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Skill Tree Calculator at Magelo!

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Skill Tree Calculator at Magelo!

JelanMagelo's Avatar

04.18.2012 , 11:17 AM | #1
Good Morning,

Magelo is proud to introduce our new skill tree calculator, already up to date with Patch 1.2! Theorcraft your spec while out-of-game, automatically fill trees and scrub the points in any given tree as you see fit. You can also link your favorite builds to your friends with our permalinks!

This is just the first of many services we will be offering for SWTOR, so watch this space! For more information about our skill tree calculator, please feel free to visit our official announcement!


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06.19.2012 , 11:55 AM | #2
Necro-bump - any word on character sync for SW:ToR?
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