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is inq soo bad?

Sharn-'s Avatar

04.26.2012 , 12:40 PM | #51
The Inquisitor story is pretty good until you get through chapter 1.

After that it becomes a problem of them failing to convey what they wanted to the player. It seems like they are trying to portray the Inquisitor as devious who will cheat to gain an advantage whether she needs one or not, but instead it comes across as the inquisitor is too feeble and weak to do anything on her own and has to cheat to win, and is also to dense to even come up with the cheat, and has to rely on companions for every single good idea.

The ghosts could have worked despite how cheesy they where if the story had been told better with the Inquisitor being competent and powerful in her own right, instead of too weak do defeat her enemies on her own and always needing her companions not only to help fill in blanks, but to give her every single idea and lead.