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Recent FP experience - Report to BW (Directive 7)

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Recent FP experience - Report to BW (Directive 7)

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04.30.2012 , 10:29 AM | #21
Wow just wow. I have not seen this thread before all I can say is wow this is hilarious and everyone is so polite the whole time. It seems crazy most people would have started trolling this post days ago and making fun of it how did it stay so low on the radar/

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04.30.2012 , 10:43 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Bastilla View Post
Well, I wouldn't equal "before entering a flashpoint" with "during a match". But obviously I am doing something wrong if you can manage to work around it with respeccing. I did this once for zero bucks but don't consider it a feasible solution when adjusting to a concrete group.
So I guess, I either
  • have to be patient and wait for a chance to play higher FPs
  • have to twink an attractive role
  • have to search for a tank and healer which I jealously defend as my buddies against others. Maybe by bribing them?
You guys have a good one.
I'd imagine it's very hard for many of us to wrap our minds around your issue at hand. Many of us already had in mind what was expected and what roles we would play within our own groups. So to imagine a group that intended to only play DPS comes off as very far-fetched.

My best suggestion would be to just have everyone try out the different roles if possible and to see which one seems to be the must fulfilling for each person. Usually DPS classes start off as the most obvious role anyone would choose but anyone with experience knows that DPS really is the most simple and least dependent job in game. The joy of seeing high damage trumps in comparison to the feeling you get knowing that your team would in no way succeed without you. And that is would lures people to the roles of tanks and healers.

Now, it's much easier to start up going from DPS to Healing since in concept, it's just the opposite (unleash big numbers to make health bars go up rather then go down). It becomes a bit more complicated by the fact that you must maintain 4 or more health bars where DPS only stays on one at a time along with the awareness of your surroundings that can still kill you in the end. The added benefit is that you will often get the praise from your peers for keeping them alive where they have no control over it. The challenge itself can become quiet rewarding in the end.

Tanking on the other hand comes with much more responsibility and the willingness to commit to the team effort. As a tank, you unwillingly become to team lead where you control the flow of how fights go down. Your ability and skills directly correspond to the teams success and failures (you must know how to control aggro, what mobs do what, and if you and you team can even survive the pull). The learning curve can be very steep but with success you become the prize of your group and you truly feel the satisfaction that everything was accomplished thanks to the work and effort put in.

These determined roles is what makes MMO's like SWTOR stand out from other games. The commitment required for players to master there own roles while at the same time depending upon the others around them creates the strong chemistry of teamwork. A mixture of strength that can not be created with a model that freely allows players to succeed with any mixture of abilities they desire to play with.

So back to my original suggestion, see what your group of friends are willing to try. They may find satisfaction out of the other roles once they learn what is required in the end. And if any holes still exist where a role needs to be filled then simple ask around for someone that may make a good fit. Friends are usually easy to come by in this game just by talking.