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Constructive Feedback on L5R (progression block boss in Lost Island HM)

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Constructive Feedback on L5R (progression block boss in Lost Island HM)

Exiled-Phoenix's Avatar

04.21.2012 , 12:17 PM | #21
You need alot of luck on this boss, the blue cicles drop very randomly.
Last week we did this quest with a team of:
operative healer
Assassin dps
Sorcerer dps
Assassin tank
All of us in columni/rakatta gear and high dps.
It took us 3h to get past the droid, we tried our own strategies, looked up video's, read some guides.
We finally made it with 1 person and less then 1k health standing.

Today we did it again and we downed the boss on the 5th try.
We got him down once to 5%, the other times we wipped around 40%
Same team except we have a powertech tank now instead of a assassin.

The battle does not forgive mistakes, not on the incinerates, not on the heals, not on the positioning.

Personally i dont mind a hard fight, i like the fact that you need a good interrupt for this boss.
I've been the main interrupter for both groups and people appreciate that 'skill' of hitting it before he ticks once.

hard mode should be hard, i just would like to see a better reward system so that everyone can get something usefull from this.

CBRGhostRider's Avatar

04.23.2012 , 11:38 AM | #22
OP, this is a nicely written post, and I pretty much agree with you on your comments.

I have to say though, you made a couple of comments that were big "aha" moments for me and have made this encounter much easier for me:
* The fact that interrupting plasma arc does NOT stop the probes.
* The fact that the probes spawn on everyone but the top aggro holder (tank).

Prior to reading this post, my group wiped for about 3 hours on this boss LOL

The first time after I read this post, we brought him down to 20%, and downed him on the second try. We were me (tank), 1 melee dps, 1 ranged dps, 1 healer. We had to keep moving him around tho, because he spawned the probes on our melee dps which affected me as the tank. This was a PITA because I had to make sure that I keep an eye out for incinerate while moving him and avoiding the probes.

Even better, next time I brought a team of only ranged dps and the fight was ridiculously easy. I mean *literally* all I did was jump in the center and *STAYED THERE* the entire time. I don't ever need to move, because he doesnt spawn probes on the top aggro holder, and my group knew better than to come close to me. All I do is interrupt incinerate (which is admittedly zen like), and hold aggro. The others just move camp around the room when a probe spawns. We got him down on the first attempt with a full ranged group.

JamesMartinez's Avatar

04.23.2012 , 11:56 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Shigon View Post
If you learn the movement of the fight it is actually quite easy. My group is all melee(Sin Tank, Mara, PT, and Ops healer) and we take him down fairly easy now. Just because you can not go in there and one shot the boss, doesn't mean it's too hard. It means you need to learn the fight. Reading a strat and doing it are two different things.

Operatives/scoundrel healers are not melee. But i commend your group for taking it down with 2 melee and a close range dps

Mindsting's Avatar

04.23.2012 , 01:07 PM | #24
It took us a couple of fights to get it down but we managed to do it with myself (Shadow Tank) a Sentinel DPS, a Guardian DPS, and a Scoundrel healer. It took some coordination and we basically had the DPS stand behind him in and I kited him around the room in the same fashion as Karraga. As the tank I took care of the interrupt on him and totally ignored Plasma Arc. If I missed my interrupt I had Resilience to self cleanse myself.

It took some intense coordination and teamwork but we got it down. It does take some pretty well geared people to do as well, especially if you're melee DPS. The rest of the fights were cake after that. -.-
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KarethRiker's Avatar

04.24.2012 , 11:19 AM | #25
Did it last night with two sentinels, Shadow Tank, and Commando Healer. It was tough being melee heavy but we found a system that works and got it on our fifth try. We're 2/3 Rakata geared.

I do kind of wish that the blue globes would be interruptible so that if we're perfect on interrupts the melee could stay in. Unforgiving is a fine mechanic. I do think if this is the way that Bio wants the encounter to be its fine and can be solved by geared melee, but range has a huge advantage from what I have seen and that's cool too.

It was fun regardless.