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List of the populated "good" servers to reroll on

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List of the populated "good" servers to reroll on

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04.24.2012 , 07:22 PM | #11
You need a list?

You join the one with a queue.

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05.23.2012 , 05:36 AM | #12
The Jekk Jekk Tarr is slowly dying... need people... WTB pvp queues and I miss the population b4 midian left
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05.23.2012 , 05:41 AM | #13
For Europe PvE join Bao-Dur, level 50 PvP the queues pop several times an hour during primetime, and my imperial guild gets several operations done every week. Looking forward to seeing some new people come join.
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05.23.2012 , 05:56 AM | #14
mind trick is good, still has a decent pop though it is getting kinda sparse.
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05.23.2012 , 06:04 AM | #15
The best PvE server in the Europe timezone is The Red Eclipse.
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The Red Eclipse

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05.23.2012 , 06:22 AM | #16
Jung Ma(US East PVP-RP) has a decent population, in regards to numbers. But it's full of carebears and the RP is sparse at best, as far as the imps are concerned. I've rolled pubs there, but haven't gotten one to 50 yet.

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05.23.2012 , 06:30 AM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by Dale_ View Post
The best PvE server in the Europe timezone is The Red Eclipse.
I agree, Red Eclipse always has great numbers compared to the rest of English - Europe servers. Nightmare Lands (english PVE) is also pretty decent.

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05.23.2012 , 06:53 AM | #18
I guess it depends on how you define "populated" and "good." My server (Krayt Dragon) is a lively "standard" at prime time. It's #16 on the NA list (#9 regular PVE server), so I imagine the ones higher on the list are similar, if not better. Belonging to an active guild helps, as far as what constitutes a server feeling more like it's "good" or "populated".

That being said, consider that the number of populated servers will increase when free transfers become available, and as a result most likely the top 20 servers (other than The Fatman and Jedi Covenant) will become more populated, so I'd suggest seeing if your character names are available on one of those servers.

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05.23.2012 , 08:04 AM | #20
As other posters have so eloquently stated "good" and "populated" aren't necesarily the same thing. You might be better off finding a "good" group of people that play the way you want to play and that are large enough so that enough of them are on when you are on. That means you may want to find a guild you like. Here are some resources and advice on how to find a guild that suits you (reposted below the break).

If you're looking for a highly populated server, then is your place to go. They won't tell you how many people are on a server, but you can see which ones have the highest population level (light-standard-heavy-very heavy-full).

If you're wondering how to change the phi values from torstatus into actual numbers of active characters logged in, here's an attempt at that math.

Good luck finding the place that's right for you! :-)


================================================== ========

Being part of a guild can be a great experience. It gives you a pool of people that you can draw on for crafting, running flashpoints and operations, RP, and general hanging out. Being in a guild isn't *necessary*. You can level to 50 just fine without a guild. However, it's a nice additional benefit. Additionally, since there are servers with insufficient population, when you join a guild you're more likely to have other people around and it can make the server less lonely.

So how do you choose a guild? It's a daunting question. There are SO many options!

You have to make a few decisions before you can wisely start your search.

Are you committed to a particular server?

If you already have characters on a server and don't want to start over, your search must begin and end with the guilds on that server. Given that server transfers are coming in "early summer" sometime, this might be a good time to go shopping for a new server, and a new guild.

Are you committed to a particular TYPE of server?

Your options are player verus player (PvP), player versus environment (PvE), roleplaying PvE (RP-PvE), and roleplaying PvP (RP-PvP). The main difference between PvP and PvE is that the PvP servers have a lot of areas where you can fight people from the other faction (Republic/Empire). The mechanical difference is that if you enter a contested area on a PvP server then you are automatically flagged for PvP and you can't turn it off. There is no mechanical difference between roleplaying (RP) and not-RP servers. The only difference is that the RP tag attracts people who like, support, or engage in RP (what is RP? click here). You can google these types of servers and find a lot of ideas about the social and cultural differences between these server types. As of right now (5/15/2012) the RP-PvE servers are some of the biggest ones left. If you're commmited to a particular type of server, you have to limit your searches to that server type.

