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Online Combat Log Parser with easy comparative charts

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Online Combat Log Parser with easy comparative charts

heltidsluffare's Avatar

04.18.2012 , 08:51 AM | #1
Hi Interwebs!

I made a combat log parser! Yes, another combat log parser! Just what we need, a 14th combat log parser!
Lucky number 14!

No, but seriously. Here is my thinking behind another combat log parser in a loooong line of them:
I develop web base application on my free time. I have never ever parsed any logs or files before so I thought "I need to learn this".
As many developers knows, itís much easier to make something when you are interested in the site and subject you are working on. Who want to make another time sheet app or invoice app, am I right?

So even though there were a few really good parsers out there I wanted to give it a go. But a needed to do SOMETHING I couldn't find anywhere else (I didn't look very hard so sorry if someone already done what mine do).
I am a end game operation focused player so i wanted to make a end game focused log parser with easy comparative charts. Both so one player can compare him or herself on all the tries on a boss and so a guild can compere several players to each other on one boss try.
Two guilds have been using this and have been my test pilots but now I feel the major flaws in it has been taken care of and I am ready to let more people into it.

I call it CLP!
Short for Combat Log Parser (Oh how I HATE naming applications)

It does what every other parser does, dividing the log into encounters and crunching the number to show you the juicy numbers.
Your can, post-parsing, remove the encounters that does not interest you (like trash) and just keep the good meaty ones.
You can easily create comparative charts or several encounters and bask in the glory of your DPS (or HPS if that is the case).
These chart can be shared with a permalink to anyone you wish. See this example on my weak *** DPS on Firebrand Battle Tank yesterday.
There is no permanent merging of logs, you can merge them all willy nilly on the fly in the charts as long as you have uploaded the combat logs.
There is login, but making a account is as easy and logging in. You'll see on the site.
All uploaded logs are saved on your account for ever and ever or until you delete them because the list of encounters are too damn long. You could compere you try on Toth and Zorn today with a future log one month from now and see how much you have improved.

You can find it @
You can find me @Heltidsluffare on Twitter

Oh btw, I'm all about functionality. I can't make stuff pretty nor make nifty logos.

Also big thanks to AskMrRobot and TorParse for the help I have gotten from them!