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Armor: What am I looking for?

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Armor: What am I looking for?

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04.18.2012 , 07:42 PM | #1
If I mostly loiter alone, don't do operations or flashpoints, don't PvP...what would I be saving Daily Commendations for?

I picked up some of those purple ACs for my set. I didn't see any Mods, so I learned how to make a purple or two and made some of those for myself. I don't see enhancements around either, but I'm 20 points away on an Alt who could probably make me some of those.

I got a barrel, bought 2 for my favorite companion (Temple) and one for my 2nd favorite (Kaliyo) and working on some sets for both of them (they at least have 50 blues across the board at this point).

Let's see, working on better colored crystals. While I make ear pieces, the one for 120(ish?) dailies looks better than any purple I could probably make, so saving up for that, as well as some implants (those are all pretty bad on me still).

My relics are 'really' old, and there's a really nice healing one for 200, so should probably get that?

So those all seem like fun things to save for, but is that pretty much the end for me? Not trying to be passive aggressive at all, honestly just making sure I know what makes sense for me to get and look forward to, knowing I don't really 'need' anything beyond my station, as it were.

I see those implants are called Rakata, and I hear people talk about Rakata gear, but I bet that's HM dungeons?

And then there's some new stuff, but do I really need that?

Is there any recipes I can find to learn to make better CT or Artifice mods for myself than those purple 50s I can buy with Daily Commendations?

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