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[Music] Constant music option / loop please

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[Music] Constant music option / loop please
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08.10.2013 , 02:34 PM | #61
This is beyond ridiculous now that they still have not implemented this, sound in general in this game seems to be taking a back seat, more and more audio bugs are creeping in each patch when older ones continue to persist ( Missing Jedi Knights swooshing sounds for certain abilities and saber contact sounds when hitting opponents "Sundering strike" for example, Scoundrels "Quick shot" going from Boom when used to complete silence now, "Tracer missile" making no build up or launch sound, the list goes on and on ) I'm beginning to wonder if Bioware even has a sound team working on this game any more...Star wars was in large part about iconic sounds.

The hum of a saber (which is another bugged sound that has gone to almost complete silence unless you're moving causing the volume of it to go up and down drastically when moving and stopping), the orchestral music that as pointed out doesn't loop so most of the time complete silence...what is Bioware doing...

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08.10.2013 , 07:04 PM | #62
Agreed. Co-sign on this one. Please make at least the music more prevalent throughout the game.

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09.12.2013 , 09:52 AM | #63

I've been having this issue as well. Often I just play music besides the game's but it's not the same. I'd like it if the music were constantly playing... but I'll have long periods of no music. In fact I'd have to say it's more regular that I don't have music versus do. Perhaps this is a question for tech support.
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09.15.2013 , 02:59 PM | #64
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09.16.2013 , 03:35 AM | #65

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09.17.2013 , 10:54 AM | #66
As a Violist and a student of the Juilliard School, I must sign for this idea! If they have so much amazing music (which it seems they do and I'm intensely jealous of the individuals who got to record it in the first place!) why not use it!? Also, as someone who pays attention to everything I hear, I have noticed an immense amount of audio/sound bugs popping up. I really do hope they keep working towards making TOR a wonderful game to hear!

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09.17.2013 , 11:05 AM | #67
Quote: Originally Posted by llesna View Post
Dear devs,

Whenever I play SWTOR, I like to have music on all the time. As such, I have to turn off the music in-game as it frequently drops out and stops for extended periods of time, leaving me only with music for a fraction of my game time.

For players like myself, we want music to be playing at all times.

The music can still fit to the situation, such as combat, exploring etc., but it shouldn't fade into nothingness.

Please implement an option in-game to keep music on at all times, wherever you are.

Kind regards
I understand ur issue but I think u should maybe look up Blizzard their sound/music design for WOW to see that it would take far to long for EA's liking to get that level of sound done for game play. Better yet play any sports sim done by EA and you will see they cut music out of the game since it's more real for a sports sim and thus EA are epic fails at the MMO universe since they are to use to making sports games.

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09.17.2013 , 11:49 AM | #68
Pandora has a station that's named "Star Wars (Film Score)"

That's what I listened to for the longest time, whenever I was logged into SWToR. I switched it to a regular music mix since then, but listening to the Star Wars station was a great constant-music source.

Just a note: Pandora doesn't narrow the songs played on stations, so you'll get a large percentage of non-Star-Wars songs playing, but it's usually good style music for playing SWToR nonetheless. And it does play a Star Trek track every now and then lol
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09.17.2013 , 04:39 PM | #69
I've resorted to actually creating a playlist of Star Wars music, some of which has been taken from SWTOR itself (like the Alderaan & Voss exploring tracks, etc) & having a constant flow of music that way, & I can mix it to change with any location, or when in battles, etc. The only downside is that the music in the cutscenes is timed very well, so I like to turn it back on for that.

The fact of the matter though is that SWTOR does not really have a whole lot of original music. Most of it are the Cantina tunes…so implementing more music from other games & the movies would be great.

I definitely sign this thread! Game needs a musical overhaul for ambiance.

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09.18.2013 , 04:08 PM | #70
EA did a fine job with controlling the audio tracks in it's older Need For Speed titles such as Underground 1 and 2 and Most Wanted I think. They gave us the option of turning off/on certain songs that we didnt like to hear and it rotated through different songs for each race.