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Armormech or Cybertech for my BH PT...

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Armormech or Cybertech for my BH PT...

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12.21.2011 , 06:12 PM | #21
As far as I can see it (pls correct me if Im wrong) and referring to another MMO game, I see Cybertech as JewelCrafting, and Amor as Blacksmithing (pretty obvious idd).

I myself decided to go Armor with Scavenging and UT. Most probably Ill make another BH alt (Merc) and go Cybertech/slicing and maybe bioanalisys to sell it in the Auction House (sorry still not used to the right name of it).

And ofc I rly belive, and many others might agree with me, that Cybertech will b the money maker proffesion and maybe Biochem also.