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Formal Apology to the Galactic Republic

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06.04.2012 , 09:50 AM | #461
Quote: Originally Posted by drfumblez View Post
COmplete monsters are so much fun to play though! Like Dark Raii/Carnagge!
In game Noxy's still a complete monster, so it's all good .
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06.04.2012 , 11:31 AM | #462
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthThuzad View Post
In game Noxy's still a complete monster, so it's all good .
Just so we're clear, is there ANYTHING else that needs to be done before we continue? ANYTHING at all?

If not, It's your show, Ardim and Maaruin.

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06.04.2012 , 12:09 PM | #463
Quote: Originally Posted by drfumblez View Post
Just so we're clear, is there ANYTHING else that needs to be done before we continue? ANYTHING at all?

If not, It's your show, Ardim and Maaruin.
I already sent the beginning of Fleet battle to Maaruin. Just waiting for a response now.
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06.04.2012 , 06:47 PM | #464
OOC: And so the end begins.

Dromund Kaas System

The Emperor’s Fortress floated in space. Quiet, menacing. Like a Sarlacc, waiting for the poor creature that came to close. It was surrounded by ships, barely moving. The quiet before the storm.

"Coming out of hyperspace.... now."

Netuno watched as the familiar lights of hyperspace travel disappeared to reveal an Imperial fleet just as massive as their own Artemis Fleet. The Silencers were somewhere out there, but it would take time to localize the ships they were installed on.

"So it begins." he whispered.

The fleet began firing their long range weapons as the Imperial fleet did the same back to them. After a moment or two, Netuno barked, "Deploy all fighters!"

In the hangar bay, Hesker looked up and turned to his men, "You heard the Admiral! Are you ready to show our enemy the meaning of fear?"

The pilots roared enthusiastically in response. The general smiled a grim smile before getting into his own fighter. He flew out towards the enemy fleet, along with hundreds, perhaps even a thousand, fighters flying alongside him.

The Imperial fleet started to rearrange formations. Dreadnaughts turned towards the Artemis fleet to maximize their firepower. Corvettes moved into position to counter the fighters. The whole fleet started to build a defense line between the station and their enemies.

"Are the transports ready?" Netuno asked his second-in-command, the recently promoted Colonel Quinn, a former comrade of Isaac.

"Yes, but we will need to locate the Silencers before we can send them out." the officer replied.

"Let's give our main strike force an opening. All dreadnaughts, target the corvettes and frigates. Wipe them out." Netuno ordered.


"Pyron, they are aiming for my corvettes," Moff Talcen said via holo. "I already lost five of them. We could use your Silencer now."

"Will do," Pyron said. "Destructor, is the enemy fleet in range?"

"Yes sir, at least partly." the captain of the Destructor said.

"Fire the Silencer." Pyron ordered.

A red beam came from the Destructor, then white light bled everyone. After a few moments they could see it: A large hole in the Artemis fleet's formation. Five dreadnaughts and eight smaller vessels were reduced to debris.

"Saber of Hord, fire," Pyron ordered and a second dreadnaught fired it's Silencer.


"Admiral, unless we have part of your fleet flank the enemy, we will not be able to stop the Silencer." Netuno protested.

"... Very well then. Seventh Fleet, flank the enemy! Fire everything you have!" a elderly admiral ordered.


"They are flanking us," Moff Pyron said. I won't get a better chance.

"All forces, move to the left flank." he ordered.

"But sir, this will create a breach in our formation," the Captain said.

"I know the risks," Pyron said. Risks for the Emperor, not for me.


Lord Evardon sat on the pilot seat at the right side of his Fury's cockpit. Fifteen Medius Wardens, Watchmen and Champions were aboard his ship, ready to start the assault.

"Strike team, I see a breach in the enemy's formation," General Hesker called through the comm.

"That's it!" Evardon exclaimed. "Isaac, my forces will try to break through."

"Copy that." was the reply.

"Assault shuttles, follow me," he ordered. "Jaesa, watch their back."

The Relentless, Evardon's ship turned around. With a barrel roll, he flew through the breach. The few enemy fighters couldn't stop him, especially with Jaesa keeping them occupied in her own fighter.

"It's safe," he said while he, the Medius assault shuttles and Jaesa's ship approached the designated hangar.


Netuno fumed, the flanking fleet having been annihilated, but it allowed them to see the locations of three more Silencers.

"All ships, scatter formation!" the Chiss admiral barked.

"Sir, is that wise?" Quinn asked.

