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My sentinel is a pumpkin or shoulder pads as big as my head....

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My sentinel is a pumpkin or shoulder pads as big as my head....

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04.19.2012 , 03:12 AM | #1
I have played every MMO since Dark Age of Camelot and Star Wars The Old Republic. Most of my time was in DAOC and SWG and only a month in all of the other ones but I have a few questions.
Is there any plans on generating Orange Armor pieces with Augment slots that are modeled after peoples favorite Star Wars characters? My main player is a Jedi Sentinel and I have to be honest all of the tier sets to put this delicately they are all lame looking, I am sorry I just don't dig all of the massive shoulder pads. I am also a guild master working on getting my people geared. I have my full Columi set and its orange and I feel like a huge pumpkin. I was also curious why the sentinels have the worst set bonus? Dispatch and Valorous Call? I do not have any issues stacking centering. For the tier gear we also only have one choice to pick from because the un-assembled pieces and the ones you can buy have the same stats. But the Guardians have 4 different options. Also the Columi wrist piece is not on the vendor for purchase any more and I was hoping that was an over site because that's the only tionese piece I have left to upgrade.

I get that it takes game money to move the armoring piece from a columi, etc to a new augmented armor but why the mods and enhancements? Its not like raids take 20 minutes to do, its a few hours at least and the money you get from the raid itself is not that much. The dailies don't really pay out that much and I already have to pay 120K plus for each of the new orange augmented pieces. Than another 90k to move the mods, armoring and enhancement that I spent 3-6 hours getting in the first place.

Is there any dye system that we can expect