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Rate the Consular story 1-10.

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Rate the Consular story 1-10.

Terrminator's Avatar

05.02.2012 , 11:14 AM | #31
Well, let's see...I couldn't even finish the story. It was by far the worst class ever (I have not played worse), so I think I'll give it a.....1.
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Quirnheim's Avatar

05.03.2012 , 09:23 AM | #32
I'd give it a 9.

I liked it. It was a nice mix of action, diplomacy, discovery and adventure.

Sure, it wasn't all flashy or in your face like the Empire stories or the Jedi Knight's, but I liked it as I'm more into subtle action.



Was it perfect? No, no story is. But I still enjoyed it and am proud to say my first level 50 is my Jedi Shadow.
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Darka's Avatar

05.12.2012 , 06:47 AM | #33
Having only played Consular and Smuggler to 50, I found the Smuggler story more enjoyable and better flowing then the Consular story which I felt was dull and disjointed at times.

signahead's Avatar

05.12.2012 , 09:49 AM | #34
Act 1: 5/10

Act 2: 10/10

Act 3: Incomplete
I just reached Act 3, so I can't rate it yet. After Act 2, I am really looking forward to it.
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Vales's Avatar

05.12.2012 , 11:10 AM | #35
Starts slow, Act 1 is a bit too long, Act 2 decent with a good build up to act 3 which is great if a bit short though.

Overall 7/10.
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Quraswren's Avatar

05.14.2012 , 12:30 PM | #36
I enjoyed it.

It felt like what a sage should be doing as far as being diplomatic at points and then breaking out the force powers when needed to flush out the Sith and do away with them.

It had a couple twists in the story that were well done and at the end I felt like I accomplished something rather cool.

I'd give it a 8 / 10.

Darbon's Avatar

05.17.2012 , 10:38 AM | #37
A few reflections of the Consular story. I was a Female Sage and specced Tele. I chose light side options 90% of the time without having the option to view LS/DS on.

Act I was great. You felt for Youn and it was a dreaded moment ot have to face her the first time.
Qyzen seems like a rip-off from a hunter race in Star Trek Voyager.
The crafting of the lightsabre and its cut-scene was epic, but I really felt that this story was added to the other story in a bad way. The light sabre forging should have been a mission in itself.
I loved Nar Shadda, not so much of the story but mostly the world (with bloom on with maxed settings it's amazing.) I did not want to romance Tharan at all, and i chose the options not to, which were very rude. So in concensus; either be a rude ***** or be overwhelmed by an abnoxious and narcissistic genius. Then after I chose not to romance at all, i get to talk to him and he says that he needs to end things. End what? Lost a bit of faith in the story there and a lot of immersion.
I got the feeling that the end guy (sorry an't remember the name) was really evil and his influence was powerful. I really felt that I was up against someone twisted and menacing, and that I needed to use all my abilities in order to defeat him. The design of the fight was poor as I feel (a strange demand some might say) that you should be able to defeat end bosses without dying. Perhaps you could have figured out to interupt his spellcast of doom but being 1-shotted kind of killed the whole build up. I was actually dead so I didn't complete the task. Anyway, on second attempt he was easy to kill. Cut-scene - aweome, epic I felt, only to see my *********** robe cut in to the whole avatar and completely *********** up any immersion you gathered through the whole chapter. Everything that was built up was somehow lost since my character looked complately messed up in the cut-scene.

Rate without bugs and inconsistensies: 8
Rate with bugs and inconsistensies: 4

Act II was so so. I didn't feel a connection to the Rift very much and as someone else pointed out, both Ipresso and Zenith was like "who were they again" when I got them as companions. No empathy or emotional connection to them whatsoever. The start of the act was great however, how you got to meet all of the people on the ship. There was a sense of agency however, when it came to some of the decisions you could make.

Rate: 5

Act III There were some inconsistencies on both Voss and the prison planet. The story conflicted with the major planet story. You saved the Ek-sha on prison planet on Hoth, but the same race had another story on the prison planet. On Voss you followed one of the "Seers" but the major planet story was in conflict of that story (don't remember the exact details). The part where you went to save the ship from going to Corellia, and Nadia's story and becoming her master was the best part in all of the stories for me. Going to the ship and finding the bombs were awesome, as well as the part where you got to argue with Ipresso and that he sacrificed himself, and you were going to find him. Knowing his background you couldn't be sure if he was being altruistic or if he had a hidden agenda. All of Nadia's story was great; from figuring out she was force sensitive to her dad's death etc.
As in Act I, the bad guy was only controlled by another entitly. I'm light side I can't bring myself to chose dark side options. it was kind of a let down that you didn't get to kill the end bosses in that way. I know, you could kill them, but that would mean killing innocent people in effect.

Rate: 8

Summary: A good story all in all, but some minor bugs (or design choices) destroyed some of the enjoyment.

Total: 6.5

DarthOvertone's Avatar

05.17.2012 , 12:16 PM | #38
JC was my first toon and is my Main. When I first did the story I thought it was okay. Now that I've done the Smuggler and Sith Warrior stories, and experienced how awesome those are, the JC story pales in comparison. I used to give it a 6/10 mark. In hindsight, I now give it a 4/10. Act 3 was the only part of the story that had me interested whatsoever. The rest was intolerably dull.
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DragonianJedi's Avatar

05.17.2012 , 02:47 PM | #39
Short answer: 7/10

Long answer: (You sure you want to read this?)

I had finished the consular story on December it has been a while. But I will try to rate it based on what I recall from then....and what I am seeing now as I run through it all a second time. (Just started in on the second chapter again.) As I took several creative writing classes in college, one thing I learned to do was point out both positives and negatives in a story. When I found a negative, I would try to give a suggestion on how to improve it. I will try to do that here. (Keep in mind these are just my opinions and nothing more.) In hindsight, the Consular story can really be divided into two stories. The prologue and chapter one together (possible five points) then chapter two and chapter three together (Possible five points).

Prologue (2/2 Points) -

Chapter 1 (1/3) -

Chapter 2 (1/2) -

Chapter 3 (3/3) -

Character development is crucial to any story. If your character (and the characters around them) never change throughout their experiences, it is not very believable and thus not very immersive. I felt the consular storyline did a good job of this by the end. Your character has moved up in the galaxy and many that you have come across along the way are much different now than they were when you initially found them.

I am anxious to see where destiny will be taking my shadow next. In the mean time, a bunch of other heroes in the galaxy and my shadow will need to team up to take down some big baddies. That should keep me busy in the...


So when is chapter 4? : p
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05.18.2012 , 01:31 AM | #40
I rate the story an 8/10. The story has you acting like a Consular as told by lore that the Consular acts. You are brokering for an army for the Republic to take on the Sith. This is what I would expect a Consular to be doing.
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