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Need help RP'ing a Twi'lek Sith!

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Need help RP'ing a Twi'lek Sith!

DeutschGamer's Avatar

04.17.2012 , 08:57 PM | #1
Alright guys, this is going to take some brainstorming and I thought I'd get help from the RP community to come up with the perfect class/style for my future Twi'lek Female Sith. I unfortunately still need to get a Twi'lek to 50, as I'm currently under the impression I'll need a Warrior to properly play the character, but maybe your thoughts will tell me otherwise.

I'm getting inspiration from the character Darth Talon, but I don't plan to emulate her perfectly. Its going to be an original character.

First, let's review Darth Talon's displayed abilities and personality to fit her to the right class. I'm getting all my information from the star wars wiki and paraphrasing so bear with me, and add any additional opinion you have on Talon that you know.

She is known to be very skilled with a single blade, using many acrobatic movements that could mean she practices Ataru. Her prowess has been proven in combat against multiple Jedi where she has been known to hold her own.

Talon has shown prowess with the force, using Lightning as well as interrogation techniques. Along with this she is known to skilled at Stealth and sabotage.

Her personality shows she is devoted, to the point of fanaticism to the cause of her master and the Sith. Like most she is apathetic to her enemies and allies alike, showing a cold demeanor at almost all times.

From this I would garner she would be best suited to being a Sith Marauder/Sith Assassin. On the one hand, Marauders are masters of saber combat along with supporting force abilities. The story of the Warrior seems very fitting of the attitude of a student to master, especially with the parallels of Talon's rank to the Warrior's story ending.

On the other hand, you aren't very stealthy as a Warrior and you have two sabers instead of one, but I'm not that worried about it as I'm sure not every Twi'lek Sith wielded one saber (came down to personal preference). I feel that, although force abilities are much more expanded upon as an Assassin/Inquisitor to more fit Talon's abilities in the area, its a squishy(er) class and might not have the kind of style I would look for what with the robes and elaborate dresses.

If anyone has any opinion on either side of the argument I'd be glad to hear it, otherwise I go on to my last major issue; the style/clothing of my Twi'lek.

If you haven't seen Darth Talon, here is a good photo from Wookiepedia that shows off her preference of light, fitting clothing that does away with modesty a Sith has little time for.

Now I mainly come here to ask for advice on how to replicate a similar look, as I am not well versed in the variations of light-medium armor on the Sith side. I am contemplating using pieces from the slave outfit as a last resort, but from the picture it shows she does use armored bracers/gloves, lightly armored boots/leggings, and strongly woven undergarments.

If anyone can give me any advice on clothes that might emulate at least the skimpy yet intimidating style of Darth Talon, I'd be appreciative.

Any other suggestions on building the character would also be appreciated.

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04.18.2012 , 08:38 AM | #2
I will not ask you to change anything but it is considered rather pretentious to rp a character who is related to anyone in star wars canon.

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04.18.2012 , 08:45 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by kreite View Post
I will not ask you to change anything but it is considered rather pretentious to rp a character who is related to anyone in star wars canon.
Pretty much. Even if I made an ancestor to Captain Antilles in Hope, it's still not be a good idea. If you asked me, I'd just drop the whole, "Ancestor to Darth Talon" bit and make your own character. You can model her after Talon, giving her many different similarities to Talon though.

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04.18.2012 , 09:49 AM | #4
I'd actually either level up Sith Assassin or Marauder FIRST, before you make your Twi'lek. That way, you make sure she'll always be able to use both Force Lightning and Choke, as they are the Legacy moves for the Inquistor and Warrior respectively.

I'd personally say, to get the closet blend of abilities and gear, to go with the Sith Juggernaut. You'd get the single saber ability, capacity to take on multiple enemies at once with much more durability than the Marauder or the Assassin. I got a Marauder to 50, and they have got to be one of the softest DPS classes in the game.
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DeutschGamer's Avatar

04.18.2012 , 04:37 PM | #5
I never was going to RP a Darth Talon, I'm merely taking inspiration from her character for my own. Maybe it gave off the wrong vibe, but its going to be my own character.

