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Intresting New Idea for Next class

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Intresting New Idea for Next class

jmankma's Avatar

04.15.2012 , 06:38 PM | #1
So basically me and a buddy of mine were brainstorming about new idea's for classes on star wars, me and him though up and interesting idea that might be cool to add into the game. The basic idea is that rather than gearing you and your companion what if we instead made a system where you could summon up to three companions at a time, with this rather than having a ton of new skills for your character, you unlocked skills for your companions because they will be fighting for you. Rather than having your skill toolbar, the majority of your toolbar will be companion skill bars. Now for the main idea, lets just say raher than running into a fight you instead whip out a couple of companionss, one might be a healer, one a tank, and the other a damager, you send them into fight for you sort of like a summoning type deal. The class would be named as follows.

Imperial/Slave trader- Adv. classes-Slave Master/ Able to summon up to 5 companions to fight for you, one can be a stunner, one a damage, one a tank, one a healer, one a buff.
Weapons- Vibro-knife, Vibro-sword, Stun Lazer( New weapon idea, name kinda says it, sort of like a tazer to give you time to run or get your tank companion to take agro). The companions can have their own stories and what not and in this case you will mainly be laying back and letting your friends fight for you, you would get light Armour and be able to use stuns as your main skill, and maybe a stealth skill or an escape skill in case of enemies getting in on you. Armour-Light

Imperial/Slave Protector- Able to summon only 3 companions, one damage, one heal, one tank. This class more oriented towards you doing more work and as such you get more damage related skills, you actually go more into combat and get your hands dirty.
Weapons- Vibroknife, Shield Generator, Vibro-Scythe( new weapon idea, kind of like a vibro sword instead though its the shape of a scythe and held in two hands).
Then on the Republic side, the names would be changed and the weapon usage. Armour-Medium

Republic/Commander-Adv. class/ Commander Leader- Coincided to the slave protector, he leads by example and rushes into battle with them, can summon up to 3 companions. Weapons- Vibroknife, Shield generator, Vibro-Lance( another new weapon kinda like the scythe except its a lance). This guy gets more damage related skills becuase he is more up close and personal like the slave protector. Armour-Medium

Republic/Commander- Adv. class/ Commander Tactician- This one summons up to five companions and prefers to step back and use companions to do his bidding, keep in mind you will be more focused on using your companions you probably wont be doing much yourself. Weapons-Vibroknife, Vibrosword, and another stun gun weapon which does very small amount of damage but allows you to escape with a stealth move or gives time to use tank companion to get more aggro.

Skill Tree- How it would work is rather than strengthening your own character under 5 companion you would strengthen just them and have comp. skill tree's rather than character skill trees. However you can strengthen your own character under protector and leader because you would be actually doing things your self in battle.

PvP- This was the hardest part to come up with and i think i found a reasonable solution, first of all i think a team can have only one of these classes per war zone here is why,
since the 5 summoning comp. is longer range he would sit back and fight with his companions healing and tanking and what not, however they would be weaker companions so it would average out how hard it is to give medals to them so they don't become OP, for example, your not going to hit 75k with the damage one unless you focus more on him. They can cap. turrets and pick up hut ball however since there is five of them they go down pretty easy and you cant summon them in combat. The toughest part is 1v1 in pvp, if you see an enemy you would likely stun them, stealth away, get summon hard to reach and just send your minions to fight them, primarily though this class is more support and designed for PvE so they wouldn't be very good in a 1v1 situation. As for the 3 Comp. its similar except the companions are a bit stronger and you can actually do some decent damage your self so you would be able to be a bit better in a 1v1 circumstance. That's the basic idea of PvP for this class.

General- I was also thinking that if your companion likes you more than you should be able to get presence bonus from that, making them stronger, and thus making you stronger. I was also thinking that since this class is more advanced, you should have to have a character at level 50, legacy level 5-10, and it should cost 200-500k. Also i thought it would be cool if your final companion you could customize his race and appearance. Finally i think that the planet you start out on should be a new one (to balance it out) where it is conflicted and war ridden so both sides start on the same planet. I know this will probably never come into fruition however i just thought it might be a neat idea, and i just wanted to see what anyone else might think about it

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04.15.2012 , 08:43 PM | #2
too hard to balance, would never work.