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Jedi: The Council, You and Your Money

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Jedi: The Council, You and Your Money

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04.24.2012 , 07:53 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Master_Sairon View Post
Making money in SWTOR can be easy or difficult depending on what crew skills you have, how often you play through the dailies, or how good you at PVP . Some have even managed to get up over a million credits.

Now if you're a Jedi, all of your money is supposed to come from donations or rewards that people you helped insisted you take and wouldn't let you refuse. Such donations though are far and few between and much of what you don't use is probably supposed to go to the order, not you're personal account...

So let's have some fun...

During a rest on Typhon two of the Master's on the council confront you about the the large sum of credits in your during a routine corruption inspection by Republic officials. In just a few words what's your initial response...
Masters: Where did all of these credits come from?

Me: Well ever since the Jedi Order created the whole all credits go to Order thing, I decided to take a modest commission of rewards given to me.

Masters: How much of a commission?

Me: Only 99%.

I then hop in my one million credit speeder and and never look back.