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Feedback request from James Ohlen - In-game events

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Feedback request from James Ohlen - In-game events

inkpen's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 06:48 PM | #101
absolutely loved it! the event helped renew interest in the game for myself and some rl friends. All of us cant wait for the next event. Keep em coming

kercchaos's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 06:50 PM | #102
The Horror Movie feel. The lack of information actually helped breed a sense of foreboding.
That it was sprung on us without notice.
That it revitalised the server, got the community talking.
The containment officer gear was cool but, why is all social gear light armour?

Not so great. Some of these could be construed as suggestions.
After the initial surprise, it became a bit of a grind.
Rewards for the quests were so-so.
Wished there was more, just more stuff. Was it a terrible accident? Or some sort of fiendish plot?
Was hoping that come maintenance this week I'd log into a special instanced version of carrick station looking like a ghost town some trivial mobs and maybe a cool boss battle. My imagination gets away with me.
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mattyboi's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 06:52 PM | #103
Loved this event, personally i was disappointed that Tatooine wasn't the first stage of the event of many stages and that it would have spread to planets like Aldeeran, Hoth etc...

- Rewards - The rewards that were on offer were good - they offered something cool and aesthetic for 50's and something useful for lower levels with some other stuff like the pet and companion vanity items being cool. These rewards were done right because if people missed out on an event they won't miss out on an ultra-uber item that makes you that much stronger that you could only get in the event.
- Open World PVP - whether intentional or not it worked. It didn't feel forced which was fantastic, it was simply Open World PVP occurring almost naturally.
- Questing I liked how more dailies revealed themselves as time wore on, which was great as each day you log on you would be like - i wonder what new quest there will be today. I also enjoyed the original story quest and the epic journey around tatooine- fantastic.

- Random rolling on the companion customisation boxes - wasn't that happy to have Corsos even though i am a smuggler.

- PVP Don't force open world PVP by adding in quests to do so. This will simply result i believe in which side has the bigger force on the planet at the time and will turn into a mini-illum of sorts. Just let this play out naturally on the PVP servers. Or if we really had to - neutralise the PVP quest to a very specific area so those that want to quest can avoid it and those that want forced world PVP can go to that area.
- Questing The event needs to go on for a little longer IMO and spread across multiple zones depending on what the event is. What would be cool IMO is that an Imperial/Republic/Other Armada started attacking Carrick/Vaiken Station and you had to go out to their main ship via interfleet transport and do dailies on there.

Overall great event - one of the best i have participated in, in a MMO. Well Done

Prenavo's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 07:05 PM | #104
The event was very cool and almost flawless. Things I would like to see on the next one, assuming it would be similar are...
1. No random customization or reward boxes. Make them specific for your current class. Another idea would be to make them tradeable via gtn. that way people could put em up and if they didn't get the one they want, they could then purchase it or trade with friends.

2. While I have two lvl 50 toons, and you only had to be lvl 23ish for the last one, I would make the next one on a planet that is accessible for even lower levels. If your just starting the game and this hit, you may have missed out on the fun, and that could have been a big draw for new people to keep playing. Or, maybe stagger some of it so it takes place on multiple planets with different rewards on each. I don't know, something to make it appeal to a broader audience than just for people that have made it halfway to fifty.

3. DNA samples were cool, but make them trade able only within Legacy. That way you can earn the com, and also trade the com to your other toons if they need it.
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ElementalCrisis's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 07:12 PM | #105
Overall I thought the event was a huge success, people were genuinely excited for it and for the first time I was able to experience multiple massive PvP battles which unfortunately this game had has been lacking in.

Some suggestions for next time.
- Put the event vendor on the fleet to prevent any type of vendor camping.
- Have more in-game announcements that explain about the event.
- Unlockable dailies are fine so long as people know about them from the beginning, this way people can't get mad when they start the event the last day only to find out they can't do the additional dailies.

Keep up the amazing work! Looking forward to the next event!
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Morolac's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 07:17 PM | #106
Overall I really really loved this event and hope many more like this will come.

I liked that there were opt-outs, so that people that didn't want to participate could choose not to do so.
You usually had enough warning to move away from someone before exploding and since people could only explode every 20 mins. the potential for griefing was low and I've never actually witnessed any griefing (not to say there wasn't any, just that I didn't encounter it!). The idea of the vaccine was a great one, though as many others have noted it would've been great if it lasted through death.
For future events I hope you consider those people that do not like to participate in those events and give them ways to opt-out.

Giving the tokens (DNA) through quests and dying was a great touch. It eliminated the "harvesting" of spawns which would've seriously damaged the lower level of players from participating.

Having mobs/bosses spawn keyed to your own level, so that regardless of your own level you'd be facing a challenge was great. It prevented the event from being steamrolled by high levels or impossible for low-levels.

The dailies progressing day by day is a nice touch, gives an incentive to look every day what there is new. Would've liked it if there was more story discovered this way, with you finding out more day-by-day.

The rewards were nice, neither "must-have" stuff or inventory hogging gimmicks without much use. My major gripe was the customization boxes. While random things as such are fun, there should be some limiting factors. I bought 36 of those boxes till I finally got the last (8th) customization. Why not make it so that if you open a box you can't get a customization you have in your inventory (This way one could get all customizations with just 8 boxes AND those people wanting more of a specific customization can get it by mailing those they want a multiple of to an alt).

The event length was okay, two weeks is a good amount of time. Not everyone will be able to participate in every event every time.
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The-Pook's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 07:25 PM | #107
Had fun and really enjoyed the event.

My gripes (if you want to call them that) Little more back story/explanation etc... would have been imo more immersive. Run the event a little bit longer for those of us that can't get online every day or as I had, crashing issues from the patch.

Keep up the great work!
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Skirata_Kal's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 07:26 PM | #108
Overall, I'd rate it as a positive even though it occurred during a busy stretch for me so I didn't do much with it (my problem not Bioware's...I'm not QQ'ing about missing out on the pet, gratz to those who did get it). The only negative I can come up with was my initial reaction was "Rakghouls? Again?". With Taris, Kaon, etc. enough with the Rakghouls already! lol. But that's just me. Outside of that one negative, I give kudos.
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Jhayden's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 07:27 PM | #109
i absolutely loved it... i would have loved to have been more in depth and actually helped get the plague off of tatooine though.. but overall, this was great. i loved the fact that we could plague everyone. It made it feel liek everyone was apart of the story!!

Bhaers's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 07:28 PM | #110
Fantastic event, loved it. I would adore to see more.

World events are always fun, you get a break from the routine, you have a chance to get unique items and they do a lot to get people off fleet and improve the cohesiveness of the players.

I hope that this returns next year, was unable to get everything I wanted due to so many maintenance periods happening during Aussie peak play time, but it's cool.

Hopefully new events will keep including mechanics for the lower levelled player, please don't make them entirely for max levels, every level should be able to do a small part of the event.
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