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Payment Plan

GordonSchumway's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 11:05 AM | #1
With all the Early Access Hoopla going on, this will probably get lost in the shuffle but it has me more concerned.

I see on my account page and on some of the faq's that when you enter your game box code, you will then have to choose a payment plan.

For those who have entered it already does it seem optional or does it force you to enter a plan before moving on?

I saved up everything I had to pay for the game and not having a CC to do a sub makes things tough. Also I can't just turn around and spend another 30 on a time card.

Hopefully I am worrying over nothing but I hope those that can't pay up front aren't locked out of the game. I mean you figure we have at least the 30 days free time to put in a payment plan.

Any assistance would be appreciated.