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Lv 25 and healing feels way to weak in PVP

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Lv 25 and healing feels way to weak in PVP

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12.17.2011 , 02:19 PM | #1
Im lv 25 and a main spec healer as a commando combat medic, to me i find healing extreamly underpowered in pvp especialy as maintaining ammo at a regen of 4 doe snot allow burst spam, and the heals are weak compaired to the dmg that a dps player can dish out in a few seconds along with the -30% healing debuff we have for whatever MAD reason... i just feel healing is pointless and i may as well go full dps and provide 10x more support killing then the painfull task of enevitably healing a ally till m yhealing is out dpsed by 1 guy...
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