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New Mount From Operation Explosive Conflict

cshouston's Avatar

04.18.2012 , 11:34 PM | #1
Dropped on our second Warlord Kephess kill, so not a guaranteed drop.

It's called the Praxon Bloodline.



The paint job looks almost foil embossed in the way it reflects light as you ride around.
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Baconmonster's Avatar

04.18.2012 , 11:39 PM | #2
While it looks interesting, and the colors and patterns are cool. I find it slightly disappointing that the model of the speeder isn't something original. However, at least it's something that is still very cool.

Carbonated's Avatar

04.18.2012 , 11:43 PM | #3
at least its not a huge mount, I mean, size matters and all that but sometimes its a bit chunky feeling.
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cshouston's Avatar

04.18.2012 , 11:46 PM | #4
After driving the boat around for so long, it feels *so* much faster.
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Darth_Nihilis's Avatar

04.19.2012 , 01:07 AM | #5
Is this from Story or Hardmode ?
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LessQQMorePewPew's Avatar

04.19.2012 , 01:11 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Darth_Nihilis View Post
Is this from Story or Hardmode ?
that mount is from hard mode

cshouston's Avatar

04.19.2012 , 01:19 AM | #7
Yeah, it dropped on Hard Mode. It also dropped for another guild that posts here, also on Hard Mode. I haven't heard anything about it dropping on Story Mode, and we've cleared that twice so far. It's probably like the EV/KP mounts which only drop on Hard or Nightmare.
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Eddizel's Avatar

04.19.2012 , 08:35 AM | #8
Yay, I am guessing 16 man gets boned on this with a "chance" at getting one.............

cshouston's Avatar

04.19.2012 , 08:39 AM | #9
What does that have to do with anything? Regardless of your ops size, it's a random drop.
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Mythicrose's Avatar

04.19.2012 , 11:40 AM | #10
Grats on the mount!
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