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Feedback request from James Ohlen - In-game events

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Feedback request from James Ohlen - In-game events

DaRoamer's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 06:17 PM | #91
I loved the event, look forward to more in the future! Some feedback:

- The fact that it was unexpected
- The way it brought the Imperials and Republic players together, even on a PVE server it resulted in some fun PVP
- The fun rewards, I love fluff!
- The fact you kept adding quests giving you reason to keep coming back
- The quests were quite fun and I liked the scavenger hunt quest for the pet, mystery builds community as everyone works together to solve the objectives
- Gave people a reason to hang out on lower level planets
- Scaling the mobs to the level of your character by having them spawn when you attacked something was brilliant

- The RNG nature of the companion appearance boxes, at least make them worth something if you get doubles. I mean the baseball card nature of getting doubles is ok but the extras have zero purpose or value

- In addition to the fleet I would like to see some sort of announcement being broadcast to your ship. The Holoterminal would seem like an ideal place for this.
- I would love to see events that span multiple planets

Evgen's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 06:18 PM | #92
New missions and rewards to work for was fun.
Gave me an opportunity to map all of Tatooine due to that scavenger quest!
Big thank you to all the people who found the pieces!

Companion customizations should have been BoE and the armour bound to legacy
The event ended to quick for something that requires 4-5 days to fully participate in
There were a lot of bugs in the mechanics, all event mobs resisting the first attack, etc.
I'd personally like to see a lot less rakghoul stuff.
I've heard it's actually part of the lore, but it's not what I think of when I think Starwars.

Also, the missions weren't introduced well, I had no idea why I was going to scan jawa junk, etc.
I think area missions and item missions should pop up a window like objects you click on to get missions.
Gives you a chance to find out what the mission is about and refuse it if you so desire.

I'm guessing we will have some outbreaks on other remote planets?

Vhaegrant's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 06:20 PM | #93
I had a blast during this event. I managed to avoid any notice of the impending event on forums and other real world sources. Logged in and was running through the fleet on a low level alt when I saw a new terminal that was interactive. 'DO NOT GO TO TATOOINE!'. Instant reaction was to log off level 12 alt to my level 50 and head on down to Tatooine.

Things that made this event fun for me:

-The unknown factor (at least in the early days).

-Having to ask people in game actually got the general chat flowing with dialogue beyong the generic LFG that is so common.

-All the rewards are vanity items, they say 'Hey, I was there, I did that.' but beyond that gives no stat rewards. I see this as a big positive

-Having a slow release of new quests. This kept people on Tatooine and kept the population high enough over the days of the event to keep the World Boss ops groups viable.

-Scaling some of the content around the daily quests so that all players who had at least reached Tatooine could participate in some aspect.

-Inceased PvP. This may surprise you but I hate PvP. On any other day I would not thankyou for forcing me into a PvP situation. But during this event I got sucked in. A two way scrap over the Bantha world boss in a free for all PvP environment has left me with one of my most positive PvP experiences.

-Tatooine has been changed by the event, the wreck of the Stardream now lays crumpled and broken. Would definately like to see this sort of continuity follow in other events. Maybe an area destroyed and then slowly rebuilt over a period of time.

Things that I feel could be improved on:

-Like many I burnt a ridiculous amount of DNA samples trying to get the companion customisation I wanted to no avail. I wanted a Torian and ended up with 3 Makos, 4 Andronikus and a handful of Republic companions (7 of my characters are Imperials). It would have been nice to have the selection limited to the companions of the character that was purchasing. Make them tradable between players. Or, even allow them to be sold back to the vendor. As it was I ended up discarding most of them on the sands of Tatooine.

All in all I had a very positive experience during this event and am eagerly awaiting the next

williambr's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 06:23 PM | #94
I liked the chance to pvp, that was pretty fun, till it became a grief event(my faction had the vendor on lockdown the last day lol)

I liked the rewards(the crystal anyway, I like the color)

