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Reverse Engineering Question

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Reverse Engineering Question

jediknightoftor's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 01:04 PM | #1
Some call it obsessed, but I prefer completionist. So I love the fact I can get schematics from reverse engineering my already known items. My question is, how do I know when I've got them all? I am currently a synthweaver, and I have figured out there are three blues than can be RE'd from each green, and I have found three Artifact tiers for one of my blues. I'm beginning to see how expensive it will be to get them all, but I'm willing to try. But if there is a rhyme or reason to how many of each tier is possible from each green, then I'd love to see that in table or tree form, or simply stated: x amount of blues from each green, x amount of purples from each blue, and x amount of oranges for each purple. That way I'm not crafting and REing a bunch of pointless items searching for that next schematic that doesn't exist, because I already got them all. I did a search and could not find a thread on this, so if anyone can help, I would be much obliged.