"It will minimize casualties by Silencer and give us a bigger chance to win," Netuno replied. "Launch the first wave of transports now. We know the location of five Silencers. Might as well take them out as fast as we can."


"Sir, a third wave has broken through the gap," a lieutenant reported the success to Admiral Fraabaal.

"Send some corvettes in, now!" Fraabaal ordered. "Pyron, now I have to clean your mess."


"They are sending in corvettes," a Twi'lek reported from the sensors in the leading assault ship, filled with Mandalorians. "That'll be a jarring ride."

"A walk in the beach for us Mandalorians." Mandalore grinned, having chosen to lead the Mandalorian assault on the station himself.

"For death and glory." Skradin grinned as well.

The heavily armored Mandalorian shuttles smashed through the fleet as Hesker's fighter squadron covered their backs. The corvettes arrived and fired, heavily draining the shields of almost every single shuttle, but a few seconds more were all they needed as they reached their destination and slammed into a hangar bay of the station.

"We're in. Let's get to work." Skradin laughed as the door opened to reveal the first of many Imperial troops that would stand in their way.
Through Passion, We gain Strength!
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06.07.2012 , 11:34 AM | #465
Emperor's Space Station

Darth Proventus nearly fell from his feet as the Emperor's space station rocked from Omega's assault.

The time has come. He thought with a grin, The Emperor dies today.

"Status?!" He inquired as he marched into the station's main security hub.

"Green." A lieutenant called from the command center in the nucleus of the poorly lit room. "All automated defenses are go."

"Good." Proventus replied quickly, before shifting his sight line, searching the room for the Head of the Station's security. "Where is Howl?!"

Darth Howl returns from the refresher, "I'm here, Wrath."

Now we can make it official. Proventus smirked from under his helmet.

"I'm here to tell you that I am taking control of the security of the Space Station directly. You are to take control of one of the ground teams and help repel the assault from the front."

"We talked about this, the Emperor and I. I am head of security, you exist only to kill his enemies," Howl snarled.

"And his enemies are pouring into this station, you fool." Proventus snapped back. "Now go!"

The tension was growing, he had never expected Howl to leave just because he'd ordered it, the man was too stubborn. Proventus placed on hand on his hip, resting gently on his lightsaber, but such an action that wouldn't display his intentions to Howl or anyone in the room.

"That's on the fleets, not me," Howl spat, "know your place and your words, lapdog."

Proventus smiled beneath his helmet. So be it He had never liked Howl anyway, always so insecure.

"It really is a simple choice." Proventus scoffed, igniting his sabers, their scream stopping the Imperials at work, all stood still as the two Sith stood on the brink of battle.

"Go or stay. Live or die."

Howl ignites a saberstaff with violet beams and spins into a Juyo stance. "I could say the same for you, Emperor's lapdog. You will always be his slave."

"All bark and no bite." Proventus growled, growing more annoyed with each moment. "Everyone out! Now!"

The Imperial officers who had been lining the computers gladly obliged, any excuse to escape the coming storm was a welcome one, and they would waste no time clamoring for the door.

Perfect. This had worked better than he had hoped, Howl had done all the work for him with his stubbornness.

With the last of the soldiers gone, Proventus wasted no time in attacking, sprinting across the room and leaping from the central platform using the extra momentum to barrel-roll into an overhand attack, Howl caught the blade quickly on his saberstaff and launched a swiping counterblow which Proventus felt glance the edge of his armor.

Too close He breathed in exasperation as he narrowly avoided another blow, this time aimed at his head. Proventus landed a quick kick to Howl's side in desperation, causing the two to separate again.

"Feisty, aren't you, boy?" Howl growled as he goes in for another blow.

Proventus catches it between both his sabers and pulls it aside, dropping his shoulder into Howl's exposed chest knocking him backwards a few feet.

"I am Wrath for a reason, Howl." Proventus taunted. "You are good, I'll give you that. But I'm better."

Proventus laughed a deep laugh, the main security hub was right next to him. His portion of the attack on the Emperor would soon be complete. All thanks to an idiot Dark Council member who wouldn't follow orders. Both of the Zabrak's twin lightsabers tore into the hub, elation and excitement poured over him. Alarms silenced, turrets barrels dropped all their systems deactivated. Now it was up to Omega, but now that business was was time for pleasure.

"Thank you for your part in the Emperor's death, Howl." Proventus mockingly bowed, the black holes of his helmet staring up at the confused councilor he had been battling. "I was wondering how I was going to get all of the officers out of here...I was just going to kill them, but you made it almost too easy."

