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Chat Bubbles: We need an option to enable them for say, yell and emote chat!

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Chat Bubbles: We need an option to enable them for say, yell and emote chat!
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02.13.2012 , 09:36 PM | #511
I cant understand how they didnt have it at luanch... Chat bubbles make the game come more to life, and thats just what it needs, at this time the game feels more like a singel player game then it does a MMO.
And for all RPers out there this is something that is rly needed i dont wana look in the corner when i talk to someone, i want to look at where and who is saying what.

As many other said once my sub goes out i wont renew it just cuse of the lack of this small function its slowly killing the feel of the game by making it feels stiff and dead.

Also like some of you said, its so easy to miss if you happend to be on a heavly populated planet where they spam the /1 chat. right now i have to make

1 chat for
Also im in another one for /Rp. are we rly supposed to have all those chats. just feels wrong.

Also noticed someone said that in beta the developers were talking about having this fixed for luanch.... make me wounder how hard can it be and how long can it take.

Its not like they have to reprogram the whole game just for this small thing.

So yes chatbubbles are rly important theres alot more ppl out there that is gona quit cuse of this then there is of some unbalanced and overpowerd skills on some classes etc etc, the lack of bubbles are a small but gamebreaking feature atm.
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02.13.2012 , 09:50 PM | #512
Quote: Originally Posted by Frigidman View Post
Yes, there are many other topics about all kinds of quality of life issues too. The ones you mentioned can just as well be considered as 'want'. We don't NEED better GCD or UI customization. It is merely a quality of life improvement, much like chat bubbles are, and everything else people are suggesting in this suggestion box forum.

And your point in posting about all those other topics in this topic? You must be really hurting about something else, but you didn't even make any clear indication what.

Fact: This is the SUGGESTION BOX forum. Learn to accept it, or just leave this forum entirely and go back to general and troll there.

Dont let the door hit you in the ....

Lol, trolling and don't let the door hit me...For one I'm not trolling it's a voiced opinion like everyone else here and two intimidating for one on the internet and two taking everything so seriously? And to answer your question about something I must REALLY WANT why yes there is and I've addressed those where they needed to be. They were things such as bugs and glitches that "harm" game performance, playability and what not. No, I don't need the UI customization at all it was merely an example as to something that would help out with just about everyone that does the "end-game" things or PvP, etc. and if you don't agree that people are just wanting more and more for a game that is so new then my good sir you are blind. If people want chat bubbles then by all means BioWare/EA will add them if they feel it's going to hurt them if they don't or if they feel it's a necessity but everyone who is playing this game and especially those who "bash" BioWare/EA just because something this small isn't or hasn't been implemented is just plain sad especially for those who are going to stop playing if it's not added soon, I mean come on. For one you have to give them time and two it's TRIAL AND ERROR for them. I'm not saying to not give negative feedback but to do it in such a "hostile" manner is not respectful nor should it be accepted by anyone. I for one think it is sad that we live in such a "fast" or "have it now" society. The faster technology grows along with everything else a lot of people think everything else should be working just as fast if not faster. BioWare/EA teams have worked hard the game and continue to do so and put tons of hours and give up a good part of their lives to make us the consumers happy and to down talk or disrespect them in the manner a lot of people do the way they do is to me just unheard of. I wasn't raised to disrespect anyone for any reason and not to act like someone I'm not and that's what a lot of people are doing in not only this thread but other suggestion threads. I replied to this one because one I didn't want to reply to every single one and two at the time I'd been talking to someone about the chat bubbles (actually a few people). If this hurt you personally (what I said previously) or you misunderstood what I was trying to say then for that I am sorry. Anyways, I'll stop here and I hope this clears up whatever it may have been that you or anyone did not understand I was trying to say, etc. [=

Thank you very much,

P.S. Thanks for pointing out this is a SUGGESTION BOX FORUM.
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02.14.2012 , 06:17 AM | #513
Ok now 2 months after the launch, I think we can stop believing they'll enable bubbles. Bioware just doesnt' care about us roleplayers, sad but true.

Each day more and more of my roleplayer friends leave TOR, regretful but knowing that some other mmo's will give 'em more tools to make Roleplaying possible. And I think I'm not the only one to experiment that.

I understand their choice... Why should I keep hoping, waiting (which means paying^^) for a bunch of muted devs to enable such a basic however critical feature ?

Let's face it, they just don't give a sh*t

Magnusheart's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 06:47 AM | #514
They said this was on their list of things to do.

I do hope this gets added. its annoying when trying to talk to other players near u. and I could only imagin the hate from RPers not being able to use it.

Helsie's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 08:21 AM | #515
They keep telling us it's a high priority since beta version...
If bioware staff actually planed to get us bubbles, they would have done this much sooner.
Truely they don't care.

Buddahchase's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 10:35 AM | #516
I just find it sad that they don't seem to consider this a priority concern. When in reality, if there is anything that will make me leave the game, this is it. and i'm sure i'm not alone in that sentiment.

Frigidman's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 10:56 AM | #517
Quote: Originally Posted by Buddahchase View Post
I just find it sad that they don't seem to consider this a priority concern. When in reality, if there is anything that will make me leave the game, this is it. and i'm sure i'm not alone in that sentiment.
You are not alone.

I've already lost a few in-game friends because they got tired of the silence on something they felt strongly about, "not gonna pay for silence". They are pretty sickened by the general lack of RP'r respect this development team has (given the RP crowd is kind of what made bioware who they are today?). Missing chat bubbles was just like the wrapper of disrespect to them, and they bailed.

All I see in updates, or discussions from devs, is pvp this, pvp that, pvp balance here, pvp speed there. Where is the RP love? The social love? This is a bloody M M O R P G ... not BF4.
Sad to see after all these years... the same old QoL bugs exist, and nothing has changed for the better.
Way to go AAA developers!

Buddahchase's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 05:05 PM | #518
I'm glad i'm not the only one. I just find it very hard to believe. Bioware are losing subscribers over something so simple and easy to fix. And they still won't give us a concrete answer about whether or not they are fixing them.

If the bubbles aren't in with the 1.2 UI overhaul, i will be canceling my subscription. And i won't regret it in the least. I came to this game for the RP community. But Bioware are making it clear that they don't care about that community, by ignoring even our most simple requests. it's not like we're asking for the world here.

Come on, devs. you give us specialised RP servers, but you won't make RPing on those servers a possibility? Why bother having the servers in the first place?

/say is useless without the bubbles. it's just /general with a shorter range.

Helsie's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 07:29 PM | #519
I must admit that I'm pretty confused with the reason why they shouldn't enable those damn bubbles. Is it just evil ? I dont know, maybe there is some lead designer that hates online roleplaying among the staff...

Or perhaps it's a stupid bet ? "So let's see how long roleplayers will pay while we obviously don't do anything to fix their problems !"

Haha... you won this one Bioware. You just loose many customers but... you won this one

Oh, I almost forgot : keep doing all your best to equilibrate PVP just as many others devs did before you. That way you won't be estonished the day you'll end up like Mark Jacobs.

Don't think anything magical is running the market, blizz's managers just have brains...

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02.15.2012 , 05:17 AM | #520
Still can believe we are coming into the third month and there is still radio silence on this big issue for me. BW you are testing my patience and I have been an avid defender of you guys through the troll wars post launch. PLease dont make me look like an idiot.

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