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PvP and PvE Armor Design: Why Bioware's Design Aesthetic is Fundamentally Flawed

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PvP and PvE Armor Design: Why Bioware's Design Aesthetic is Fundamentally Flawed

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04.24.2012 , 04:19 AM | #101
Some of the rarer orange sets like the supreme inquisitors set for example are among my favourites and even the panther and vendetta sets for IA's . Besides being a good source of income for me i have had a great time compiling them for my main toon and alts . These sets are much more simple and suit their class perfectly , with the invent of the new gear and it's ability to be augmented these early sets are becoming less popular which is a shame. I have collected over 100 pieces of these various sets hoping that in the future they may also be able to have augments attached so that once again they will be worn with pride. I was also wondering why some of these sets have one particular piece that is super rare , for example i have only ever seen one pair of the panther gloves and was lucky enough to buy them and swap them for the saber marshals ones that i needed.

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04.24.2012 , 04:28 AM | #102
I basically agree with OP here but there's a few things to bear in mind:

This isn't OT era Star Wars. KOTOR always had a different aesthetic to the OT which, to be honest, I found quite distracting at first but once you play the game for a while (KOTOR, I mean) you start to appreciate it. I mean of course things are going to look and feel different in time periods 3000 years apart; if anything it's ludicrous how similar they are! This is the conceptual difficulty inherent in the KOTOR universe: we're here because we want to play 'Star Wars' but it logically can't be Star Wars. The point is that they're creating their own world, and I actually think they're doing a good job of it. It has all the familiar hallmarks of SW but the lore in SWTOR is all KOTOR (Malak, Taris, Shan legacy, Rakghouls!) They have more license to dictate the way characters dress than OP is suggesting.

Secondly, the difference made by Orange armor matters. Really the choice is entirely in the hands of the player. I'm still modding the same set of brown robes I've had since Coruscant, because I'm a Jedi and that's what I want to look like. As far as I'm concerned, people can have big spiky elaborate helms etc if that's what they want, but it's a character decision. If I see someone dressed like that, I don't think 'epic', I think 'ostentatious'. but, y'know, some people are

I suppose what I'm saying is that, as a SW nerd, what I really want is a pure OT based SW game where it feels exactly like it does in the movies. This can't exist though, for the simple reason that there were no Jedi at this time (SWG made no sense for this reason!), and - with a few natural reservations - I'm very happy with what we've been given as an alternative.
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04.24.2012 , 04:29 AM | #103
Quote: Originally Posted by Selvec View Post
I would agree, except the prequels kinda also missed the mark in terms of Star Wars design Aesthetic
Actually when it comes to jedi and sith the prequels are amazing when it comes what they sjould look like.

SWTOR characters that actually looks good and belong in the star wars universe

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04.24.2012 , 04:54 AM | #104
Thank you for this post. For the life of me I cant understand why my Assassin is wearing armor that mimics animials...birds and now the hobo from the black lagoon. Why are all the high end items for my Assassin torn and shreded? Do they not have tailors in this advanced age? I can fly a spaceship faster then light but I hand sew my own cloths? Hard to fathom the Stealthy Assassin wearing bright colors, feathers or having tenticals sticking out of their helmet. Watching the CGI see those guys and go..ya they look BA. I see my character in WH gear and think...looks like a clown. Why arnt some of the armors from the movies being used? I mean its right there.render it and put it in game.

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04.24.2012 , 05:02 AM | #105
Just going to leave this here

Its simple, not overwhelming but holds true the star wars IP and its extremely fitting for an "assassin". I would reroll an assassin in a heartbeat if I could look that freaking awesome.
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04.24.2012 , 05:17 AM | #106
I would say the biggest problem with the costumes is down to the sheer lack of understanding what players want.

Lets take the newest Smuggler outfit? It makes you look like Robin Hood or William Tell! It's green and has that stupid pointed hat. Now people play Smugglers because they are drawn by the 'street' theme and raw gun fighting gameplay style. The trouble is that Bioware nailed it with the early outfits by having bomber jackets, heavy materials like leather and so on but lost focus as they progressed to higher levels and forced players into being Cowboys. Even the trenchcoats which you see in the mid 40s have that stupid collar that makes you look like you're all set to survive the sinking of the Titanic.

