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So... Mid level content wen't untested in CB I guess..

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So... Mid level content wen't untested in CB I guess..

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12.17.2011 , 11:28 AM | #1
Not sure how this happened, but it seems everything past level 25 that is supposed to be solo content is expect to be done with 4 man groups. Ever since I landed on tatooine every single quest has had mobs that do too much damage and can't be solo'd.

Here are some screenshots from a SOLO smuggler quest, now I know its hard to see the difficult but I will try to paint a picture.

Quest outline; Go into a cave, pick a side with either a jedi knight or a sith inquisitor, help which ever one you pick fight two elite mobs, with 12k hp, and both have a self heal.
Whom ever you pick will not take aggro, and will not heal you, and they all do **** for damage against each-other. BUT as soon as I hit one of them or my companion hits one of them, they instantly switch to my companion and take him out before I can even heal him.

Below is an album of the fight, at the start since this is the second time, and the first time I died trying the fight, I step back, and do not engage and let them fight it out a bit seeing if maybe someone will die, they all stay above 10k hp repeatedly fighting and healing themselves, I then send my companion in, and try to heal him while he fights the bosses for me, I was unable to keep him alive.

I really don't understand how bioware could have completely missed the testing of mid level content for all of the classes, you completely made it impossible to solo for some of these quests, and I can now no longer progress in my storyline until I wait for the masses to catch up to tatooine and then find a group of people willing to help me with a smuggler SOLO STORY LINE QUEST that benefits them in no way just so I can continue leveling.