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Nation based servers and free character transfer

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Nation based servers and free character transfer

Palivec's Avatar

12.17.2011 , 07:54 AM | #1
Please Bioware make "nation specific" servers and mark them clearly as such. There is a lot of players, namely Russians, who can't or wan't speak English and some of them are pretty arogant.

Please give these guys "their own" server where they can play and socialise in ther native language and warn the rest of us so we can't accidentally create a character there.

I have nothing agains Russians in general but I want to play on English only speaking (and if possible UK / Scandinavian populated) servers where people can behave.

Also, after/if the servers are marked as "nation specific", allow us one free transfer so we can move to places where we can enjoy playing.

Yes, I know there is an ignore list but I'm affraid that on the Hex Droid I will pretty soon ignore about 2/3 of other players and this is... not practical.

I might be little less tolerant to "patriotic show-off" but I just dont want to see general flooded by comments like "za rodinu", "MOTHER RUSSIA IS THE BEST", "I'm not going to speak English, go learn Russian", "you shall thank to Russians that you don't speak German today" and so on. Yeah, there are idiots everywhere but these guys kind of rule at idiocy.