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Single core processor advice

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Single core processor advice

tstarma's Avatar

04.22.2012 , 12:43 PM | #1
I have a single core processor with ati radeon 3100 graphics card

Im looking for advice and wont be getting a new desktop untill the school year is over.

any advice untill then?

DeutschGamer's Avatar

04.22.2012 , 01:00 PM | #2
Get a new computer.
Its all the force's fault.

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tstarma's Avatar

04.22.2012 , 01:20 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by DeutschGamer View Post
Get a new computer.
besides that, i wont be getting a new one untill the end of the year

Mistrunnerx's Avatar

04.22.2012 , 01:27 PM | #5
There is no advice to give. This game takes a lot out of top end systems. Even my computer with dual core procesor and ATI Radeon 3650 can literally only run the game. It's so choppy it's still unplayable. There is just no way that I can see a computer with those specs performing even ok with this game.

Koolthulu's Avatar

04.22.2012 , 01:54 PM | #6
The game apparently won't even install on a single processor system. I tried on my old laptop, got a message that at least a dual was required and the installer exited.

KnightDLR's Avatar

04.22.2012 , 03:39 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by Koolthulu View Post
The game apparently won't even install on a single processor system. I tried on my old laptop, got a message that at least a dual was required and the installer exited.
Yes, it will. I had the game installed and running on a single core P4 from beta until about a month and a half after launch. When the system gave out, it was the video card (a Radeon 36XX AGP) that gave up, and not the CPU. It wasn't running the game pretty and was rather choppy at times, but it was playable with patience.

The single core I was using was a P4 Prescott at 2.8 GHz...not a Celeron (which is essentially a crippled P4.)
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KaineAustralis's Avatar

11.26.2012 , 04:45 AM | #8
Ive been running it on a single core athlon 3200. It's choppy in places, and lags a bit in combat, but it is just barely (if youre a SW obsessive and have lots of patience) playable.

I don't recommend it if you want your game to run perfectly 100% of the time and never crash, but it can be done.

I generally shut down every other non-core process and the game runs smoothly 80% of the time.

Yeah, time for a new PC.

JacksonMo's Avatar

11.26.2012 , 10:23 AM | #9
More is better.
Under your Control Panel in Windows, select System and Security. Once there go to View Performance Information.
This will give you a snap-shot of how your computer is doing broken down by processor, memory, graphics, gaming graphics, and primary hard disk on a 1-7.9 scale.
It may help you isolate what to upgrade first, if you can't afford an entire new system.
My graphics were horrible until I upgraded. Now they are at 7.5, and it's my processor and hard disk that are holding me back at 5.7
However it may not be as easy as a $100 part swap. My new video also required a new power supply. And when I upgrade my processor motherboard, I'll probably also need a faster drive, or it will hold me back @5.9.

This is where someone knowledgeable about computers comes in very handy. And not your buddy who dabbles. Get a pro who knows what the heck they are doing.

Bigbearbear's Avatar

11.26.2012 , 02:33 PM | #10
Well, the good news is that it is end of Nov already so you won't have to wait too long to get a new computer.

If you can't wait, you can try swapping out the motherboard and CPU with a newer design that has multiple cores. This is fairly complex however, as you will also need to re-install the operating system. You might also need a new power supply if you old one does not have all the connectors....

I'll wait for the new PC if I were you.