Are you committed to a particular time zone?

People who work 2nd or 3rd shift might be happier on a server that is awake when they are awake, which might mean they're playing in a different time zone from where they live. Your options are US East Coast (Eastern Standard Time GMT -4), US West Coast (Pacific Standard Time GMT-7) , European (Grenwich Mean Time), and Australia/Oceanic (GMT+8?).

If you're not sure what time zone you like to play in then Google GMT and start figuring it out.

Are you committed to a server language other than English?

If you're looking for a guild where the main language is something other than English, that's critical to know now. Your only other official options are French and German (in the sense that there are French and German servers). There are some guilds that operate in other languages (Spanish and Mandarin are popular) but they're not nearly as numerous as the official languages.

Beyond these relatively simple questions, consider what you WANT from a guild.

Regular events? Help with gear or powerlevelling? Hardcore ops and hard-mode flashpoints? Required attendance at raids? RP events? An exciting competitive atmosphere? A compelling RP story? Fun people to hang out with? Until you KNOW what you want, it's going to be difficult to FIND what you want. :-)

Once you've got these things narrowed down, the search can begin in earnest.

If you're already committed to a particular server or server type, then go find the forums for that server.

Click on the type of server you want. Of course, if you're looking for a PvE or PvP server, there are so many that they're broken down into alphabetical sections. If you click on an alphabetical section, then you'll see a new subforum called "Guild Recruitment and Looking for Guild". See who's recruiting and get the names and web addresses of likely guilds. Of course, that may mean looking through a lot of subfora.

If you're committed to one particular server, you've got a little easier time of it - click on your type of server, then your server alphabetical group, then look for your particular server.

Try the Ideal Guild Quiz.

Fast, free, and you don't have to register. It's a series of questions that you answer to define your play style and what you want from a guild. The database compares them to the way guild leaders describe their guilds and matches you up. You can set the quiz to only look at a particular server or server type.

It's limited to those guilds who have *chosen* to be on it, but that's still a pretty good selection. It will give you the top three best matches for your playstyle.

Third, teh interwebz!

Google your server and see what guilds appear to be active. Some servers have external server-wide forums for all people on that server and these forums are not officially associated with SWTOR. This is a good way to get some information about the general climate of the server and to see which guilds are doing things with other guilds. Look for Facebook pages and Youtube videos or channels associated with your server.

Fourth, do your homework once you've narrowed down your search to a few guilds.

I know, it doesn't sound fun, but a little homework now can save you a lot of wasted time so you don't join a guild, get situated, and then discover that you don't like it.

4A: Google stalk the guilds you're interested in.

Look for that guild name in the SWTOR forums and external forums. How do these people act online? Are you impressed? What's their website like? Is it paid for or does it have banner ads? Do they have a voice chat server? Do they have a cafepress store? Facebook page? Twitter feed? Youtube videos? Do they advertise guild events and are they open to non-guild people? Do they have events with other guilds such as PvP date night with an adversary guild?

4B: In-game stalk the guilds you're interested in.

If the guild runs open events, or participates in server-wide events, go to these events. Look for people with that guild tag and introduce yourself. Ask them what they think of their guild. Play against some of them in PvP. Do they cheat or trash talk? Do they play hard and fair? What are they like in general chat? Check out the GTN and see if you recognize their names as selling things in the auctions. You can do a lot of this even by making a level 1 character on a new server.

Check the in-game population.

This is absolutely critical. You should check out the population on to see if it's going up or down and where it ranks compared to other servers.

US servers by population
EU servers by population
APAC servers by population

You can get a rough estimate of the actual number of players from the Torstatus value here:
Population Estimates for the Top 20 US Servers

If you want the exact number of players on that server, make a level 1 character from each faction and running /who on the population of the server during peak hours once or twice over a few days or a weekend. (For info on how to do that go to and click "survey" on the top right).

These all tell you something about that server and the guilds you're interested in. How you interpret that data is up to you, of course!