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I Now Refuse To Do Any 4-Man Heroic

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04.21.2012 , 01:14 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by hulkweazel View Post
In the time it took you to write this essay, you could have done several heroics.
I wish this were true, but is not. I, as an example, work nights and play for an hour or two after I get home, about 3am EST. I have often tried getting groups for the daily commendation missions, broadcasting on the general channel for the entire time I was doing the single person missions, and not recieved even one response. On the leveling planets I have often had the same results while leveling my alts, very few people around that want to do the heroic 4s, or even the heroic 2s.

Still, I don't fullly agree with the OP. The single person missions take very little time to do, and give quite a bit of money to boot. Two to three commendations doesn't seem all that low to me for the H2 and H4 missions, its the cost of the earpieces and the implants that is ridiculous, especially compared to what you can buy off the GTN with all the money from the dailies. If I remember right its 200 commendations for an earpiece, which if you are getting 7k per Barsaivis daily, would have you earning 1.4 million credits before you got enough commendations. Assuming you are only doing the single person of course. Just too pricey in commendations compared to what you would pay for a purple with an augment slot.

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04.21.2012 , 03:20 AM | #12
Chasing the Shadow is totally worth it, at least once a week to complete the Weekly. As a bonus, the last fight of it is actually very fun. Of course, even Chasing the Shadow doesn't actually require 4 of you - I did it with 2 (Sawbones+ DPS Sage) on my first attempt although it was definitely quicker and easier with 3.