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Legacy disappointment.

BizZKidd's Avatar

04.18.2012 , 07:01 PM | #1
Finally got around to visit the legacy vendor and checking them out, and they were a huge let down. My marauder Just finished chapter 1 and I got the legacy weapon token and all I could trade it in for was a lv 14 lightsaber ? My other warrior(Juggernaut) is lvl 36 so it is utterly useless. Was hoping they would grow in strength with the character up until the end of chapter 1 (lvl 32 or so).

I guess I could send it to a Republic sided character, but used all my slots for one of each of the imperial classes (1 light side, 1 dark side. As an example my juggernaut is dark, and my marauder is light side) and when I'm going to explore the Republic side, I'll start on another server. For my sake, they could just as well have left it out of the game and concentrated more on something else.
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