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Force log

Norek's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 02:18 PM | #1
Hi, so I have been playing and all is pretty well and grand (minus the log in ques >.> and for the record when I picked my server it was medium, just like every other PVE server, they WERE all medium)

Anyways, I occasionally have connection problems, and when your in que that is horrible >.> why? (beyond the obvious face that you get disconnected) because when you loose connection not only do you have to restart your que, but you get an error saying your already logged in and your unable to even rejoin the que until it kicks you off . . . . . many games now days have an option called Force Log, or something similar, it forcibly disconnects your previous log in, granting your new session permission to log on.

Such a thing would be very useful for many players

Other then that keep up the good work, really been enjoying how things have been done.