I liked the story, it seemed woven into the game from the get go

Afk exploding zerg fest on fleet

Something far fetched and probably not do-able in an mmo, but it would have been cool if stage 3 of rahkgoul disease, actually turned you into a rahkgoul(say a normal level 50 rahkgoul with a couple standard attacks), being a rahkgoul would make you killable by both factions, and the more people you kill the stronger your rahkgoul would become. It could eventually lead to a very strong human played boss being hunted by everyone(like the rahkgoul boss on tatooine by the sarlacc, but played by a human). Again, probably way too farfetched, I just think it would have been cool lol.
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Beratac's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 06:24 PM | #95
1.More Star Warsy feeling events
This is a no brainer.. its a StarWars game.
2.With a bit more multiplayer components
Something that has an element of suprise.. such as random spawn times for items. Could result in some good open world pvp. PVE servers would just have randome spawn times. PVP servers could have different world locations for the specific creature that drops a reward that could be used in PVE and PVP. This is something that draws all levels to more than one area. (most likely it will be 50s) but the loot item will also not be lvl specific. All were given is a location and it takes a bit to get there also. Not a multi NPC interraction mission, but drive time.
3.Doable by lower characters
Sure why not. Can't always be about the 50s
4.More casual friendly
PVE servers.. sure care bear it up. PVP servers.. Its PVP. so long as any fight is not same faction fighting. This is an Empire vs. Republic fight after all.
5.Make items BoL (Bind on Legacy)
No. Items shouldn't always be shared by family members..
6.Keep vendors up afterwards
No point in this. Event ends.. Vendors leave.. if you don't get to it.. thats not Bioware's problem thats the character/player's issue. Were not hand holding here.
7.No need to use external resources (internet based guide) to do the events in an acceptable time frame
Agreed. You shouldn't need a field guide outside of the game to figure out where to go. First come first serve. With random times of spawning, its a lottery based system. Either you make it or you don't. Either your guild makes and event or day of it and goes to camp the site or not. (don't see the purpose of this as only one item comes up and its roll based only if its a group/party thing.
8.Better notification before and during the event both in and out game
StarWars. Nothing happens in this universe with prior notice. A sudden war breaks out. You suppose to call everyone a head of time and say were going to wage war on this date at this time so get ready.. Noooo Only notification they need is either by in game email from a contact or by holonews on the station. You could have toons recieve word from their ship droids who by their nature keeping the ship primed for departure.. They would be left to monitor the holo news.

XFrOzEnX's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 06:32 PM | #96
Loved the Rakghoul event. One thing I would have thought made it even more popular would be if you actually turned into a Rakghoul once the plague timer expired allowing you a whole sort of new abilities like the unarmed abilities with some Rakghoul type ones. And once you became a Rakghoul anyone could attack you except for other Rakghouls and you could only group up with other Rakghouls. Creating some even more dynamic open world PvP, a 3rd faction pretty much. However once you left the planet of Tatooine you would no longer be infected, removing the issue of the plague running around on the fleet and so on.

Or could have just limited turning into a Rakghoul only happening inside Outlaws Den and renaming it Rakghouls Den for the event. I think there was so much more you guys could have done with this event, I know its your first one and I hope in the future you guys will go even more in depth with your ideas. Tell the design team to not hold back!!

Also on things I'd like to see in the future. Like other people have said more Star wars oriented events. Like perhaps a Republic saboteur team has infiltrated the Ziost Shadow and taken control of the bridge, So now players on the republic are allowed to be on the Ziost shadows bridge area for a day creating some cool PvP or Visa versa. Or perhaps maybe its just a PVE world boss that has spawned into the Ziost shadow like a big boss that you need two 16 man raid groups for or something insane like that.

They could be even smaller dynamic events that happen sporadically like for a day and happen out of nowhere with some sort of area being controlled by a new faction or something. This is the Star Wars franchise you guys have so much untapped utility here, go nuts, make something memorable. You guys are off to a good start keep it up.

Can't wait to see some more events!

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04.25.2012 , 06:37 PM | #97
Great event but completely irrelevant to me because i'm on a dead server with no community and no economy. No event or content patch is going to make up for that regardless of how good it is. Get down to the basics and fix your game at it's core so everyone can enjoy these events
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04.25.2012 , 06:40 PM | #98
It was a neat event; however, my main complaint is that the vaccine was removed on death in pvp, which made avoiding the plague when unwanted very annoying.

Midsyde's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 06:44 PM | #99
I enjoyed the event.

I would like more Republic/Empire conflict events in the future. Something that mixes PvP and PvE and has more of a lasting effect.

A lot of the story lines and missions deal with fighting for territory and the war. What if there was an open non-flashpoint event to fight for a base. There could be NPC's from either side shooting at each other and it would promote more open world PvP. After a fair amount of time crown a winner. So it would be an official Republic or Empire base that wasn't there before.

This would promote some aggression between factions as well as have some nice prices..Instead of collecting DNA you could collect "dog tags" of opposing faction. Some PvE rewards, some PvP rewards.

It would have to be well thought out (I'll leave the experts to manage that) but I think it could definitely work.
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Jay_Stocker's Avatar

04.25.2012 , 06:47 PM | #100
loved the event, a real surprise. keep it up, but hopefully rotate between storylines and planets, rather than if you have several more ragkhoul events planned. spice it up otherwise the Kaon/Event storyline could get repetitive.

Didnt like the random box, good to see im not the only one. it was great to have customisations, something to spend the DNA on, but would of preferred a list of them rather than a box with random chance. most of my boxes were similar and a waste.

Also, although i love more social armour in the game as part of the event, its a shame it was light armour only. i know you have said you are planning changes in the future, but why add to the problem? also, another reskin was old armour was a bit boring, but thats from a troopers perspective, other classes probably liked the style. (i like the STYLE, just not as another version of the trooper PvE gear)