Smugglers want to look like more than just cowboys, they want to look casual but cool not exotic and difficult to take seriously. Sith Warriors want to be more than Darth Vader. They want to be back in their robes as well. Inquisitors want to look menacing and exotic, not like wizards with pointy hats and horned helmets that look like they borrowed it from Gengis Khan. In fact the only classes where Bioware has done players proud is with the Bounty Hunter, Trooper and the Agent and that is largely down to them not trying to force a specific theme onto the class.

The Agent costumes run the full gamut from casual street clothes to smart imperial uniforms to light-weight combat gear and high-tech assassin bodysuits. Why can't every class have that kind of diversity?

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04.24.2012 , 10:10 AM | #107
Quote: Originally Posted by RizzaForumz View Post
Just going to leave this here

Its simple, not overwhelming but holds true the star wars IP and its extremely fitting for an "assassin". I would reroll an assassin in a heartbeat if I could look that freaking awesome.
That looks very nice, dark as it should be. The warhero marauder chest is some of the worst armor i have ever seen. And a very nice topic made by the op.

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04.24.2012 , 11:36 AM | #108
Quote: Originally Posted by Sendai_S View Post
I have [seen the prequels]. And they're ok - best part about them is the action and the acrobatics of the lead martial artists. Jedi and Sith do in fact look like Jedi and Sith and most of the classes that appear in the new (lesser tho than the original) trilogy are still faithful to the traditional SW aesthetic. The new trilogy is still far better in design then the armor designs in this game. All the austentatious stuff was left to the politicians and queens.
Precisely right--in fact, Lucas is on record as pointing out that he did want this period--the last gasp of the Galactic Republic--to look somewhat more stylized and Art Deco, to contrast it from the grittier Galactic Empire.

But it's important to first keep in mind that at the period of the prequel movies, the Republic is bloated, corrupt, and has been dying of its own accord for a long time.. In fact, there is a strong parallel to the dying Successor States (the Hellenistic civilizations that followed Alexander the Great's death), in that as they grew more powerful and richer, their cultures and their soldiers became increasingly weighed down (figuratively and literally) with spectacular frivolity. The phalanx of Alexander was lightly equipped and quite mobile; compared to its slow, cumbersome Successor descendants, it is almost unrecognizable. And sure enough, the no-nonsense Romans were well able to take advantage of it.

But enough of the history lessons. The point is that the Republic of the prequels is not really the same Republic of TOR's time period. And in any event, it is really only the Naboo (who are a special case) which have such "flair"--look at the rest of the Republic:

Senate Guard, in what is clearly a dress uniform (we only see them at the Senate, in a time of peace no less). A bit bulky, sure, but no question he could have fought in this.

The star cruiser that Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are riding in at the beginning of the movie. It is only as "stylized" as the Corellian Corvette Princess Leia will be captured on in a few decades.

The Jedi Council

Trade Federation equipment is clearly "functional" in its design--a sign of the changing times.

And for that matter, take a closer look at what the Naboo SOLDIERS wear: simple, efficient padded armor.
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04.24.2012 , 12:15 PM | #109
Hello I haven't been to the forums since pre release for RP but ill get to the point. The endgame Rigs for Troopers seem..a little daft with the shapes. I also think most Republic regular military troopers had better gear. Take the Taris units they had dark green armour! Hoth and Illum had a snowtrooper look.

I also spent so long working on looking like a true Trooper (White armour with markings) And since Omega Squad matte black armour that is incredibly hard to do!
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04.24.2012 , 12:41 PM | #110
i completely agree and have mentioned in another post in the consular section that the designs just dont fit with the lore of star wars, which drew most of us to this game in the first place.

i have seen a lot of the designs for the end game consular armour worn by princess amadala in episode 1 and 2, but she wasnt a jedi, she was a princess in the 1st film and a senator in the 2nd, so quite how that ties in with any kind of jedi design is beyond me, but worse still, is the new smuggler design armour was worn in the films by an operative, not a smuggler, so not only did they get the armour wrong, its for the wrong side.

btw, as a die hard star wars fan since the first film was released, (yes, i'm that old), episode 2 is hands down the worst of the 6 films, and taking any sort of design cues from the worst film in the series is unforgivable.