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Remove the rakghoul plague now

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04.15.2012 , 06:54 PM | #141
When I saw this in game I had to check forums and see if people were complaining that Bioware was adding a litte variety to a universe most complain is too boring.

Thanks for not letting me down!

Frankly I hope this is a sign of many more similar random events they have planned. WoW seems to only be able to do these types of events during/before a major expansion. Hopefully we see something similar from SWTOR every few weeks though that is probably too much to expect.

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04.15.2012 , 06:54 PM | #142
Dude stop complaining. i hope to god they dont listen to you because there are some players being *****. this Event has been awesome today and everyone i know has had a hell of a time doing it!!

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04.15.2012 , 06:55 PM | #143
Quote: Originally Posted by Elhanan View Post
It wouldn't if it were part of the server Environment; not some other Player detonating themselves as a terrorist to Grief others.
It is part of the server environment. It's part of the game. People are being infected and instructed to seek out and infect others.

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04.15.2012 , 06:56 PM | #144
Quote: Originally Posted by va_wanderer View Post
Have you even DONE Taris yet?

The Rakghoul plague is straight out of KoTOR and not only canon, but long-standing canon at that. Heck, Troopers-

Do the world quests. It's not just "LOL, ZOMBIE PLAGUE"!
Came WAY before Wrath too. but most of those ******es never even played kotor.

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04.15.2012 , 06:57 PM | #145
Quote: Originally Posted by Elhanan View Post
Social Hubs are considered Safe Zones; not for PvP Griefing, or at least that was the reason they are considered safe.....

My PvE Missions were to select AC, Crew Skills, and to catch a shuttle. I skipped the one asking for Social Pts again; wonder why.
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04.15.2012 , 06:57 PM | #146
Quote: Originally Posted by Lightmaguz View Post
Came WAY before Wrath too. but most of those ******es never even played kotor.
Or the Taris quests.
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04.15.2012 , 06:58 PM | #147
screw that plauge pit was the coolest place to be on our server. every one was;laughing and having a good time.
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04.15.2012 , 06:58 PM | #148
Quote: Originally Posted by Elear View Post
Well, to be honest, it'll stun you 2-5 times before killing you. and it might happen in worst possible moment.

That being said, if someone would quit game because of it - good riddance I say. He would quit next week for lack of rainbow lightsabers anyway.
Will keep this in mind when others complain of Ship Combat, End Game content, rule changes, or anything else. MMO; where only one opinion matters....
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04.15.2012 , 07:00 PM | #149
To those QQ about this, answer me one question:

What real harm is it causing you?

You die...NO RES PENALTY...get some tokens that can sell for a substantial sum...and carry on.

One of you QQrs please explain where the problem is.
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04.15.2012 , 07:00 PM | #150
Quote: Originally Posted by -Slaughterhouse- View Post
I load into the Fleet, and a whole bunch of people are standing at the load in spot, infecting everyone, who goes to the Fleet, and it cost 2k for the stim, to remove it for 6 hours. If this is a joke, it isn't funny, and its a little late, from april fools day.

I will not be paying, to play a game, that forces stupid stuff like this on players.

Please remove this, if you want to continue to have me, as a customer.

Some like it, but i think its completely out of line.
Stop being a baby, it's a world event and is fun and awesome.
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