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Playing House (Roleplay Discussion)

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Playing House (Roleplay Discussion)

CyberSmitt's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 07:18 PM | #1
So I've been rolling around an idea with a character I started on Jung Ma (RP-PvP) Server...

The basic idea is that said character is disconnected from her past, and is trying to find any ends that could answer her questions.

Now here's where I become wary of how I do this...
The idea was spurned from the whole "House" system that's used in Alderaan's government (Mainly House Organa and House Thul in the game's story). This character is somehow separated from her "noble" bloodline by either orphan, or sent away for protection so the House bloodline can live on. Is it too sensitive of an area to try tackling and would be prone to heavy Retcon? The way I see it, the House she is descended from could be completely destroyed and has no influence in current in-game goings of the other Houses and the government, and could be a good way to let things slide and still be lore-acceptable.

Another thought on the Differences between Houses...
Are Houses so different from one another that the inhabitants could appear to be of another nationality? The confusion comes from the way that House Organa and House Thul are played out in-game. To me, they are basically "Government like a Sir". Fancy only because there's nobles and bloodlines involved. Hypothetically, if there was House X and House Y on Alderaan (Or any other planet that's run by a House System--Please let me know if there are any other planets that do this and are relevant to TOR's universe) could House X be different culturally and speak with and accent, and House Y sound more...basic, but has its own unique formal garb for nobility?

I'm just trying to be as lore-friendly as possible with this idea I have for my character, and would appreciate any correction since I understand that the Star Wars universe is MASSIVE. Plenty of things could be overlooked in considering this.

CosmicKat's Avatar

05.01.2012 , 04:01 PM | #2
It's Star Wars. A foreign accent = Evil.

High fantasy in space. There's very little that wouldn't fit.