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6PM CST - 40 minute queue Nightmare Lands

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6PM CST - 40 minute queue Nightmare Lands

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12.17.2011 , 11:24 AM | #1
We need / must have a fix for this problem ASAP.. I reported it 2 nights ago, as well as last night now it's only 6PM and i'm 300th in a q with estimated 40+ minutes to wait.

This should have been fixed already, it's unacceptable. We spoke at great lengths y-day on the official topic the devs had us post to but no further resolution/or communication was made to us.

I've already sent in my suggestions on how to fix this problem I should not be unable to play again tonight with a game i invested in back in July this is a known issue for several days, we need a resolution NOW and proper compensation made for our frustration and game time loss.

*** i know some people feel this is normal and ok and don't mind not playing - i'm happy for you.. this is not a topic for u please don't turn this into a flame fight. I'm just unhappy with the service and the inability to play a game i paid for and am requesting customer service to address the issue.