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Regarding server queues

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12.17.2011 , 12:47 PM | #11
Thanks for the information and I hope you get this resolved as soon as possible.

I did not have a choice of what server to pick....our guild was assigned "The Fatman" and that is the server we had to log in to.

Why did you even do that? You should have let guild choose there own server.

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12.17.2011 , 12:48 PM | #12
I don't care about queues as long as I don't get disconnected with error 1002 and lose all the queue I managed to pass
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12.17.2011 , 12:49 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by AcidWeb View Post
@Tomb of Freedon Nadd
Joined queue at 15:15 CET
There is now 19:44 CET and there is 345 ppl before me.

Have mercy.
Something like that on Bloodworthy too. Joined 16:50 CET (queue of 1502), its now 19:50 CET and still 359 in queue infront of me.
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12.17.2011 , 12:51 PM | #14
i do understand what is been said. however......

We are all payed customers.. So i dont agree with waiting to be able to play. I created a character on a server.. Which is lvl 13 now.. Im not planning to make a new char on an other server just so i am able to play. Thats not how it should work.

I do understand that you want to regulate the population 24/7 but there must be some other way

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12.17.2011 , 12:51 PM | #15
It's hardly a statement, they don't actually SAY anything. Just repeating the obvious.

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12.17.2011 , 12:52 PM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenReid View Post
While we canít promise that there wonít ever be queues, we can promise you that we are taking this matter seriously and constantly reviewing them to make sure that they are manageable and reasonable.
So long as they aren't 55 minutes long...
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12.17.2011 , 12:54 PM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by KinkyFluff View Post
Queues aren't the problem. The problem is the lack of grace period when getting disconnected. After waiting a few hours to connect, disconnecting after a few minutes and having to wait hours AGAIN is not a nice thing.
you dont mind waiting for hours while you have to pay every month?
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12.17.2011 , 12:54 PM | #18
I don't mind queues that are 5 mins or so. But on Mind Trick right now we are at 30+ mins and it isn't even peak.

My guild was auto created here and I've level 24. I'm not uprooting all my guildmates and starting over so that isn't an option to go elsewhere.

The queues should not be this long.
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12.17.2011 , 12:54 PM | #19
when i first got into early access i was getting queue's of about 300 (which i was fine with) but now they have elevated to 1200 on the red eclipse server!, i know your trying to fix this but the only time i can actually get on the game is 7 in the morning (UK time)... in no way am i losing interest in the game but its a real pain knowing you have to wait 1-3 hours to play

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12.17.2011 , 12:55 PM | #20
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenReid View Post
On one hand, you do not want people to wait too long Ė..
Sorry to interrupt you .. but I played EQ1, EVE, WoW and Rift and "waiting for 5 Minutes" is already too long a wait for me. So please don't tell me whats a long wait. I have never ever seen any queues aside from the most frequented WoW Servers.