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Galactic Trade Network (Auction House) Suggestions

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Galactic Trade Network (Auction House) Suggestions

hookedonkroniks's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 12:47 PM | #1
1. I hope a 50 posting limit is a temporary limit until full release because if not that will turn off players whose main source of enjoyment is the auction house. The only reason I see this type of limit is hardware issues, it serves virtually no in-game purpose except frustration.

2. Requiring people to enter categories and sub-categories is a waste of time for most users. They know what they want and should be allowed to just type in the name of the item.

3. A function to remember your previous pricing and auction length would be greatly appreciated. Having to re-enter pricing on like items is very annoying.

4. Being able to shift-click an item in your inventory and have it auto-fill the search category is a staple of most MMOs that is taken for granted...until you notice you can't.

5. The default price on items posted should either be vendor price or left blank. The current system of a standard price above the vendor price is creating a needless price ceiling. If new players see the price is above vendor price they will most likely just click post without thinking about the value of their goods or searching for what others are selling theirs for. In effect when the lowest price is always what the game defaults to there is a lack of dynamism in the marketplace. Sure, one could buy out all the default priced items that are undervalued, but with the current 50 posting limit it would be impossible to re-sell all those items at appropriate prices in any reasonable time frame.

6. Allow for true auctions and not just buy-outs. On higher end rare items with no previous auction history sometimes the market itself needs to set a price point, not the vendor. Allowing people to bid on said items helps set the standard price and can be exciting and fun for both the vendor and the bidders.

7. Don't send mail for notification of a sale and then a message when the credits arrive. A simple system notification of "your auction for XX item has sold" and then just the message with credits itself would do. Having the extra messages in the mailbox with notification of sale just creates mailbox clutter and confusion.

EDIT: After reading comments I'd like to add a few more suggestions from this post's contributers so they are on the front page:

8. Armor should have slot categories so someone doesn't have to browse through all armor slots for say, a pair of boots.

9. Companions closing the AH window (or any window for that matter) is beyond annoying.

10. Shift-clicking to break up stacks is bugged and annoying. It should not post in chat when breaking stacks, and should be an easier method than shift+click+dragging...shift+click would work better without the dragging.

11. Like items should always auto-stack. They auto-stack from the bank to your bags, but not the other way around. Also, they do not stack from mail to your bags.

12. Windows should be movable. At some resolutions half the bag space gets placed behind the auction window and is inaccessible.

Please voice your opinions/suggestions for auction house improvements in this thread so together we can let Bioware know we want the auction house fixes to be a priority.

jollycynic's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 08:50 PM | #2
I have two things to add.

First, in other threads I noticed some people speaking favorably about the 50 item limit because it would help combat issues like 20 pages of single stacks and economy exploitation that plague that other MMO.
I have two alternatives that are more elegant solutions to those problems and that also don't hurt the legitimate players.

1. Allow us the option to ignore sellers. This will help to deal with the frustration of when a farmer or whoever posts 20 pages of single stacks of crafting materials or other items.

2. If Bioware are really set on having a posting cap to prevent market monopolization etc, it should be altered such that there is no ceiling on total postings, but perhaps throttle us to 50 postings per 2 hours (those numbers are just an example of the idea, not necessarily the ideal numbers).
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Gryffin's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 09:04 PM | #3
-Purchase for Guild. Guilds should have a title which allow those with said title to purchase items directly using guild credits. These items should either go directly into the guild bank (when implemented) or into a guild catagory at a mail box to be transported into the bank.

- Favourites list. Players should be able to tag an item into their favourites list. Clicking on a tagged object would bring it up in the sell list.

- Tabs. Allow more than 1 search to occur at once.

-Holocomm Trading. Allow players to use their holocomms to access GTN nodes remotely. This could have an adverse effect on the community feeling on Capital Worlds/Stations though.

More suggestions! Lets make this thing better because right now it isn't good at all.

Ninjorz's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 01:13 AM | #4
The search filters need to be a bit more robust.

Searching for ALL medium armor pieces is not efficient and takes longer. If all a person wants is search for a robe, that option should be available to them, rather than search through 87 pages of gloves, belts, pants, etc.

This is a new MMO, and most people are very unfamiliar with what materials go with which crafting professions. An easier to navigate system for materials should be incorporated as well.

An option (button or checkbox) to compare either your character's gear or your current companion's gear in the tooltip with the selected (moused-over) gear in the UI. I realize there are some settings you can do, but an on-the-fly button directly on the auction interface is needed in this particular MMO.

Pretty much everything else in the OP's list should be implemented.

The current iteration of the GTN (GTM, AH, w/e you want to call it) is absolutely horrid, completely unpolished, and is a step back even from Auction Houses in MMOs nearly 10 years ago. You have a fantastic, modern MMO here ... let's get this particular UI to mirror how you want people to feel about your MMO, too.

Vingy's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 06:00 AM | #5
Be able to compare AH items to what you and your companion are wearing, just like you can on any quest item in your bag for example.

Not close the windows when companions return from missions.

Shift clickable items in your bag to search

There should be more categories to drill down to search for that specific item by slot, for example:

Armour>Light Armour> Legs

I don't want to have to bring up all the armour pieces and then try and find light armoured gloves amongst the thousands of items.

Locavore's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 10:28 AM | #6
I think this a great post with some really valid points and good recommendations on how to fix this. I am a big crafting and trading guy so I really need these changes. I feel my long term enjoyment will kinda depend on this. I love that your development team has bragged so much about your crafting system, which I do think is great, let's just get the instrument of delivering these products up to the same level. I also do recognize that beta testers may not have given you good feedback on this since they may not have been as invested in it, but this definitely should have been caught there. It does feel like this ui has been overlooked and thrown together. Hopefully this forum will stay troll free and we can get some official response to what bioware is thinking on this issue.
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belialle's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 04:59 PM | #7
I don't understand why I can't at least Tab through the fields. Having to click each field with the mouse is annoying.

Gigabytes's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 05:05 PM | #8
Thousands of people were voicing concern about the GTN in beta for well over 9 months. They made nice little lists like the op here did and what was the result? No result at all, bioware don't listen to feedback. They know the UI and GTN are garbage because beta testers were screaming at them for months. However, all bioware worked on in beta testing was making sure the lips were in sync for the friggin cutscenes.

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RoxyRenjen's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 05:36 PM | #9
This is a list of ways I think the GTN could be more user-friendly.... (repost from diff thread)

-Allow a way to search without having to select a category, and then another category, and then another....

-Make a way that we can shift-click search an item that's in our bags.

-Make it so that stacks of items can be sold by a certain stack size. We should be able to sell more than 1 stack of the same thing at a time

-Lower the deposit amount of the GTN, its WAY too expensive for brand new economies! People have NO idea how much to sell for and placing things on the GTN is a HUGE risk right now with the deposits so high.

-Make it so that when you "drag an item", it doesnt "fall through" the window and start stacking the item underneath in your bag. Very frustrating, very annoying.

-Splitting stacks right now is super frustrating. =(

Trying to make creds right now is making my head want to explode!
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SpaceOddity's Avatar

12.18.2011 , 06:00 PM | #10
Agreed on most of the suggestions here. I'd like to second the idea that splitting stacks is super frustrating at the moment. For some reason, even w/out chat open, shift-clicking will post the item in chat, and I inadvertently end up spamming general.