Crystal and same thing happened to me. It was useless, but the suddenly a voice appered in my head. I didn't recognize it, but it told me that only two had ever obtained the Crystal. A Jedi Master called Swi'it and a Sith Lord named Lord Cew'Gam. Both had mastered the Caandi-Nara Form and that is needed to obtain the Crystal. He told me the ways of the form, which I learned through the force. I woke up suddenly by Gnusma, he had my lightsaber and was going to kill me, but I was able to kick it out of his hand and killed him. I prepared my newly learned Caandi-Nara Form and struck the Crystal formation, and of fell a perfectly curved Rainical Crystal. So I used my knowledge about how to dissassamble lightsabers and pulled out my old crystal and then, slowly put the Rainical Crystal into the hilt. I turned my lightsaber on, and suddenly a really strong light hit my eyes, it was Master Swi'it, he told me to get of the planet as quickly as I could, the Padawans were Siths who felt the death of Gnusma and that they were after me. He said I could use the special ability of the Rainical Crystal to teleport me anywhere I want, and then he disappeared. I used the special ability to teleport back to Voss-Ka where Tharan were waiting, he laughted and said that I were really slow and that he had waited for me for halv an hour. I didn't know what to believe but I couldn't say anything. We thanked Lative-Krea and traveled back to Coruscant where I met Master Kaan'Dii. He looked surprised, but acted calm. He greeted me and asked how the mission was. I knew that he had tricked me to get to the portal so that I could obtain the Crystal for him, so I drew my lightsaber, which had the Rainical Crystal. He was shocked and couldn't speak, and I went closer, pointing my lightsaber against his face and asked why he sent me of on that journey. And then suddenly he drew his lightsaber! We got into a intense duel, but I had the advantage. I teleported with the Crystal to the Council and informed about Kaan'Dii's actions. But it was to late, he had already escaped my Force Stun and stole my ship. We have never heard of Kaan'Dii until this day.

Some of us belive he ventured into the Unknown Regions to find the Crystal and some thought he crashed into an asteroid field and died.

The Rainican Crystal is still in my possesions. And not a single Rainican Crystal had been found, even though there had been many Jedis that have dissapeared in the Unknown Regions.