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Rakghoul plague Dailies not working

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Rakghoul plague Dailies not working

Krofas's Avatar

04.19.2012 , 02:10 PM | #1
Hey guys,

I seam not to be able to get daily quests
"Passenger List"
"Hybrid Strain"
"Pure Virus Sample"
"Newly Infected"
to start. I read about that if you did not start with the dailies on the first day you might have to wait a day to start new ones and when I did "Wreck of the Stardream" for the first time yesterday I was unable to start "Blood sample", but since today I can, but still unable to start quests mentioned above. I been doing "Outbreak" since the beginning and I have finished "Tracking the Origins". Anybody have any ideas how to get the remaining dailies?