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Feedback request from James Ohlen - In-game events

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Feedback request from James Ohlen - In-game events

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04.26.2012 , 02:00 PM | #251
Quote: Originally Posted by Elmillia View Post
No more. This event was terrible.
useless post is useless. Be more constructive.
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04.26.2012 , 02:09 PM | #252
Here are the two things that really made this event special:

1. It was somewhat mysterious without being obnoxious. You had to figure out what was going on, and there was a lot of cooperation in chat, but it wasn't frustrating.

AND much more importantly:
2. It consisted of quests that were only available for a short time AND involved both factions having to play in the same area (that second part is key). On a pve server it's no biggie, but on a pvp server it's much closer to what we've been looking for. Definitely the best open world pvp yet. Throw in some objectives and/or rewards (like the world bosses but maybe more creative) and you've really got something.

Finally, some suggestions: anticipate the whiners and don't force people to deal with anything like the plague. Personally I thought it was great and I wanted to smack all the people complaining about it (was it really that big a deal!?). Next time if you do something similar allow people to opt out more easily so we don't have to listen to the constant kvetching.

Also, what is with you guys and the Rhakghouls? They were such a "meh" element of KotOR and now there's a quest series on Taris, you can't throw a lightsaber without hitting one, there's two flashpoints dedicated to them, and the first event to boot. Please focus group the lore of the next event a little more thoroughly for coolness factor.

Ultimately want to say thanks for a fun event, and looking forward to the next one.

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04.26.2012 , 02:12 PM | #253
the event was a great idea. i didn't have much of an opportunity to do a lot of the event activities. mostly due to time constraints. but it was still enjoyable and it brought and interesting feel to the game. i believed there was a plague. the news reports and the fact that the plague actually killed you made it more so believable as a "problem to be wary of." (i bolded that to stress how important that is to me.)

the only thing i wish there was more of is content for all people to do. for those of us that can only get on at limited times, we couldn't experience the best parts: the world bosses. log in and see that they've been defeated already and no clue on how long ago that was. can't very well stand there for potentially several hours for them to respawn.

have the world bosses return for future world events. i'm sure they're a blast. but also include more than dailies to do in the down time between respawns.

all in all, i liked it. and i support the development of future world events

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04.26.2012 , 02:17 PM | #254
Quote: Originally Posted by LizardSF View Post
So, what is your response to the people in this thread who are complaining that they couldn't ignore the event?
I don't know. I didn't read any of the other responses. Were they complaining about the fleet spam? Were they complaining about being infected against their will? Other?

Fleet Spam: In my opinion, that's just an ad for the event, not the event itself. It was annoying, but it didn't affect my gameplay in any fashion. It's not like CDC agents periodically swarmed the fleet, quarantining random NPCs for a period of time to isolate a plague outbreak. Now that would have been cool--and annoying to some people. ("Oh noes! Can't buy speeder *right now* cause speeder guy has the hiv!"

Plague-griefing: I fail to see how that was a big deal. I think the people complaining about that are overly sensitive and in need of a grip. What exactly was the detrimental effect of this "devastating" plague? For all the hysterics on the news you'd think being infected would affect people's gameplay in a noticable fashion, maybe a progressive stat or move speed reduction, periodic boughts of blindness or stunning, horrific coughing fits that disarmed you. Being infected was no big deal.

All in all, I spent maybe 2 hours on Tatooine, exploded once, left for the day, and never returned. The rest of my time during the event was spent on fleet, in WZs and doing dailies. I saw some people cough, I heard some people explode, I listened to the ad--and none of it had any effect on my time playing SWToR that week. I was mildly annoyed by the announcement, but over all the event was practically invisible to me. I understand that some folks are more sensitive to intrusive elements in their gameplay, but the event failed to engage me let alone interfere with or alter my SWToR experience to any meaningful degree.

For me this event failed to deliver anything other than the standard MMO fare--boring, repeatable quests and a reward vendor.
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04.26.2012 , 02:22 PM | #255
Overall, I found the event very enjoyable and a great success. My comments echo a lot of what has been already said:

  • The event was a surprise and not marketed or hyped. This provided a better sense of immersion and response to a crisis. It also fostered a sense of mystery and discovery. The value of this can't be overstated. Kudos! Very well executed.
  • News reel and announcements on fleet gave a sense of authenticity. Again, well done.
  • Rewards were good. They were unique and will serve as a piece of memorabilia for all that partook.
  • The event really livened-up the social activity on the server, particularly on Tatooine and the Fleet.
  • The treasure hunt mission was excellent. I got to explore parts of Tatooine that I previously had not. Perhaps the next event could include a similar mission: gathering pieces of tech or something to construct an item to help with taking down a tough world boss or equivalent.

