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Feedback request from James Ohlen - In-game events

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Feedback request from James Ohlen - In-game events

Bjorkus's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 07:29 PM | #111
I liked that there were several different types of rewards to choose from. I also liked that mid level toons could participate. I thought the scope of the event was fantastic (quests, cut scenes, items to trade, boss fights). As a whole, very enjoyable. The only downside I saw was being rewarded for essentially standing around on the fleet for hours, and I'm also iffy about the random result for companion customization. The event felt a little short.

I'd love to see high level bosses spawn on the fleets, or some sort of invading army that everyone had to band together to fight.

As a side note, please leave evidence of these world events. It helps to give the worlds more character.

rmzeyzein's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 07:37 PM | #112
I think the event was fun and it also renewed our interest in the game -- I will say, SWTOR really needs more events and opportunities aside from combat 24/7. Love the combat and missions, but we have three accounts in our household, and it is nice to have something else to do aside from combat.

My biggest complaint about the Event, was that the virus was stuck on several characters across our three accounts, and we spoke with several people in the game that had the same problem. Crafty as we are, many of us found that there were some temporary fixes to the problem, such as logging out and back in, space travel, or taking the 2000 Credit vaccine and getting reinfected... all of which resolved the problem occasionally, but we also found there were times this did not work either. We have a few characters that were stuck for 3-4 days, without any recourse and customer service tickets were pretty much ignored. The next, if not equally upsetting, is the fact that we had no idea the event was ending as none of us in the game frequent the "community" or forums much, and well, not one of us got the chance to turn in any of the DNA samples towards the rewards that were available. So, needless to say, we have probably 500+ DNA samples and did not get a chance to use them. I think the vendors should have remained out, and I think it should have been better announced in-world that the event was ending. We were playing when the servers went down that ended the event, and not once was there any mention that the event was drawing to a close.

We come from LOTRO, and still hold accounts there. Granted, I do think SWTOR has a lot of potential and has a lot of great things that seem a bit new and improved, but honestly, SWTOR is a bit behind in things. I realize that it is a newer game and things are still being developed, SWTOR is more hype and the name Star Wars itself is what really draws all this attention to the game. Many people that have never played MMORPG games have come to SWTOR, mearly because its Star Wars, these individuals, would have no insight on what is a great game, bad, lacking or otherwise indifferent, as they are new to gaming. We have experienced many problems since we came to SWTOR, and there are tons of things that we wish they had in SWTOR, such as better and more social events, games and puzzles that you could do, like riddles and those types of missions, wish the crafting was better, and like this recent event, why didn't we know that it was going to end? We play the game nearly 15 hours a day, and not once did we see anything that indicated that the event was coming to an end, and now we have all these DNA samples, and no place to turn them in. Not one of the 24 characters we have was able to turn any DNA samples in. That seems like it really needs some work, and really, it would be nice, if SWTOR had a bit more to offer to its customers than it does. There should be events and games you can play in the spaceports, at the casinos or in cantinas. The thought that we just want to grind battle missions all day and all night, really limits this games possibilities. I realize people will all have their opinions, and why and why not, but the reality for the makers of SWTOR, is they are in business, and if they want their business to succeed, and be better than other games, they will offer a better variety of things.

For those that will likely respond (hence the reason we don't do the forums much), the problems we have experienced have nothing to do with our internet connect, our settings or anything like that. We are a household of techies and multimedia specialists, our internet speed is normally 3x faster than most peoples - we have 70-100mb download speeds, and each and every computer we have far surpasses the minimum requirements of this game.

We are avid game players in this household, and aside from the ooh and aah that its Star Wars, I really don't see this game offering as much as it tries to proclaim that it does. In research, you would find, that from game to game, yes, there are differences, but this game... for what it is "supposed to be" it really is not. It needs some work. I will say, this event is moving the game in the right direction, but I still think it should have been better announced that it was ending and that we needed to turn in our DNA samples, especially since we had to listen to the announcement about the event in fleet every miniute for about two weeks, but couldn't even get the same courtesy to let us know the event was ending... really bad planning there as now, I am sure we are not the only people upset, we have hundreds of these DNA samples and as far as we know, they are useless.

DanivusPrime's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 07:46 PM | #113
The event was very fun overall, but I think a few parts could have been... funner.

For one, I understand that the companion lockboxes were random to try and encourage people to create alts, which is fine, but a lot of people got multiples of the same one. Perhaps they should have had a limit so you could only random one of each companion.

The announcers (for imps anyway) said that anyone was authorised to kill infected people on sight. Perhaps infected players should have been PVPable by their own faction. Or maybe if you were wearing all containment officer gear and/or had the title you were able to PVP infected players of your own faction.

The concept was solid but perhaps a little more creativity in the mechanics of whatever your next event is.

CrisG's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 07:53 PM | #114
Hi James, I am a long time researcher of games and game development and have had a special interest in the Star Wars saga and games, the ones that BioWare has done are very good, and this one is excellent. I have studied many MMOs and the special in game event system, and this was a fantastic and very good example I loved it. It was a total surprise to me as I try as much as possible for my first play thru of any game to just play the game and ignore any reviews, forum comments or other outside influence so i can have the cleanest possible experience. This was fantastic, and I loved every minute that i was able to see. I was below level to get to Tatooine until the end, but i did get to see the StarDream and one of the other missions and enjoyed it all.

I loved the news announcements and the excitement created by the event and enjoyed the drama in the action of things on Tatooine, there was a big rush of players at the very end and lots of players working hard to get the last few special items and to enjoy the ending of the event, i was in there until the very end. It was sad to see things gone the next day, but really you did a great job, more of that will continue to make this one of the best MMOs i have yet seen.

