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Artifice out of work

AshlaBoga's Avatar

04.26.2012 , 07:35 PM | #11
Yeah, sorry it's either Ops or get stuck with stuff like Advanced [Type] 23 Hilt, or Advanced [Type] 22 Enhancement. Since you can get that stuff from dailies I doubt I'd be able to turn much of a profit on selling it.

Still, if you alternate between HM EV, HM KP and Story EC you can avoid getting too bored.

P.S: If you don't want to the whole 1 hour Operation fight you can get some of the best gear in the game from the NIghtmare Pilgrim - he's not very good for artifice though.

BigPun's Avatar

04.26.2012 , 08:31 PM | #12
So can someone give me an answer, if I buy a enhancement/hilt from the dailies vendor on Ilum, can I reverse that item for the schematic?

deadsaber's Avatar

04.27.2012 , 12:40 AM | #13
i would like to see artifcers get a scimatic for a 47 crit or power or enderance that can only be made by use and so we can sell

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04.27.2012 , 12:47 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by BigPun View Post
So can someone give me an answer, if I buy a enhancement/hilt from the dailies vendor on Ilum, can I reverse that item for the schematic?
No you can't.

RichyYoung's Avatar

04.27.2012 , 02:46 AM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by AshlaBoga View Post
I disagree, I make a decent amount of money off of +41 Magenta, Advanced 25 Hilts and off hands like Rakata Supercommando's Shield Generator.

Being able to RE lightsabers means all my sabers are augmented and I can safely say that plenty of casual players would rather shell out 300k for a crystal than farm level 50 world bosses.
Errrr Where do you get these schems from ? Not the crystals, magentas boring. But making hilts and off hands above 22 certainly interests me... making rekata off hands would be sweet... but ive not seen any of these as schem drops...

Camrules's Avatar

04.27.2012 , 05:35 AM | #16
I use Treasure Hunting for crystals, and my companions are continually coming back to me with "Elegant Crafted Lightsaber/DoubleSaber" (Along those lines) It's getting annoying because they are worth nothing

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04.27.2012 , 05:37 AM | #17
You aren't out of work, you have a ceiling on how high you can raise your prices. You can still make augmented force weapons, no? That's tons of work and very easy money.

Larry_Dallas's Avatar

04.27.2012 , 01:25 PM | #18
Pretty sure the giving away color crystals thing will pass. Also, do not underestimate what people will pay for vanity items. I've taken a number of custom orders for, for instance, 56 purple hawkeye crystals (blue color) that are incredibly hard to come by on the empire side and sold them for up to 350k. Elegant 5 slots sell for more than $50k on my server and require little in the way of mats to make.

Right now I'm working on picking up one of the campaign relics from the dailies. If I can RE the schematic for that, I expect to be able to sell those for close to $1 million. A crit, I might try pricing at $4 million.

So no, Artifice is a serious moneymaker. The only thing I don't quite get is why purple 22, 23 and 24 enhancements sell for pennies.

xenofire's Avatar

04.27.2012 , 01:28 PM | #19
Artifice is one of the best professions to be for money making. You can get 200 daily comms, buy campaign relics, RE them, and then craft them and sell them on the GTN.
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04.27.2012 , 04:07 PM | #20
^^^ this

Do you realize how much you'll be able to charge for an augment-slot Campaign Relic!?
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