"You...I WILL SEE YOU DEAD FOR THIS!" Howl roared as he charged his saberstaff with lightning and jousts at Proventus' lower body.

Proventus dodged each of them in turn, leaping just out of the way of a final hurried slash.

"Look at the bright side." Proventus tormented. "At least you won't die alone, you can go down with your precious Emperor... lapdog"

"You are still a lapdog, and you always will be. Tell me, who is behind this?" Howl roared as he does a vicious flurry of attacks.

Proventus spotted an opening and drove his offhand saber through Howl's defenses into his left hip. As he pulled the blade out, Howl hobbled back his face twisted with pain.

"Everyone." Proventus chided, circling around the wounded Sith "Nox is to be Empress of course, but why is it a dead man's concern?"

"Her and your coup fail here! I'm taking you with me!" Howl charges into Proventus and jousts at his stomach.

Proventus steps into the attack deflecting it with one of his sabers while spinning past the injured councilor's extended arms and placing a well timed backhand stab into his midsection. Howl dropped his saberstaff in surprise, and Proventus sent it skittering across the room.

The defeated councilor fell to the floor his eyes dancing in fear as he searched for his lost weapon.

"There it is," Proventus pointed about twenty yards away, where it had rolled to a stop. "Now crawl for"

"You bastard," Howl growled as he rushes towards his weapon and tosses lightning at Proventus, each of his eight bolts amplified by his anger.

Proventus roared in frustration as he barely caught the lightning on his sabers. He had not been expecting such a concentrated assault from the man who had been defeated only seconds before.

Why don't you just kriffing die...

After a heavy effort he managed to throw the attack aside and marched forward, tearing the room apart as he went. Chairs, computers, desks, railings, it didn't matter. Nothing would stand in the way of his kill.

"WHERE IS YOUR EMPEROR NOW, HOWL?!" He Screamed, his frustration finally boiling over into anger, as he launched anything in his reach towards the coward who fled before him.

Howl had reached his saberstaff and had managed to fight off most of the incoming projectiles, but one large metal desk made it through untouched.

Proventus roared in triumph as his forced projectile pinned the now broken councilor to the wall, the victorious Wrath continued his march towards the fallen Sith using the force of two hands to keep him wrenched awkwardly against the black wall of the security room.

"You and your little coup *cough* are doomed," Howl merely snarled, awaiting his now inevitable death.

Proventus pushed the desk violently into his stomach, crushing him slowly against the wall.

"You die here, the Emperor dies here, only your death means nothing. They say true Sith never die, but I have one question. If this is true...then why will you wilt and fade?" Proventus taunted in his victory. "No one will remember Darth Howl, slave of the Emperor. No one will remember your resistance, you are insignificant, a pawn."

"Slime," Howl spat on Proventus, trying to ignore the pain he was in, but to no avail. "You will one day die alone, just like Nox, just like your pathetic brother."

"Just like you."

Proventus heaved one last time forcing the desk into Howls stomach, Howl fell facedown onto it's flat top, only this time he would not rise.

It is done.

Proventus paused a moment. He was free from the clutches of the Empire, free to run anywhere he wanted. Free to live a life, a life like the Togruta he had just freed. It had a nice ring to it, but where would he start? He had done so much, there would be no where for him to run to. No doors would be open to him. Darth Proventus was a rock, a stone that could not be shaped.

My life is already over. I made that decision long ago.

With a quick shake of his head he removed any weak thoughts. He was were he was supposed to be, doing what he was supposed to be doing.

Imperial troopers lined the hall in front of him,the third traiterous Wrath smiled slightly below his helmet.

They must have heard...

"There he is, blast him!"

"Blast the traitor!"

Proventus' smile quickly grew to a wide grin.

Bring it.

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06.07.2012 , 01:22 PM | #466

"I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for one second that I am one of them."

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06.07.2012 , 01:37 PM | #467
Proventus rocks! That was great.
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06.07.2012 , 01:39 PM | #468
"I was one of many. We were servants of the dark side… Sith Lords, we called ourselves. So proud. In the end we were not so proud. We hid… hid from those we had betrayed. We fell… and I knew it would be so."
-Ajunta Pall

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06.07.2012 , 02:15 PM | #469
thanks guys. I've always hated Howl... like a serious, over the top hatred. haha big ups to Thuzad for making him as trolltastic as possible.

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06.07.2012 , 02:43 PM | #470
My only complaint about it was that lapdog was used to much. Get more creative! Call each other Scruffy Nerfherders!

But really, good job guys. AND Provie is SUPER!