  • Explosion bug causing players to be inadvertantly flagged for PVP. I know you guys are aware of this. It happened to me and I considered it only a minor issue. I'm sure the surprised look on my face when it happened must have been golden.
  • A little more oomph to the conclusion of the event. Say, perhaps, a news reel depicting that a cure had been found and the vaccine was being distributed either through ventilation on fleet or available at all medical droid vendors (for free or very cheaply).
  • Perhaps a little more time than 9 days. I'm mixed on that though. Don't want an event to go too long.
  • Fleet vendors available for 3 or so days after close of the event.
  • Some players were upset about one boss being in a PVP zone. I'm undecided on it. Ironically, the Bantha boss was the one boss where no PVP actually occurred with our OPS group. It did on the other two. LOL. So, I don't think this really a big issue. And I don't PVP often.

  • As has been mentioned, regular Star Wars holidays. Not RL equivalents.
  • Perhaps include some new crafting schematics as rewards. Orange gear schematics are always nice.
  • Continue to surprise us and allow players room to discover and/or explore. An element of mystery that requires us to solve is good.
  • Treasure hunting is fun. Leaving clues improves this process.
  • Sense of emergency or crisis is good.
  • Perhaps, instead of a series of repeatable dailies, use a progression model, moving forward in stages through different locations. Of course, this could be problematic for late starters.
  • Race against time and/or faction.

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04.26.2012 , 03:12 PM | #256
Already been said, but the parts I enjoyed most were:

The treasure hunt.
The story - I loved the news pieces and reading the codex entries. Was very immersive.
World PVP. We had some great scraps on Tatooine.

1 new daily per day - I don't want to feel like I HAVE to play a game every day. Which I did because...
The event was a bit too short, maybe 2 weeks to allow for RL commitments.
Can't spend DNA samples now. We can still get DNA samples as the plague is still here, but can't spend them any more. I suggest a permanent vendor for time sensitive currencies like this.

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04.26.2012 , 03:27 PM | #257
Overall I loved it and would definitely welcome more events in the future.

However there are a few points where I think it could have been better.
  • The progressive unlock of missions was a nice idea but I think it should have been a server unlock not a character based one. This would still have the fun of discovery for those who could get on each day, but would also allow latecomers an opportunity to catch up.
  • The story seemed very front-loaded. The two elites in the regular missions came on the first day and while subsequent missions added more armor pieces as rewards they did not really advance the story or build to a climax.
  • I think it would have been better had the armor reward been bind to legacy so that low level and future alts could make use of it, this update has been all about legacy so this seems off.
  • PVP. As a PVE player the PVP elements in the event annoyed me.
    • Why was one of the special world bosses was placed in an open PVP area? I don't understand why you feel the need to encourage PVP by mixing it up in what was otherwise a purely PVE event. If players want to PVP then they will, if they do not want to then they won't.
    • This event served to once again highlight the poor PVP flagging mechanism in the game. The only way a player should ever be flagged is if they manually flag themselves, entering a warzone or open PVP area also clearly signals acceptance. There should be no way that the actions of one player should flag another for PVP. Any action done by a non-flagged player that might affect a flagged one should simply not affect them - this includes direct and indirect effects.
    • The infection system clearly annoyed a segment of the playerbase who were just not interested in the event. Since I was actively taking part in the event I treated the infection as a natural consequence (except for the PVP flagging). The players I encountered were also actively taking part so they were OK with it. But when it affected other players it could be viewed as a form of PVP attack and clearly the flagging mechanism did treat it this way, so it is understandable that players were upset because they could not opt-out.
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04.26.2012 , 03:32 PM | #258
Just wanted to add, I agree with those complaining about force-flagging for PVP. Infection spreading, I think we can accept -- it's part of making the event an event, part of the WORLD, not a quest people can choose to take or not. PVP flagging is more of a meta issue, and on PVE servers, any mechanic that allows you to flag someone against their will is probably a bad idea. If the goal was to drive up PVP as part of the event, then, place some of the event quest sites in PVP areas (as was done with one of the raid monsters). This puts the decision into the players' hands -- if they want specific rewards, they have to deal with the chance of PVP, and they enter those areas willingly with full knowledge of the consequences. All-new material for tabletop RPGs (mostly D&D 4e), occasional rants, and original science fiction and fantasy.
Why the developers haven't fixed that bug yet!
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04.26.2012 , 03:35 PM | #259
I liked it and had fun but in the future I think it would be nice if it grew to more worlds and spread because of us going where we were just told not to.

The orange gear would of been nice if there was some for all ( heavy, medium and light )

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04.26.2012 , 03:40 PM | #260
Here are my thoughts on the rakghoul event.

What I liked :
  • Event with actual story around it.
  • New encounters for the event (world bosses)
  • Social Gear, Pets, Companions kits

What I didn't liked:
  • Event too short
  • Staggered dailies where it is required to wait next day to unlock next one. Prevented people to get the full set if they started to play the event on the weekend.
  • Flagging for PvP due to the plagged while being on a PvE server. Nothing should flag you unless you willingly enter a contested/PvP zone..

Thanks for the event and looking forward to the next one.