Any suggestions on the clothing choice? Seems like it will be difficult to emulate considering the fact this is a game with a kid friendly clothing selection.

I wouldn't mind playing Juggernaut, but I had a terrible time playing a Guardian. I was not a good tank or DPS, although it might be better with a proper healer early on.

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04.19.2012 , 09:18 AM | #6
So, you want RP a Sith warrior/assasin/force caster, that is very good in combat, that also give off a vibe of being intimidating. All the while you want her to be a half nude female twi'lek.

Technically nothing wrong in the first, or the last, but combined it raises an alarm.

I know I'm taking being waay too realistic, but the very concept of a warrior of any type, that chooses not to wear armour on most of her body seems rather odd to me.
While she may be skilled in dodging, and using her saber for deflecting incoming shots - or a saber/vibroblade, the risk of being struck just once, possibly resulting in temporary or lasting damage, would in my imaginary be enough to for an experienced warrior to put on some armour.

If you still wish to make her wear nothing, I would suggest, seeing as you asks for help, that you to let the character take considerably more damage if struck where there isn't synthweave protecting her body.

You said you needed help with RPing a Twi'lek - specifically - and my first advice to you would be not to model your character after Talon.
For one, Talon is a major lore character, if my memory serves. I generally find that the RP with super-characters to be rather bland and stale, so I would downplay your own characters skills and abilities some.
Furthermore, as a Twi'lek, Talon is a rather rare case as she's a Lethan (red). They are the very rarest of twi'leks, followed by the Rutian blue twi'leks. You didnt say anything about your characters colour, but as a predominantly Twi'lek player, I would suggest picking one of the many many other colours. Seems they are really more special than red and blue.

I don't know what you are planning for background. Your character could easily be a force sensitive slave, freed on arrival at the Korriban Academy, or a free twi'lek found to be sensitive and sent there. If she is indeed free, where do you see her growing up? Twi'lek are spread across the galaxy so you have your pick.

Personally, I find the idea of an actual Rylothian Twi'lek more interesting to play. They would know the ways of their people, the religion in the Unnamed Goddess and be quite different from the slave twi'lek or the "severed"-twi'leks that have forgotten their culture through generations away from their home planet.
If you choose this option, then naturally, I would direct you to wookiepedia, but also this site. It is Fanon, but very interesting and detailed:

Lastly, regarding twi'leks. For the very most part, the twi'lek do not have the same potential for physical strength, often relying on agility and speed - as well as a quick wit.
As a force user, your character will be able to use the force to give her more "phycial strength" in combat, but it is something that is worth considering and could always add some interesting and alternative solutions to how your character react during RP.

I think that is it.

EDIT: No it wasnt. Have you considered RPing the character as a non-sith. A grey/dark jedi. A force sensitive not originally taught by the Sith, but rather by other force sensitives on Ryloth. The site I linked mention them in the lexicon section.

An ancient order of Force-sensitive Twi'leks who serve the temples as guardians, sentinels, and political representatives. Because their duties sometimes stretch beyond the teachings of Kika'lekki, they are thought to carry a great and terrible burden. Their abilities and talents run parallel to the Jedi.
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04.19.2012 , 10:01 AM | #7
as time consuming and thought provoking as re-imagining a canon character in a new time era can be, there are things to consider while doing so:

1- the freedoms & liberties that the original writers and artists could take, are not the same liberties that can be fully emulated in game. at best, you could get it to feel right, but not necessarily a 1-to-1 import. even with using slave gear.

2- why limit yourself? Darth Talon is a cool looking character and is pretty kick-butt from what I recall, but you would just be copying what others have brought to the table. In my experience, it means so much more when you create something that wholly and completely yours and then have fellow players recognize and applaud you for it

3- in a realm of possibilities and social interactions, it is highly possible to give the wrong impression when re-creating a canon character. an average person's psyche will fill in the blanks and make possibly wrong assumptions that could hinder you overall social game playing experience.

Recommendations? I'd let the "force" flow through you and let the process of leveling (especially RP leveling) in the game organically create a unique and interesting character that you will not only have a strong emotional bond to, but also create new and interesting interactions with others that could surpass the awesomeness of the comics on account that it is your story... and no one can dispute it or take it away from you