My thanks to the entire development team and keep up the great work! the one down side, that there was some greifing due to trolls flagging non PVP players for their own benefit can be fixed easily by your side at the technical level, and I am sure it will be helpful to watch carefully so that future events are protected from such as they will be looking to do more of the same during future events. We as players can be extra vigilant to weed out that small fraction of players by sending in detailed information via support and report such negative actions clearly That way your team can take appropriate measures. Keeping the game clean and fun is all of our responsibilities....for the good of the game and the good of the Story.

thanks again.

I agree with Bjoirkus above that a few tokens..i e a few remnants of the events left on the worlds that are affected would be nice, and add to the flavour and immersion of the game.
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Jaedine's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 08:06 PM | #115
Loved the event guys, was pretty awesome work except for a few things. Random companion skins was horrible, I only just managed to get one Quinn skin on the very last day and had so many duplicates of all the other classes. Secondly didnt like that flagged people exploding flagged you specially on a pve server. Lastly, chained quest for dailies wasnt the greatest idea, event couldve gone an extra week and those quests shouldve been automatic for the second week to allow people who couldnt be online every day to finish the event.

Keep up the good work!

ARCCommanderDan's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 08:06 PM | #116
For one, it brought our server back together. We had multiple groups going to complete the dailies and form larger groups to defeat the world bosses. I also really loved the cool trooper gear we got too(although I didn't like how the color scheme was very similar to the columni trooper gear), so armor earned from dailies is definitely a must in future in-game events.

Darkhosis's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 08:08 PM | #117
People standing around Fleet for hours on end for a measly 5 DNA. Pretty sure this wasn't what BW had planned on the drawing board. If you'd made the dailies reward more than a CRAP 5 DNA too. Well then people might have actually got off the fleet.

Daisy chained dailies- very poor idea. Should have had all the dailies open from day one and not forced into a 6 day effort. Have to realize people do have work/families. I ended up not being able to finish my officer set by ONE piece of gear.

Needed to be longer. Way way way way way too short.

Appreciate the effort and minus the obvious flaws it made the game not feel as dead. Once the event ended I was quickly reminded how stagnant and dead the game feels. More dynamic events in the vein of this event would be nice.
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Kraftvoll's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 08:08 PM | #118
I would say the event was alright, but there were a few things that were disappointing. I'll start with the positives, then the negatives.

  • Mobs that scaled to the players level to allow for everyone to participate to some degree
  • Fun, cosmetic rewards
  • Interesting story with the Rakghouls

  • Reward costs and the random boxes both encouraged farming
  • Large group, high level bosses left some players unable to find groups to complete the title

The low DNA rewards from dailies, combined with the high costs of the rewards made it a requirement to farm the DNA. With only an hour or so to play SWTOR a night, I wasn't able to sit and farm DNA day and night to get all the rewards I wanted. In fact, all I was able to purchase was 12 Companion boxes, which leads me to my next frustration.

I only play a Bounty Hunter. All I wanted was the Mako customization. I got all 7 other companion customizations, except for Mako (including 8 Kira's.) This really left me disappointed in the event as a whole. I also wanted the Pale Rakghoul, but my priority was the Mako customization. So in the end, I felt like I wasted a bunch of time with this event.

The bosses were another aspect I missed out on, due to not being able to get a group to do them. I missed out on the first day of the event due to Easter. I was not able to devote more than an hour at a time during the following weekdays, and that was spent trying to stay only 1 day behind on the gated dailies. By the following weekend, no groups were forming to kill the bosses.

I really wish Bioware would have learned from other games mistakes with events (Rift's first few come to mind.) If they were going to tie achievements and a title to killing bosses, than they needed to be 4-man max, and there needed to be incentive to "farm" them. This would have allowed people who missed the initial rush on the bosses a way to still get a group and the achievements from the bosses. I missed both level 50 bosses, while spending 2 hours this past Saturday trying to get a group together.

I would like to see Bioware follow in Trion's footstep. After all the mishaps with Rift's first event, and things they could have done better, they compensated any character created prior to the event with event rewards and the missed achievements that were restrictive to get. It would be a great gesture to the player base.

plokolplok's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 08:26 PM | #119
The event was a success, because:
1. It was a surprise.
2. It was different. Not related to an event IRL, i mean the event was SWTOR-specific, like, it wasn't "Happy Plague Day" or something last week (or was it?). Though of course we'd also like Christmas-themed world events, etc.
3. It encouraged community effort, I think specially on PvP Servers where you get camped easily.
4. of the Daily Objectives and Progressive Content.
5. of the Achievements and other exclusive rewards - pets, armor sets, etc.
6. of the Player Interaction element on that event (plaguebreak).
7. This will most probably be seen in the future, possibly on a different planet or something.

We would definetely want to see more. GJ BW.

Mouseshadow's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 08:35 PM | #120
The event was fun. It would have been more convenient to have a starter quest at the space station or upon arrival at the Tatooine spaceport that led to the quest line or even a quest hub. It took some googling to really get a grasp on the event. I will say however that having the dailies occur as area quests did promote community interaction which was really positive. We had a lot of people asking questions and a lot of people being very helpful and lots of public groups were formed for the bosses. I guess if I had to choose I like the way it was done as one had to really explore to find everything involved with the event. I wish we had prior notice of the event ending on the 24th as I missed the opportunity to cash in my DNA because I sometimes don't play for 2 or 3 days at a time and I just barely missed it. Overall it was one of the most enjoyable events I've come across.