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Screen resolution completely borked: UI looks right, game looks wrong

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Screen resolution completely borked: UI looks right, game looks wrong
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12.17.2011 , 07:38 PM | #11
dont use ATI cards, lol

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12.17.2011 , 07:40 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Aevar View Post
dont use ATI cards, lol
i have an ATI card and the game looks beautiful and im having 0 graphic issues at all.
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12.17.2011 , 07:51 PM | #13
One interesting note on the "update your drivers" front: the installer I ran twice last night really does seem to have done nothing whatsoever. I Googled around a bit and found this, which seemed more relevant to my situation and which actually, er, VISIBLY INSTALLED THINGS. Fellow Boot Camp users on XP with ATI cards, this is probably a better place to start. (Or if anyone knows of anything better even than this, please holler.)

That said, I'm still having exactly the same display problem with the game.

Updated system profile, collapsed a little more thoroughly this time:


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12.18.2011 , 04:07 AM | #14
Is this issue effecting people who are running on XP and have the possibility to have 2 monitors set up on their rig ?

Here are some screens from my horrid game

At char screen

Front on view

A box straight on

The same box at 90' !!

As you can see I even purposefully chose a resolution which would squash the UI ! just to show how my game is seemingly ignoring RES when deciding my FOV
Look how even my Chars icon bottom left is stretched
Feels like im playing with some sort of childrens binoculars on and missing the fun offscreen

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12.18.2011 , 07:17 AM | #15
QwiXXeR, i have exactly same problem. Well, it's not as bad as yours, but still.
Screen from yesterday:
Screen from today:
*** is it? All characters are... fat?
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12.18.2011 , 07:53 AM | #16
Yeah I've seen this problem on a friend's computer and it makes the game look really lame.

Hope it gets fixed soon.

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12.18.2011 , 08:00 AM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by Aevar View Post
dont use ATI cards, lol
don't listen to trolls, lol
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12.18.2011 , 08:13 AM | #18
this problem is happening on vista as well 2 *********** days of this ****

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12.18.2011 , 08:39 AM | #19
Hey, BioWare! You need to fix it right now. It looks horrible.

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12.18.2011 , 10:02 AM | #20