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Jarg and Sorno Nightmare 8 man

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07.23.2012 , 04:43 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyBE View Post
We did 16 man with 5 healers, 2 undergeared DPS and 1 heavily undergeared 3rd tank (what you haven't done an op before? 16 man NiM!)
Beating enrages in 16 man is a joke. Might as well take 5 healers in an insane fight.
I really didn't say anything of enrage timers, I was just merely pointing out the Rail Shot mechanic was stupid.
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07.23.2012 , 09:16 AM | #32
Jarg does do a ton of dmg but from what i've seen the few times ive pugged this is that the tank thats on jarg tends to just face tank him right next to sorno. allowing jarg to flamesweep the raid over and over causeing stupid amounts of dmg that could be avoided. When i tank this fight(PT tank) i tank Jarg i start by running in and dropping my oil slick then backing out and letting him leap to me. Once hes pulled away from the melee we beat on them till the hop to the center of the room. At this time jarg will go from the left side to the right side of the room. Jump over and pull him( all u have to do is stand at ranged for a few seconds and hell leap to you) as far to the right(or which ever direction is away from your raid) as possibly. This should take out a ton of extra dmg your raids getting and should allow you to keep the jarg tank up.Another method we sometimes have used is have everyone ranged and melee always stack ontop of sorno to get the most of aoe heals. We always have a merc or an op(better single target heals) both in our main group but when we bring a sorc it helps if the raid is stacked. GL.. it is probably the toughest fight in the game on Nim