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Taris crash SERVER QUE 900

Masteve's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 02:07 PM | #1
Seriously theres a HUGE issue in taris atm wich will casue YOUR client to crash no doubt u WILL get 2 second cleint locks and at some point you client will drop to 0.001 FPS untill you RESTART your cleint then if u are realy unlucky u will be in a que of 900 because beeing out of the game for 20 seconds is enough to put u in a que for 2 hours..

Seriously i crashed due to and issue that is CLIENT WIDE everyone i know thats been on taris (empire) at 32+ has crashed or have client lockups this needs fixing asap.. And why the hell is there no period where i can log back into the game seconds after crashing out without beeing in a que??

Its one thing to have your game allmost totaly unplayable in 1 planet but another to be stuck in a 2 hour que becase u crashed......

Please fix this asap.